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Maverick Arsenal: Small Arms

"One mind, any weapon."

A compiled list of Maverick's man portable weaponry. This list is by no means final as new weapons can be changed at any time.


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Weapons and tools are what have seperated men from the rest of the animal kingdom. The ability to make a tool for a variety of enemies and a variety of purposes. Be the enemy wood, flesh, fur, flesh or stone, man has always devised tools to overcome these tasks to the most optimal of efficiency. Tools are some of mankind's greatest assets in the order of evolution, along with mankind's teamwork capabilitis and physical stamina.

Thusly, with much more potent enemies existing then wood and stone, Maverick has had to adapt it's weaponry accordingly. Most of Maverick's weapons are comprised of conventional weapons, sometimes with unconventional ammunition. However, weapons simply require the reinvention of the small arms entirely. More advanced materials, better propellants, different means of propulsion, increased efficiency for the transfer of energy towards a target, "smart" integrations for precise control and adjustment of the weapon as necessary and entirely new and innovative designs altogether are required.

The roll of weapons is not to simply usurp or compensate for skill. Although a weapon can compensate for skill, a more skilled user is more dangerous with said weapon. Indeed, some of Maverick's weapon are made to require much skill to use and also can pos a great threat to ally and enemy alike. It is important the person master themselves as well as their weapon. The firearm is no exception.

Most weapons can be divided into kinetic weapons, and Directed Energy Weapons. With their being advantages and disadvantages. to each of them


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Weapons that do their damage, simply by hitting hard enough. Imparting kinetic energy on their target.

Against laser based weapons, they mostly all have the distinct disadvantage of the lack of velocity. With their advantages lying in versatility, ease of use in an atmosphere, more modification and customization, being cheaper and easier to produce on a massive scale and being in some cases, more difficult to shield against since the force of the round often has to go somewhere.

To give a scale of reference for most of Maverick's weaponry.

AK-47 (Left) vs M16/M4A1 (Right)

Bullet weight122 gr
(7.9 g)[7]
55 gr
(3.6 g)[7]
Velocity2,330 fps
(710 m/s)[7]
3,250 fps
(990 m/s)[7]
Energy1,469 ft.lbs
(1,991 j)[7]
1,302 ft.lbs
(1,764 j)[7]
Effective range380 yd (350 m)[8][9]500 yd (460 m)[10]
Accuracy @ 100 meters5.9 in
(15 cm)[11]
4.3 in
(11 cm)[11]
Penetration (ballistic Gelatin)≈29 in (74 cm)[12][13]≈14 in (36 cm)[12]
Rate of fire600 rounds/min[14]700–950 rounds/min[15]
Standard magazine capacity30 rounds30 rounds

More goes into the damage then simply the muzzle energy of the weapon, such as how the bullets behave on impact. Bullets can pierce, flatten, fragment, roll and tumble if they pierce, fragment if they pierce or go through the opponent smoothly. What makes these two weapons so difficult to defend against in concerns to body armor is actually that even if you go an armor that could outright stop it, if you get shot point blank,you are in essence getting hit with a little over half a ton of force distributed amongst the armor. And with that one shot comes another and another. Having the bullet pierce actually imparts less impact because the bullet gradually slows when going through the body. Much like how the bullet is accelerated until after it leaves the gun, instead of abruptly.

With this out of the way among included technology to mitigate the recoil, including things like muzzle breaks, recoilless rifle "bazooka" like instruction in which the backblast is propelled from the back, a reciprocating barrel (like that on the .50 cal) Maverick's various forms of powered armor, being genetically engineered to be strong enough to hold the gun and counter-balance piston driven mechanisms.

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Some weapons such as coilguns naturally have less recoil because of the way they accelerate the round. Railguns on the otherhand, recoil unlike such weapons, where it basically does not recoil backwards like a conventional firearm at all. Instead, they recoil to the sides. Which means that in the event of a catastrophic failure of a railgun due to massive recoil, the rails are more inclined be blown off in opposing directions to the left and right,rather then explode and send a bulk of the weapon hurdling backwards as most weapons would.

