"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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Maverick Shadow Company (M.S.C)

The less then 1%
The less then 1%

"All is fair in love and in war."

Maverick shadow company (M.S.C) is group of some of the best trained men in the world. Taking from a few of every branch of special forces. Primarily MARSOC, Spetnaz, SOG and Navy Seals. They are then given some of the most bleeding edge technology capable here at Maverick and in cooperation of government research agencies such D.A.R.P.A. They have earned the nickname "phantoms" for how difficult they are to spot. Due to their technology and skills in tandem.

Although they do not exclusively deal with metahumans, mutants, aliens and other extra-normal entities, they are highly trained to do so and well equipped to deal with a variety of threats. With anti-telepathy training to make them resistant to Telepaths, near immunity to spiritual possession via working with our "para-normal" division and an all around nerves of steel when faced with the mighty, the colossal and the all powerful. They will follow, track and hunt those who's leave cities in ruins and cause the ground to tremble, and undertake the most dangerious of missions known to those of their kind.

In essence, these men are group of humans augmented into super soldiers to perform extremely dangerous tasks. Sometimes, tasks that have them going up against powerful enemies who they cannot ever hope to harm, high risk infiltration missions to secure valuable targets as well as participation in large scale conflict as scouts, recon, snipers and as apart of infantry units, often infiltrating enemies and making their life all around much mroe difficult.


As one would expect, most of Maverick's shadow company members are Ex or retired special forces. All of whom have the skill, experience and skill sets to fit well into the Maverick Shadow Company. However some civillians with specialized skills and determination can become apart of the shadow company with the addition of cognitive drugs to increase learning capacity and speed, and a rigourous training program to condition them into warriors. If they perform well into it, they may be enhanced. Maverick can rather cheaply provide medical care to those wounded during training and they drastically reduce the number of deaths that would occur during the training process.

Abilities and skills

Power Grid

Intelligence: (3-5)

Strength: (4)

Speed: (2)

Energy Projection: (1)

Fighting Ability: (5-6)

Skills are generally that of special warfare mastery, and include

  • Reconnaissance and surveillance in hostile environments
  • Training and development of other states' military and security forces
  • Offensive action
  • Support to counter-insurgency through population engagement and support
  • Counter-terrorism operations
  • Sabotage and demolition
  • Hostage rescue
  • Martial Arts Profiency
  • Unarmed vs Armed Combat
  • Superhuman marksmanship
  • Extra-normal entity combat
  • Electronic warfare expertise
  • Parkour
  • Wilderness survival

Powers and Abilities

The objectives with the shadow company was to genetically engineer one of the deadliest human based soldiers known

Enhanced Strength: Varies person to person and is difficult to quantify, particularly with the amount of ways one can lift something. However, it is common for the average Shadow Company member to kill a normal human being in one strike, dent metals, rip people's arms off, rip off car doors, flip cars, punch through brick walls to grab someone and snap their neck, and send metahumans hurdling back some distance with their blows,

Enhanced Speed: It is verfied that the average M.S.C on their own has a running speed of 45-50 miles per hour depending on their build. They are generally Olympic speeds when actually carrying over 100 pounds of gear. They can however use lightweight powered suits that allow them their full mobility and ability to escape peripherals, an M.S.C can dissappear completely from someone's sight and move very quickly in brief bursts of speed.

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Combat speed is very high. Often described as attempting combined with their grace on the battlefield and agility, they tend to blitz normal speed metahumans and humans with ease.

Enhanced Durability: With augmentations to the bone, the body of any member is described like a thing of iron. Without armor they are not bulletproof, but seem to have the ability to shrug off large amounts of injury, requiring them to be struck in a vital area in order to be put down, sometimes multiple. Even then, there many cases of shadow company members surviving headshots or outright having the bullet wound but not actually penetrate the bone, particularly if they have ceramic foam reinforcement on their skeletons allowing them to actually produce red blood cells due to the porous foam structure and still maintain superior reinforcement.

This also extends to their immune system, giving them a high resistance to drugs and toxins that are quickly exhumed from the body.

Enhanced Agility: The average M.S.C has gymnastic skills near, on par with or above that of a world class Olympic athlete.

Healing Factor: A limb can be regrown in weeks, days even with medical treatment. The most grevious of wounds can be survived with medical attention (like having an excessive amount of bullets stuck in them). Can often reattch limbs quickly.

Superhuman Stamina: Their bodies allow them to when fully fed, fight for days on end with no food whatsoever. They can sprint with gear at Olympic speeds for hours, and can even maintain a full sprint without gear weighing them down for even longer times.

Lung Capacity and increased oxygenation: Can hold their breath for more their breath for one hour and also more efficiently use oxygen. Some members have been known to hold their breath for eight hours at a time.

Enhanced senses: All of them have increased senses, and some more honed than others. With sometimes bloodhound level scent detection , perfect telescoping vision and even microscale vision.

Enhanced Cognitive abilities: To compliment their physical abilities is an well trained and well honed intellect. With one Shadow Company member required to.

