Maverick Arsenal: Orbital Platforms

For some time, the "utilization" of space has been met with fierce opposition on some of their more "questionable", primarily with the space treaty. Which prevents the placement of WMDs into the earth's space. However, with the increasing threats that thrust the earth further and further into chaos, both terrestrial and Extra-terrestial, Maverick has been able to utilize it's influence to extend it's reaches into that of space, for use for a variety of purposes. Maverick would not be the first, nor will they be the last to utilize space for it's own purposes. The addition of such of uch things into place has greatly aided the company in it's endeavors, allowing Maverick to place means of surveillance, manned stations and multiple weapons platforms ready for use at a variety of locations.

OLYMPUS Orbital Deployment Platforms

ENCU ("Cape Killers") preparing for deployment.

Various space stations located actually about the earth, these are usually used by governments who hire Maverick to have soldiers stand by in orbit around various countries. Any one of these stations can house approximately 200 people and deploy anywhere on earth in 90 minutes or less. Though usually, it doesn't take that long for them to descend with their mumber. Currently, Maverick has approximately 5 of these stations. One located above North America, another above south America (though away from venezuala) and another above

However, these stations serve other purposes in Maverick's orbital operations. One critical use of this station is as a delivery system. It has an especially made launch system to deploy cargo from orbit, often able to deliver in a few minutes. Highly trained civillian scientists from other firms are often hired, to perform maintenance on Maverick's other orbital platforms.

Surveillance satellites

Hardly anything new, with how advanced satellite technology is today, Maverick has advanced GPS and surveillance satellites meant to watch things on earth and outside of earth. Advanced metamaterial based lensing allows the resolution to be clear enough, that

"I used this -BLEEP- can zoom in on someone outside at sea level, and read their text"


WRATH Kinetic Bombardment Platform

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A destructive satellite weapon with simple operation of dropping a large cylindrical tungsten rod, allowing gravity to accelerate it to hypersonic velocities and hit with immense amounts of force. The Rod takes approximately 12-15 minutes to strike it''s target, is 20 feet long, 1 ft in diameter, made completely out tungsten (aside from electronics), hits at 36,000 ft/s (Roughly Mach 27.5) and hits with 185,157,602 tons of force upon direct impact, giving the weapon sufficient pentrating power to penetrate the ground in the range of thousands of feet, and punching through mountains.

A direct impact is easily capable of destroying any known bunker on earth and of destroying almost anything with a direct impact, barring certain indestructible or otherwise substances. Such an impact or collision will cause an explosion due to pure kinetic force, in which the rod will vaporise and release an explosive yield equivilent to 120 (.12 kilotons) of TNT.

Small town witnesses and films WRATH STRIKE (Confiscated)
Small town witnesses and films WRATH STRIKE (Confiscated)

Indeed, a strike normally only transmits a part of it's kinetic energy on impact, making it less dangerous to use then other alternatives against soft targets One tactic that can be employed with the WRATH strike is to use multiple projectiles. With the speed the rods travel at, they are extremely difficult to shoot down. Along with the lack of ability to detect the rod was fired off in the first place.

Usually however, their guidance is unable to function after a certain point. During the drop a plasma sheath envelopes the rod. Said sheath, although it does little more then mare the tungsten, will fry the electronics and block radar signals. Making this platform best used against stationary targets.

HELIOS Orbital Tunable Laser

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A very large Nuclear/Solar powered directed energy weapon in space capable of delivering up to Terawatt class blasts directed towards the earth's surface. The laser has a special lense capable of controlling it's molecular structure to form the most ideal lense, making it capable of firing lasers in a variety of spectrums. From microwaves to visible light to radio waves.

It's has several niche uses compared to it's kinetic counterparts and is capable of wide scale devestation through a variety of means. Capable of shooting microwaves to fry entire cities at time (speculatively of course) at 500 Degrees Fahrenheit. Enough to kill any ordinary unprotected human within it at lightspeed. Boiling them alive with an invisible attack. However, if Focused, it can achieve sun like temperatures when fired with a pulse. Able to cause explosions of plasma upon impact.

Another option is an intense beam of radio waves. Most often pulsed rather then fired continuously, this laser can instantly fry all electronics in a certain given area or be focused to destroy the electronics of a single target, melting through EMP shielding that could otherwise protect hardened software.

