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Maverick Arsenal: Vehicles

Vehicles are a very important part of today's battlefield. Indeed, they let skilled ordinary humans take on people much stronger and faster then they ever would be alone. Not only this, but it gives troops who are on the ground unparalleled supports. Vehicles cannot replace soldiers on the ground for every situation (though in some cases they do), but they will always be an asset that will support them.

F-72 Phantom

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The F-72 Phantom is one of Maverick's primary Fighter/Attack craft, used in a large variety of roles. One of it's most prominent qualities are it's sheer speed and cloaking abilities. Highly modifiable.

  • Supersonic cruising speeds of up to mach 2-3 safely and can go at speeds of usually 5 with a cloaking device.
  • Omni-Cloaking capability, allowing it to be able to rearrange it's structure to allow it to cloak from the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, at the cost of not being able to perceive the spectrum it emits.
  • Sound dampening technology can be used to negate the sound of the jet entirely.
  • Primary armament consists of modified HV Ammunition using a wide variety of propellant
  • Secondary or primary weapon can consist of a tune able laser.
  • Air to air hypersonic missiles that move at high speed. Can reach rather absurd speeds depending on the length.
  • Frictionless coating allows for the ability to travel at massively hypersonic speeds. Combined with some nuclear engines and scramjet designs, the jet can go more then mach 20 with massive risks from collisions and a lack of maneuverability. Mostly only the most expert of pilots would dare going at such speeds.

Spectre VTOL Dropship

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Based the V-22 Osprey, this heavily modified craft is made to safely transport and retrieve soldiers and personal.

  • Travel speeds matching the V-22 Osprey at roughly 290 miles per hour.
  • Omni-cloaking technology
  • Longer lasting localized silencing for stealth
  • Modified M134 Miniguns

Ares Gunship

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Described as a flying tank, the ares gunship is a craft designed to fight against a wide assortment enemies. Notable features include a Phanlayx mounted modified M134 Minigun that is actuality, propelled by vanadium dioxide artificial muscles. Indeed, allows for much higher efficiency and movement then hydraulics and pneumatics. Combined with an onboard AI, it can be set automatically defend against oncoming faster then sound attacks, able to shoot speedsters, missiles and even other projectiles including bullets.

  • Variety of armors.Choices of Inorganic Titanium fullerene armor, Kryon Steel or Nanoceramic armor
  • Additional armoring of various types of reactive armor (electric reactive or directed energy)
  • Anti-Directed Energy weapon armor, consisting of tunable plates of metamaterials in addition to ERA mentioned above
  • Phanalyx basis helicopter

A-10 Fairchild Thunderbolt (Mod)

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The A-10 thunderbolt is a primarily air to ground fighter, designed to strike targets who are mostly on the ground. It is described as often times "flying gun" due to the large high powered fully automatic cannon resting within, the GAU-Avenger 30 Millimeter cannon.

  • Inorganic titanium nanofullerene armor. Can be outfitted with reactive armor
  • More advanced propellant/propulsion for the GAU avenger's autocannon, resulting in much high muzle velocities and energies.

T-90 (Mod)

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Advanced russian based tank said to rival and in some cases, surpass the abrahms in durability, speed and maneuverability. It is often nicknamed the "flying tank". Modifications are limited as the tank is already considered to be something of an engineering work of art.

  • General reinforcement and a choice of a wide variety of armors. Electric reactive, explosive reactive, directed energy, ablative armor against energy weapons, magnetic generators to deflect particle beams and plasma, advanced ceramics to protect against heat and armor reinforced with graphene and carbon nanotubes that allow it to survive being put through buildings. With even the conventional version requiring 4000 tons of highly concentrated force to pierce, this tank requires even more. Even from the top, blows of 100 tons of force hardly mean anything to it.
  • A reinforced superplastic barrel that allows it to fire projectiles at massively hypersonic speeds, hitting with energies many times more then that of most tanks.

ATLAS Hovertank

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The ATLAS Hovertank is a highly lightweight (and expensive) tank that incorporates little to no metals whatsoever in it's design. The tank is extremely lightweight, yet durable, weighing only 15 tons (making it lighter then an APC) and able to be thrown a mile away with hardly any harm.

  • Interchangeable ammo in the form switchable triple barrel cannon. It can fire a wide variety of explosives, including EMPs and homing missiles.
  • Tune able laser.
  • Trophy system and reactive armor
  • Carbon structured composition to defeat most any modern armor. Ceramics, interwoven graphene and carbon nanotubes make up a majority of it's structure, even the electronics.

(Hardly done)