However, even with such recoil dampening mechanisms, some weapons require increased weight to additionally hamper the pull of the weapon itself, as some weapons Maverick make are capable of hitting with tremendous amounts of force.

With dealing with recoil out ofthe way.

Propellant and Propulsion

There are many ways to fling a round down range.

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Many people would believe this to be a laser or directed energy weapon some sort, when in actuality, is a simulation of a hypersonic (Mch 8.8+) debris collides with a spacecraft. The target and round mutually vaporise, sometimes producing a flash of plasma upon impact from the amount of kinetic energy in the strike. The plasma in turn may generate an electromagnetic pulse depending on what it collided with and if the target is sufficiently shielded or not.

Chemical: It is often best for propellant to deflagrate rather then detonate. Most of the time, recoil mitigaton for this is dificult.

  • Solid: Gunpower, Nitrocelluolose, cordite and sometimes more exotic substances such as nanothermite as a propellant..
  • Liquid: Hydrogen peroxide. Often have higher energies per gram depending on the substance but is less dense and often more difficult to work with.

Electromagnetic: Using electromagnetic force to propell a round towards a target..

  • Coil ("Gauss"): The use of electromagnetic coils toaccelerate a Ferromagnetic or conductive object downrange. Able to achieve velocitiies.
  • Railgun: Uses Loretz force to propell any projectile magnetic or not, downrange.

Electro-thermal: Uses a cartridge of plasma to ignite propellant and send it to a target down range.

Weapons list and Description

A list of Maverick's especially made weapons and other notable weapons.


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Propellant: Chemical

Energy: Hundreds of joules to kilojoule

Weight: 1.7 lbs

A light weight, high concealable and very compact handgun, designed especially to fire small, armor penetrating 5.7 mm rounds at hypersonic velocities, enabling it to have stopping power of a Deagle to penetrate through conventional body armor and metahuman hide with ease. Despite the rounds size, they are capable of hitting muzzle energies nearing that of some assault rifles. An ideal sidearm for covert operations and good all around for everything else.

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Propellant: Chemical

Energy: Kilojoule

Weight: 4 lbs

Arguably a primary weapon of it's own accord, the HK-47 is a long barrel, gas operated, 45 caliber weapon that jutlizes it's smaller rounds, and more efficient propellant and longer barrel to make a highly ergonomic handgun wit ideal stopping power, capable of holding more rounds than most of it's portable competition. The gun has space to accommodate electronic, and sports recoil dampening motors and highly reinforced barrels that enable the gun to hit with rounds that impact like a deagle. But with the recoil, magazine capacity and weight of a 9mm.


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Propellant: Electromagnetic.

Energy: Upper Kilojoule

Weight: 12 lbs

A fully functional, helical railgun handgun.

The weapon uses the very latest and greatest in Superconductor loop and nanoflywheel technology, storing large energy denisities into a small compressed package, for a weapon meant to be able to thoroughly pierce the hides of high grade body armor and metahuman alike. Muzzle energies and velocities for the weapon can become very high, able to out-do some assault rifles. The weapon can fire numerous munitions of monogamous and even be used to electro-thermally ignite cartridges, sending some rounds roaring forth at speeds of mach 10, and hitting with up to 27 kilojoules of kinetic impact (10 tons). Well enough to blow through body armor, penetrate APCs and even blow back metahumans capable of withstanding such combination of armor penetrating rounds.

However, such allows for increased complexity in the gun's workings. Not only does one need to replace the magazine, but it's power supply. Lest then this, the gun is much more vulnerable to wear tear, and overheating than it's chemical counterparts. Electromagnetic waves traveling through the gun and the high velocity can also serve to inhibit ammunition types used for it. Limiting it to armor piercing rounds exclusively, as the gun fries electronics located in homing bullets.


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Energy: Kilojoule

Propellant: Chemical/Electro-thermal

Weight: 12 lbs

A versatile revolver, iconically named after the carbon and boron nitride atoms that compose it and it's barrels. This enables the round to fire medium caliber bullets at higher velocities. The weapon, it it's hardness, offers only advanced materials, lacking any kind of accommodation for technological modification.

