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Maverick Arsenal: Melee Weapons

General Overview

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War never changes.

However, the tools of war do. Men have used tools since literally the dawn of their existence to accomplish things they either could not accomplish with their bodies or could more efficiently accomplish with said tools. A staple tool has always been the melee weapon, a tool that sets humanoids apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. A human being without a weapon is a vulnerable, as human beings have evolved around using tools and thus, such, many handheld tools have allowed humans to eternally conquer enemies they could not. Tales and legends have been spun of men conquering enormous beasts have circulated through mankinds own history when men first learned how to record.

A man in peak physical condition properly armed can kill most any animal of this earth. Men have been recorded killing bears that weigh half a ton, Gorillas who are capable of easily ripping a man's arm off, Elephants who could trample men like insects and many more. Needless to say, humans are adept with tools, more so than any other animal, who are simply not anatomically shaped to be able to use a tool as well as a human being can (such as apes, who can use tools, but nowhere near as refined as a human because of their own shape.)

Such weapons are still capable killers of man, even in modern times. While most have not been so bold as to carry claymores and arrows into the fray like the famous Jack Churchill, weapons such as knives and tomohawks have remained in popularity. Guns cover mid to long range well, but can be disadvantageous when forced into close quarters confrontation with the enemy. The insides from the insides of buildings, alleyways of streets, to thick jungles and caves of hardened mountain bunkers, such things as knives, short blades and most recently tomohawks have found their way into the

In the modern day and age, melee weapons have come to rise again in a day with the advent of superhumanly capable bodies too wield them and materials to advance them. Make them stronger and sharper, most prominently, or have a wide host of other effects. This new generation of CQC oriented opponents has urged the corporation to evolve their close range weaponry with their long range weaponry, to enable effectiveness in as many areas of operation as physically possible.

Types of Melee Weapons

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Maverick is a private military organization. As such, it has no obligation to obey regulations and standards set forth by any military of the earth. There is little in the spanse of regulation as to what melee weapons. Knives, Tomohawks and swords such as Kukri are the most popular.

However, any troop can use functionally any weapon they want as long as they are effective with it.

The advent of Maverick's 3-D printing technology in tandem with a wide variety of technology allows for them to create advanced melee weapons to compliment correlatingly advanced firearms. This makes the types of weapons they can make limited only by information, resources and the size of the weapon in question. Modifications to these weapons are what may set them apart from other weapons.


Fullerene Edge

Having an edge composed of any wide number of hardened and strengthened fullerenes. Most notably are aggregate diamond nanorods and their rival, boron nitride nannrods. Such materials are much harder and stronger than diamond and denser. However, generally require much more energy to make. Such two blades are capable of cutting through diamond when applied to a saw or high frequency blade.

However, a nanodiamond edging does not need to be powered to enable one to cut any normal material. Serrated edges are ideal for cutting into the nerves of some of even the most hardened superhuman opponents, without need for additional power behind the blade aside from what can be generated by the human musculature, to at the very least draw blood.

Other materials can be made or used. Titanium is soft and lightweight, making it more ideal for armor. Tungsten can make for a very ideal edge, being heavier and denser than diamond and with carbon additives and nanostructuring, able to rival or surpass natural diamond in hardness.

Nanoceramic modification

Generally a blade or coating of a weapon of any wide variety of nanoceramics, such as silicon carbide. Through nanosructuring, ceramic are able to become ultraflexible. They are highly resistant to heat and high temperatures, making them a good addition to edges of metal weapons.

A plasma can go through steel like functionally butter with temperatures as hot as the sun. However, steels conduct heat very well, while ceramics insulate them. Coating a blade in this can increase it's resistant to high temperatures from fires and general chemical wear, or a hardened material. Light weight make nanoceramic blades often less than ideal, but combining them with metals or stronger non-metallic materials such as various carbons, can make the blade stronger.

Harmonic Weaponry

Weaponry that deals damage through intense vibration at infrasonic or ultrasonic frequencies, having differing effects on blunt and cutting weapons.

The most ideal frequency depends such on the material in question, with softer materials often being most ideally deal with using lower frequency "rumblers" as they are nicknamed, and harder objects being dealt with at higher frequencies. One should however note as to not confuse the terms "harder" with "stronger." As indeed, some materials, such as kevlar or spider silk, are exceptionally strong, Kevlar being stronger than steel. But, it is not "harder" than steel is.

Sound and vibrations, are an ideal way however, for such weapons to tackle indestructible materials. Often, most ideally, a blunt weapon of some kind is used to most efficiently transfer such energy. Able to penetrate through Adamantium with mostly indifference, such weapons have proven capable of bypassing such armor and then liquifying the person inside. Some weapons, capable of pulsing such vibrations, can rupture a target's organs on contact, making more powerful variations highly useful against metahumans with very tough skin.

High frequency blades are such vibrated, often at frequencies so high as for their movement to be microscopic. Said weapons can cause pockets of air to form between blade and intense temperature, often afflicting the target's molecular bonds as moves. For higher frequencies, very hard materials have to be used for these chainsaw like weapon and often, they are prone to snapping when flaws form, making them reward, but dangerous.

Such blades very easily cause sub-cellular, molecular damage on contact, causing them to literally explode on contact, and even are capable of disabling and disrupting nanoscale machinery, and shattering fragile compotents of machines.