  • Balance and Coordination: They have a very good sense of equilibrium, enabling them to do impressive feats of balance and coordination. They often run on wires, balance on lamposts and sharp objects and maneuvre through trees and railing with graceful fluency.
  • Dexterity: Have at times seemingly superhuman dexerity, able to draw weapons and reload instantly. Some of them tend to do the "Coin trick" that Bruce Lee was famous for. Grabbing a coin from someone's open hand, and placing another object in it, all before they shut their palm. With ordinary humans not able to process or actually see what happened.
  • Situation Assessment: The ability to assess a situation seemingly instantly. Upon coming up on an unknown individual, a shadow company member will assess the situation and be able
  • Photographic memory: The ability to memorize essentially anything he sees. In particular, data.
  • Adoptive muscle memory: Can learn entire martial arts in a short period of time as well as see. Enabling them to copy moves of their opponents.

Mental control: Control of their own mind. They do not fear. They cannot be broken. Their will cannot be dominated, by such psionic means (including possession). Even against omega level telepathes, they'd sooner die then allow him to break them.

Superhuman reflexes: Much greater than that of an ordinary human, the conductivity of their nerves is increased to give it more efficiency. Enabling them to have times, millisecond to microsecond reflexes. Enabling them to react to things faster then sound, sometimes the most skilled able to fight speedster on their own and swat bullets away.

Superhuman marksmanship: Among the Maverick Shadow company are some of the most elite marksman in the world, with their accuracy often only limited by the mechanical capabilities of the weapon and the absolute effective range of the weapon. This also applies to thrown weapons, such as knives, tomohawks and various explosive bullets. Their accuracy is often sufficient to tag supersonic targets, sometimes with bullets actually slower then the target, to shoot grenades and even other bullets out of the air as well.

Manually guided bullets
Manually guided bullets

Using integrated electronics, either in th helmet, or in some case implanted in the brain, the user can steer guided bullets manually, often allowing it to hit targets the bullets would often not home in on. Also enabling an even greater range for any weapon.

Vibration Sensing: Finely tuned and honed extra-sensory organs detect vibrations in the air via echolocation, vibrations in the water via sonar and vibrations in the ground via seimsic sensing. Can be used to detect things over 50 miles away.

Adjustible Body temperature: Can lower or raise their body temperature for various purposes, allowing them to endure extreme heat and cold.

Adjustible metabolism: Through techniques actually similiar to meditation performed among shaolin monks, it is not uncommon for a shadow company member to actually adjust his metabolism as he sees fit. Either making it faster to break down food with much greater speed and efficiency for maximium performance. Or to tune it to be slower for long term survivability.

Altered Diet: Thought of as one of their more odd abilities, enables them to eat grass. One might question why, until they find out how common grass is in many areas. Making most M.S.C's able to survive indefinitely in the wilderness.

Infared/UV perception: Can percieve ultra-violet and infared. This allows them to track heat trails of recent people to pass much like a hawk can.

Immortality/Retarded Aging: Many members have extended lives. It is theorized they might be able to live for hundreds of years, and potentially gain hundreds of years of combat or otherwise, experience in that time. Though this has yet to be seen.


As far as weapons and vehicles go, Maverick in general is capable of obtaining or manufacturing any number of conventional weapons and vehicles. Also included among their arsenal are some of Maverick's most advanced weapons and ammunition, able to often be retrofitted to a variety of ammo for a variety of purposes.

No Caption Provided
TypeAssault rifle
Place of originUnited States
Service history
Used bySee Users
WarsWar in Afghanistan
Production history
DesignerMagpul Industries
ManufacturerRemington Arms (Military)
Bushmaster (Civilian)
VariantsACR sniper, ACR compact/PDW.
Weight7.9–9.8 lb (3.6–4.4 kg)[1]
Length25.8 in (66 cm) (stock folded)[1]
32.6 in (83 cm) (stock deployed)[1]
35.5 in (90 cm) (stock extended)[1]
Barrel length10.5–18 inches (27–46 cm)[1]
Cartridge5.56x45mm NATO
6.8 mm Remington SPC[2]
ActionGas-piston, rotating bolt
Rate of fire800 RPM
Muzzle velocity2,600–3,250 ft/s (790–990 m/s) (.223)
Effective firing range500 m for point targets, 600 m for area targets [3]
Feed system30 round Magpul PMAG
SightsMagpul MBUS

The adaptive combat rifle is a standard weapon among M.S.C. Capable of firing 5.58x52 mm NATO, 6.8 SPC or 7.62x39mm cartridges, each round can hit with 1302-1469 lbs of force at the muzzle. Good for human durability target. May as well be a stun gun for others, used to stun, slow down or blind targets.

However, M.S.C do not always have conventional things.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Cloaking device: A material that responds to electricity, allowing it to change it's structure in order for it to interact with light and other electromagnetic waves in such a way as to case it to bend around them. Hence, making them invisible.

Mute charge and Anti sound Devices

  • A device that dampens ambient noise by making the correlating anti sound.A computer listens to the ambient sound and creates a countersound. Sometimes, it is even pre-altered to some instances, such as when firing guns, the device simply seems to know to make their sounds quiet.. Allowing for very stealthy and sometimes noiseless movement.
  • Noise dampening metamaterial incorporated into armor that removes most sound made from their movements but not their ambient environment or everything they touch.

Radio-Telepathy: A tattoo or helmet based implant that beams telepathic commands straight to the user, vibrating their skull to convey messages upon being received for a sort of technology based telepathy used to communicate as a unit.

"Geckos": Technology that utilizes Van-Der-Waals force in order to allow things to adhere to any surface. Namely, gloves and guns.

Omni-Goggles: Tunable goggles that allow the perception of the entirity of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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