SC12 "Judgement"

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Propellant type: Chemical

Energy: Kilojoule

Weight: 7 lbs

A highly versatile, electronically fired shotgun. The compact and quick to unfold on the draw weapon comes with numerous capacity for use of different types of alternate ammo, all at simply the twist of a magazine, rather than switching one. This allows A multitude of caseless munition to be used at once, due to the weapon's revolving, stacked projectile system. Each Cylinder alone can hold roughly 4 rounds, each loaded into a stacked cylinger a-la metal storm or G36 weapons platforms.

Thusly, firing large .4 12 gaugethe user can swap on the fly between explosive, incendiary, richocheting rounds, non-lethal-lethal electric shock, hollow point, R.I.P. Rounds, Homing or any wide number of Maverick's other types of ammo.

White Wolf PDW

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Propellant: Chemical

Energy: Kilojoule

Weight: 6 lbs

A compact, high velocity SMG. Adequately reinforced to handle substantial barrel pressures. The weapon is design to penetrate the sides of conventional APCs and to shred through most known types of body armor, short of the most advanced or dense materials.

However, this gun is prone to overpenetrating due to it's needle like en sabot rounds, dumping little muzzle energy on armor-less humans as it passes through them, while putting more energy on hardened structures and metahuman hides.

AK Series

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Propellant: Chemical

Energy: Lower kilojoule

Weight: 8-20 lbs

The AK47 has been used by various countries for over half a century. It is easily the most popular gun in the world and is often praised for it's simplicity and reliability. Within Maverick there are many enthusiasts who favor the use of such a weapon with all their multi-national backgrounds (particularly former Spetsnaz.) And thusly, another corporation brought into Maverick's own fold devised a weapon that combined such handling capabilities with the M4A1, creating the AK-337 series of weapons.

With a simple rugged design, the weapon has rather well known durability, reliability and simplicity, being the least expensive primary armament, yet remaining highly customizable with great stopping power compared to the AK47 and M16, firing the same rounds but with a higher muzzle velocity, able to transfer more then 2200 ft/lbs of force on a small concentrated area, hitting almost as hard a shotgun slug in one shot . With it's lighter weight compared to other weapons and ability to use alternate forms of ammo can easily allow it to stack up against other weapons and be another to combat extra-normal threats.

G56 Series

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Propellant: Chemical

Energy: Kilojoule

Weight: 8.21 lbs

One favorite weapon among the infantry is the G56 and varients Developed by both Kriss and Heckler&Koch as per request of Maverick, is a popular choice among infantry. With it's stopping power and accuracy, it is mostly considered by most to be mostly superior to that of the current M16 variants utilized by the united states military. Being more accurate, with less recoil, higher stopping power per shot and a hire attainable rate of fire, the gun is a favorite in the field by many.

Firing the 6.8 Remington SPC, a bullet larger then 5.56mm NATO round but smaller and more accurate then 7.62 mm and having a muzzle velocity just under the AK-337, the G56 series brings a higher rate of fire and admirable muzzle energies above both the AK-47 and M16, hitting with a little over a ton of force due to the rounds efficiency.


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Weight: 8 lbs

Propellant: Chemical/Gauss Hybrid

Energy: Lower Kilojoule

The rifle of choice for survivalists and those on long term missions, the rifle features a small 3D printers, capable of making ammo in the gun itself. With a small EMP hardened computer for options the weapon can often have a muzzle energy superior to that of both the M16 and AK47, printing caseless 6.8 SPC rounds.for use in the gun (though they can be larger. Up to a 7.62mm variation.). A coil is located in the barrel of the gun, and it serves to accelerate the round further after ignition, or fire the round in absence of propellant. Ideally, the rounds this fires can be monolithic, and it is usually frictionless with the coil activated.

This gun was made for extended missions in areas where troops would not recieve much in the way of support. Though the user would have to carr a seperate unit to print of ammo for them.

The printer (located in the stock) can be discarded and exchanged for a bullpup configuration magazine, which may be used for 5.56 mm NATO or for 7.62 mm to be used by ammo scavenged from M16s or AK47s.