Functionally, this is a melee version of what is normally a directed energy weapon. A laser of a varying frequency will generate varying amounts of plasma on contact with the target, generating an Electromagnetic pulse that can as overwhelm the target's nervous system. On the other hand, at higher intensties, the laser can ensnare the target in plasma and burn completely through them, often with explosive results. On higher durability metahumans, this can however be less than lethal against them.

Arc Weapons

Weapons that often coated with supercapacitors channel electricity through them to disable their targets or at higher intensities, generate plasma and immense amounts of heat. The frequency of which, can also be varied to best choose how to tackle differing organic and inorganic targets of metahuman variety or highly advanced synthetic. Can be applied to any wide number of weapons, sharp or blunt. At higher intesities, these can often very well seer their ways through most materials and opponents, able to flash melt steel in fractions of a second at best.

Superconducting Apparatus

A mostly defensive, but versatile modification that adds superconducting mechanisms to the blade. Often used in tandem with arc weapons, superconductors have many uses on a melee weapon.

One of of the very prominent is as a "repulsor" in that it the superconductor can be used in very strong electromagnetics to create very strong magnetic fields. The main use of this is in manipulating and often, deflecting away attacks based on plasma. Blades or even blasts can be deflected with the wave of a hand, harmlessly around the user if the plasma does not bleed off it's thermal energy into the air, using it's efficiency against it often times. Also magnetic are most types of charged particle beams.

Such magnetic apparatus also have a niche use in the form of self destruct mechanism that consists of overloading a superconductor loop power source. Doing this would cause a huge explosion. On the verge of 50 MJ per kg. Compared to TNT's 4.7 MJ per kg. This would make a superconducting explosion more than ten times more powerful than conventional chemical explosives. Such an explosion is also much hotter, capable of producing temperatures greater than that of the sun.

A superconductor is naturally a much better conductor than water, and can make electricity want to enter it. Arc weapons that are so capable and equipped, can be used to absorb energy from electricity manipulating mutants, superhumans and machines when in direct contact with it's power source. Some have even found uses when consistently combatting enemies of this type by powering their own armors or by taking energy from machines by connecting said machines to their weapons and thus, their armor.

Optical Phased Array Modification

A versatile measure added to a weapon that adds any wide variety of small optical phased arrays to the weapon, allowing the weapon to functionally manipulate light. Skill becomes very important with such weapons as the possibilities and uses for such weapons are wide.

One such favored use is making the blades invisible, such weapons being very good for laying traps against all but the most durable of speed based opponents. Optical invisibility can make it difficult for anyone to gauge where the blade, including the user himself.

Another use of optical phased arrays is to project illusions, making it rather dangerous in the hands of a skilled user, as they become capable of warping the apparent position of the weapon itself, making it difficult or even impossible for some to actually gauge where indeed the blade is.

Another use is the manipulation incoming light, most notably lasers and other types of electromagnetic weapons. Such advanced phased optical arrays, can shield most any electronics that might be located within the weapon, deflecting it completely away. However, a weapon can only be 100% reflective, absorbant or otherwise to one electromagnetic spectrum at a time. However, multiple layers can remedy this problem. Often times, the technology has to be self repairing, as repeated clashes and impacts can otherwise damage the technology or make it less deficient.

Other offensive capacity is the production of bright lights, and lasers. Though usually less efficient on their own, such a weapon cannot hold enough power in it's hilt to produce light for an extended period time, and often draws power from often external sources the user themselves, must of course carry.

Power Tools

Maverick's energy dense power sources in tandem with with advanced production methods enable them to make normally heavy power tools actually smaller and more portable, enabling for the slicing of metahumans or the breaching of advanced surfaces, when used with advanced materials.

This enables for drills, hacksaws and portable industrial chainsaws, often used to cut or pierce through incapacitated, or otherwise subdued opponents, or cutting through hardened steel and concrete with edges.

Plasma Torches

Man portable plasma torches can often, with superconductor loops and supercapacitors, discharge large amounts of energy into torches that can produce temperatures akin to the surface of the sun, or akin to areas near the core with sufficient amounts of energy for very brief periods of time. The latter however, is extremely dangerous due to the severe heat within the weapon itself causing thermal radiation to bleed through it and into the air, making this often a last resort method against particularly durable opponents.

One should keep in mind that plasma in an atmosphere without some measure of mechanism to extend it, the plasma with Maverick's technology can only travel a few inches away from the muzzle within an atmosphere.

General OOC

  • First and foremost, of course any player owned member of Maverick has access to these modifications if they wish to make their own weapons with them or even just add such modifications to their existing weapons, as both are possible.
  • Will likely add new things as ideas appear before me. If you have any, feel free to PM and I will credit you and make a section on here if I do correct you.
  • Feel free to consult with me if you have questions.
  • If I shoot the idea down, don't be offended.
  • Feel free to point out grammatical errors I make. I won't get offended or embarrassed by constructive criticism.
  • I don't mind critique's of the concept itself or generally any constructive criticism.
  • Ever expanding.
  • Subject to constant editing to correct facts, errors, rewording or if I simply don't like a concept or feel I described it correctly.
  • Most NPCs are going to mix and match this, and one can expect combinations of this to be used.