Visible light is not a preferred laser for weapon applications, as it spreads photons. The bright light it makes means that it is in essence, wasting energy. However, it also makes a viable weaponized laser, and especially good at blinding things on a very large scale or continously robbing an enemy of sight.

Naturally, the height of this laser and angling make it an ideal weapon for tagging Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from Nuclear weapons, destroying air craft and tagging speedsters, even going as far as to tag and target Massively hypersonic ++ targets (Mach 25 and far, far above).

Other such uses for said laser is to actually transmit signals and messages, to use controlled beams to send power/energy wherever needed and to shoot other targets in spac, such as oncoming projectiles.

The system is not however perfect, due to inherit weaknesses of directed energy weapons. Primarily, things that can defocus it. Indeed, the weapon gets much weaker the further distance. Fog, mist, sand and excessie debree that can be caused by bad weather can cause the laser to diffuse, greatly lessening it's damage towards a target. It also has trouble reaching targets surrounded by sufficient amounts of cover.

Overall it is a deadly weapon for use in orbit with two in use currently. One over the Eurasia area and one over North America.

Hellbore Particle Cannon


A large also nuclear/solar powered satellite in which the projectile instead of being a laser as it appears, is in actuality, a beam of reletavstic charged particles propelled towards their target. The satellite can send electrons, protons or in most cases, charged atoms at speeds very close to that at which light travels. The result is a combination of massive heat and radiation damage, as most targets simply explode as the particles tear through it, imparting large amounts of energy to it. Things near the beam experience sun like temperatures as the targets themselves actually for brief moments experience temperatures beyond the sun's own for brief moments. Radiation has the effect of causing ambient electronics within the vicinity to be destroyed, and killin unprotected human beings nearby.

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However, the aparatus requires massive amounts of power in order to function, often requiring a few days in between shots. There is currently only one Hellbore in deployment.

Defenses and countermeausres

Across the board, countmeasures and defenses are relatively the same. Billions went into the deployment and development of these satellites. Measures have to be put in place to ensue that they are not shot down, blow up or simply punched and ripped apart by some targets they might be used against seeking retaliation. The premise is for no one to infiltrate the satellite at all, making getting aboard such a small community extremely difficult and impossible for many stealthily. People brought aboard who are unrulely will be met with armed operation aboard. Various advanced electromagnetic measures are capable of mapping out the area all around to trigger defenses in microseconds.

The first countmeasure is a cloaking device on the ship, which is essentially a metamaterial coating capable of deflecting electromagnetic waves around it (making them also ideal for defending against other laser weapons) thusly allowing them to completely escape sight through most means. No sound in space means they cannot be heard or echolocated, and the vastness of space makes feeling or for them a rather moot point. Each platfrom is nearly always cloaked until called upon for use, in which they will partially or fully decloak to be used or launch an attack or be decloaked for the OLYMPUS and weapons platforms. Surveillance satellites are almost always uncloaked as it is vital that they are able to recieve and process all information around them.

The structure can also deploy a perfect cohorent absorber, allowing it to defocus and absorb most any type of laser fired at it.

If discovered, or the cloak for some reason does not work, the stations do feature trophy systems to launch hypersonic metal at targets, orbital mines and smaller laser countmeasures to defeat high speed and otherwise alien targets who may manage to find ways around the cloak. The station is EMP hardened all around, using silicon carbide transistors and using the naturally metallic structure and a faraday cage mesh built within to defeat attempts at allowing any kind EMP to disable it, it often being defeat by the cloak or the perfect coherent absorber.

Along with it's highly durable Carbon Nanotube and Inorganic Titanium fullerene structure, it makes it difficult to damage through kinetic strikes, as much of the force is absorbed in a way similiar to that of rubber, most energy being simply dissipated and rebounded at the opponent from their strikes.


Maverick sees utilizing space as a rewarding (though astronomically expensive) endeavor, they feel it will be worthwhile in the future, beneficial to the corporation and perhaps people in generally. These satellites are not well known, public knowledge, though opposition to these satellites were put in place, accusations of overkill were met with a grim reminder of the type of foes they face and whom may exist or become a problem in the future. They are very selective about using the satellites, and often only do so with discreetness and use them sparingly, only in situations of great threat. Only very high level soldiers are permitted the use of this weapon and not that many among even Maverick's forces know of it's existence. Combined with the cloaks they often have, they are difficult to detect, and as of right now, very rarely used, Only for use in dire situations.