SPEAR Piercing Shot Rifle


Propellant: Solid Chemical Propellant with EM coil Accelerator

Energy: Kilojoule

Weight: 15 lbs

A weapon uses the metal storm caseless configuration. The gun is fired electronically and has no moving parts. It is capable of a fire rate of theoretically 1 millions rounds per minute, it is essentially capable of adjusting it's fire rate for the situation, able to be used as both an assualt and sniper rifle. The reason for "spear" name is because it can fire multiple rounds from a single barrel in one shot. The rounds travel in a long "spear" behind the other round and rounds behind it when fired from one barrel will hit the round behind it. This allows for extreme penetration, on the vergeof going through several feet of concrete with a charged shot.

Omni-Visor Scope for shooting through walls to reach out to targets.
Omni-Visor Scope for shooting through walls to reach out to targets.

The weapon is highly adaptible with electronics and "smart" munitions such as homing air burst and homing rounds. This weapon welcomes those able to manually guide the bullets, combined with manageable recoil and a high fire rate, one could actually feasibly fire multiple rounds in one shot and guide the bullets to different targets.

MAR 20mm Anti-Material Rifle


Propellant: Solid chemical propellant

Energy Class: Megajoule

Weight: 80 lbs

A very powerful cannon like rifle with a recoil dampening mechanism. This gun is meant to penetrate the top of a tank easily and to destroy class 5 Metahumans, with one round from this cannon traveling at varying velocities, it hits hard at around of force alone on average. With being by this car being said to be worse than "being hit by a car" of the bullet does not penetrate. Ammunition is varied but the weapon is heavy, weighing over 80 pounds. Usually users of the weapon have powered armor or are gene engineered to be able to carry the weapon. However, it can be handled by ordinary humans, though it usually requires setup, mounting and is best with a team of two to tote it. Converting merely 1 megajoule to a rough estimate of lbs force equates to approximately 368 tons of force at the muzzle.

Though, a shot like this will cause the weapon to overheat and require cooling, as well have an effect on accuracy for the unprepared. Often times, slower rounds that use shaped charges will actually hit even harder.

It's versatile set of ammunition however, can make it devastating. The large 20 mm cannon round can fit a large amount of explosive material in it, allowing for very high amounts of force in the form of shaped charges, able to hit with hundreds of thousands of force. A sufficently loaded hafnium loaded round would blow a skyscraper in two and atomize materials near the epicenter of said blast.



Propellant: Liquid or Solid Chemical propellant. EM Explosive shaped charge for rocket.

Energy: Multi Megajoule

Weight: 15 lbs

For one to combat a tank one must used a high explosive anti-tank round or a HEAT Round. A HEAT Round essentially explodes and releases a Mach 25 Copper Jet with megajoules of energy behind it. Translating to roughly 4000 tons of force. Enough to penetrate the front armor of most tanks if they are using simple rolled homogenous armor.


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However, the M.A.H.E.M (MAgneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition( is even more powerful then this, as it shoots a stream of essential hypervelocity liquid, self forging in the air, shaped by an electromagnetic explosion that shoots the round out at even higher velocities of mach 75 or more upon detonation. With the most advanced explosives, the round can hit with tens of thousands of force in one shoot. Generating ammunition capable of going through tens of feet of concrete and much more then a 7 foot block of solid steel. It would punch through feasibly even an Abrahms completely and simply one shot many a metahuman.

And if it doesn't out right punch through them like wet tissue paper, they have to deal with the rounds immense knockback force upon direct impact.

The round however lacks this type of force with anything less then a direct impact because of the explosion being focused. It's radius is almost non-existant, non direct impact able to kill a human within a few meters from the impact point.

XS 248 Recoilless Rifle

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Propellant: Chemical

Class: Megajoule

Weight: 11 lbs

A man portable launcher of suprisingly light weight due to it's polymer base construction. Using 90 mm rounds. With use as an Anti Armor and an anti-metahuman weapon, it's HEAT and EFP can penetrate into the side of metahuman hide, tank and aircraft carrier alike, any number of explosives and a multi magazine capacity enables for follow up shots as necessary. The backblast of the round fired is capable of being shot out the back, preventing it from knocking the user of their feet with each shot.

The weapon features metallic hydrogen scram jet rockets capable of mimicking the strikes of a class 100, sending them flying away in the distance with each impact, the general damage increasing with range. Other rounds include a CNT Reinforced Spider-Silk Polymer to ensare even the most burly of average metahumans, boasting tensile strength to hold one as strong as 130 tons and stable at temperatures of approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


No Caption Provided

Propellant: Liquid

Energy Class: High end Kilojoule

Weight: 20 lbs

Fires .50 Caliber Scramjet Rounds downrange, accelerating as it goes at well hypersonic velocities, able to reach speeds of a little bit more than escape velocity with enough acceleration to strike targets with sufficient force to hit with energies close to that of some rockets and speeds of mach 25-30. Due to accelerating through the bullet rather than the barrel, the round features little to no recoil towards the user. Often times, if it doesn't penetrate whatever it hit, it will explode and release a fantastic amount of energy of the target.

This can however make the gun dangerous for up close use, making it best a long range weapon, using a wide variety of guidance systems and armor piercing tip.


Titus Flechette Rifle
Titus Flechette Rifle

Propulsion: Coilguin

Energy class: Lower-Medium Kilojoule

Weight: 6 lbs

Fires flechettes a variety of different downrange at subsonic to supersonic speeds. Flechette ammunition consists of a wide variety of rounds, from superconducting electrical rounds designed to turn metahumans into gore and overwhelm nervous/computer systems, to high explosive rounds that burrow within, to Sabotted armor piercing rounds consisting of depleted uranium or nanocrystalline tungsten carbide or even seemingly inhumane white phosophorous or nanothermite.

The weapon features an underbarrel masterkey shot that fires high velocity rounds that impact with up to 14 kilojoules energy, the impact equivalent to multiple tons. This allows the gun to be the ideal for urban assault.

ARTEMIS Bolt Action Railgun

ARTEMIS Bolt Action Railgun
ARTEMIS Bolt Action Railgun

Propulsion: Electromagnetic Railgun

Energy class: High Kilojoule

Weight: 25 lbs

Sends round downrange at Mach 10 or greater, depending on te size of the round. Tends to have an EMP Effect upon target, causing it to flash into plasma upon destruction. Can shoot feasibly any target that can be acquired by the scope. Must be allowed to cool down with differing shots and firing too powerful a round can cause the weapon's rails to weld together. Ideally, such a weapon can strike at hypersonic velocties and have impact at energies akin to fifty or so tons. Rounds fired at much more than this, colliding with kinetic energies of two hundred or so tons, will weld the rails together, rendering the weapon unusable.

MHV Helical Cannon

MHV Helical Cannon
MHV Helical Cannon

Propulsion: Electromagnetic

Energy Class: High Megajoule

Weight: 125 pounds

Combines the best of the railgun and the coilgun at the cost of a much larger size, this weapon is capable of sending heavy rounds down range at Mach 15 after a moment's charge. This multi-Megajoule class railgun hits with thousands of tons of force in energy and combined with it's flechetted nanocrystalline tungsten Carbide munition, shreds through lightly armored vehicles, punches completely through tanks and destroys most any class 5 durability meahuman with ease.

M134 Minigun

M134 Minigun (MOD)
M134 Minigun (MOD)

Propellant: Electrothermal-chemical. Chemical Can be used alone.

Energy: Upper Kilojoule. Varies with ammunition

Weight: 40 lbs unloaded

A high powered mini-gun that requires an external power source to use extensively as well as the simple strength to hold the weapon. Usually in the form of powered armor, however the results are often well worth it. The velocity of the weapon varies, with lower velocities using less ammo and allowing more in the option of ammunition. The gun has a fire rate of 3,000-6,000 rounds per minute, or a fire rate of firing 50 to 100 rounds ever second. Combined with the ability to fire at hypervelocity given sufficient energy.



Propulsion: Fission-less nuclear/Chemical.

Energy: Varies Gigajoule++to Terajoule

Based on the M202 Flash Standing for "nuclear surface to orbit" this MAN PADs is specialize to acquire targets who are as far as in earth orbits and shoot Hafnium loaded, nuclear propelled rockets that accelerate to Speeds of Mach 45, into orbit, having yields of up to 1 Megaton of usually fission less nuclear explosive. However, due to the fact that projectiles burn up at such speeds in an atmosphere, these rounds are near useless for atmospheric combat.

However, it can also use less expensive means of propulsion to hit atmospheric targets.

On Conventional Weapons

Maverick has access to functionally most any conventional weapon. They can be reinforced to withstand they're HV rounds, ballistic computers or even to be unmodified but made to utilize the company's more simple but effect ammunition in tandem with regular rounds. Indeed, this is common practice due to not only personal preference and attachment, but price of the weapons themselves. Making things such as shaped charged bullets and super explosives very popular. Improved propellants and targetting systems are not uncommon among Maverick munitions, nor are improvements to simply the ammo.

To go through all weapons they can use would make the list longer than it needs to be, given Maverick uses weapons from all over the country.

Directed-Energy Weapons

There was a time when directed energy weapons were thought to not possibly be man portable and lightweight. This time has been long, long passed with advants in technology by other corporations, factions, various lone individuals taking advantages of different energies. Lasers, plasma, particle weapons, various unknown forms of "pure energy" and "concussive force" energies that use obscure or sometimes unknown particles.

Maverick's weapons are primarily electromagnetic and acoustically based however is limited to the electromagnetic spectrum when it comes to lasers.

Lasers also have the ability to produce plasma, making a weapon that fires pure plasma rather redundant and impractical to achieve due the vast amounts of engineering obstacles to create a plasma weapon.

No Caption Provided
BandWavelength (m)
Far Infrared1e-3 to 5e-5 m (1,000,000 to 50,000 nanometers)
Mid Infrared5e-5 to 2.5e-6 m (50,000 to 2,500 nanometers)
Near Infrared2.5e-6 to 7.5e-7 m (2,500 to 750 nanometers)
Red7.5e-7 to 6.2e-7 m (750 to 620 nanometers)
Orange6.2e-7 to 5.9e-7 m (620 to 590 nanometers)
Yellow5.9e-7 to 5.7e-7 m (590 to 570 nanometers)
Green5.7e-7 to 4.95e-7 m (570 to 495 nanometers)
Blue4.95e-7 to 4.5e-7 m (495 to 450 nanometers)
Indigo4.5e-7 to 4.2e-7 m (450 to 420 nanometers)
Violet4.2e-7 to 3.8e-7 m (420 to 380 nanometers)
Ultraviolet A4e-7 to 3.15e-7 m (400 to 315 nanometers)
Ultraviolet B3.15e-7 to 2.8e-7 m (315 to 280 nanometers)
Start of
Vacuum Frequencies
2.e-7 m (200 nanometers)
Ultraviolet C2.8e-7 to 1e-7 m (280 to 100 nanometers)
Extreme Ultraviolet1e-7 to 1e-8 m (100 to 10 nanometers)
Start of
Ionizing Radiation
1e-8 m (10 nanometers)
Soft X-Ray1e-8 to 2e-10 m (10 to 2e-1 nanometers)
Hard X-Ray2e-10 to 2e-11 m (2e-1 to 2e-2 nanometers)
Gamma-Ray2e-11 to 1e-13 m (2e-2 to 1e-4 nanometer)
Cosmic-Ray1e-13 to 1e-17 m (1e-4 to 1e-8 nanometers)

There are many different types of Directed Energy Weapons when it comes to lasers that are usable in an atmosphere. Laser wavelengthes shorter then 200 nanometers are often referred to as Vacuum frequencies, because they are readily absorbed by earth's protective atmosphere. Thusly, different lasers have different configurations. "Blasters" emit carefully timed pulses to cause the target to violently explode and tunnel a hole through them rapidly, " heat rays" emit a constant stream that destroys their target through heat. The last is "Ray Beams." One that would use "Vacuum" frequency lasers, the most powerful but difficult to use configurations.

Lasers present their own advantages, the first being that they travel at the speed of light and are 100% Accurate to where they point to, with no need for compensation for bullet drop or use of specialized ammunition required. They also have less to worry about in the realm of power and can last a very long time with regulation of energy, able to get "unlimited" ammo by siphoning power from another source. Such weapons are also almost often relatively silent. Adjustable lethality is also useful for further along ranges.

Other kinds of weapons are acoustic weapons

No Caption Provided

Which have resounding amount of uses when it comes to exploiting weaknesses and attacking it's foes both physically and mentally. Sound passes through all mediums of matter, solid, liquid and gas. This makes shielding against it difficult. Then there is "resonance." The frequency in which an object vibrates the most.

No Caption Provided

All matter has a resonant frequency, with softer objects tending to have lower more infrasonic resonant frequencies, and with harder objects often having a higher resonsant frequency. Sound passes through all mediums. Air, gas and solid. Making it difficult to shield against. Though it degrades with distance like anything else, it is still very deadly. Resonant frequency can very well cause intense damage to the organs with sufficient intensities, with humans able to be harmed by simple ambient machinery. Weaponized sound has even more devastating results, especially when intended to be lethal. It can be used to also meddle with opponents psychologially, involuntarily causing enemies to experience fear, go insane, attack internal organs and body parts if intense enough, knock people away with enough power.

Sound is also equally able to be tuned to be lethal or non-lethal. Simply creating noise, dizzying opponents, or causing them to simply puke or otherwise, empty their bowels. Acoustic weapons have numerous uses.

Weapons list

SABR Tunable Laser Rifle
SABR Tunable Laser Rifle

A versatile rifle that uses primarily Infared Frequencies, with the blaster configuration most often being configured against targets. However, it is not uncommon for even frequencies of visible light to be used to "dazzle" or blind enemies, focused on a single target to permeneantly blind them or for other uses. It can also be configured to use microwave and radio frequencies. Microwave has uses in boiling the target's water molecules for non lethal or otherwise use and for destroying electronics. Another such notable use is to use microwaves to heat up metals and other targets, particularly adamantium. Thus heating blades, armor or augmentations, with one speculated use to be to boil targets alive in their adamantium armor if they cannot withstand the heat. Radio frequencies are very good at destroying electronics and can be used in conjuction with omni-goggles to map out an entire are if the user is so inclined.

A unique feature of the gun is the PASS (Plasma Acoustic Shield System). Only able to be utilized by skilled users, it basically allows the gun to generate plasma by flash ionizing the air some distance from user, creating a loud bright explosion of plasma. This can be used non-lethally to disorient the opponents with a loud noises. This can easily be made to be lethal to fry an opponent instantaneously and cause a small short range EMP (Though using a Radio or microwave beam would be far more efficient, or shooting the target causing it to flash into plasma.) Some people are capable of using this to deflect bullets, disrupt air craft and to non-lethally or otherwise down speedsters.

Acoustic pulse rifle
Acoustic pulse rifle

A gun that uses directed sound to disrupt it's opponents. It features a metamaterial acoustic focusing lense that allows the weapon to actually be very quiet in that sound is focused directly towards the opponent to disurpt them. The weapon itself contains an ultra-capacitor to power it and can generate "sound bullets" or even dirill or cut, into things using highly focused sound. It is indeed even powerful enough to knock things back and it does include it's own piston driven counter balancing recoil canceling system (see above) to prevent it from doing the same to the user.

The gun's frequency is customizable to a wide range. And the decibel level can be as powerful as 200 DB and the frequency and actual energy can be even greater, to the point of imparting great heat on it's opponent. It is also capable of attacking the opponent internally, bypassing invulnerability and striking vital areas of the opponentat their resonant frequency. It does one well to learn the resonant frequncy of a given body part and thus be able to strike any part of the body with ease. Vibrate bones to break them, vibrate cranal fuid or even the brain itself for rather gruesome results.

This weapon also happens to be ideal for underwater environments as it is actually even more potent, able put large holes melted into battleships. This weapons is also widely used against highly invulnerable or durable types of enemies. It is a very useful weapon, especially in the hands of one knowledgeable and skilled enough to use it to it's fullest potential.

Final Note

List is ever expanding, and criticism is welcome.