"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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Jackal (Human)

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Name: Farim Kusanagi

Alias(es): Jackal, Never-Say-Die-Samurai, Revanant Ronin, The Bloodless Bladesman, Sanguine Swordsman, CQC Slayer, Metahuman Meatgrinder, Psycho Swordsman, Katanga Killer, Demon Hidden in the Snow, Samurai-Assassin, Bastard of Blades, Wrath of the Third World, Soldier with a Sword, Dragonslayer, Swordslinger, Thee Undisputed Owner of the Best Ass of Maverick Inc, Violence Personified

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Enhanced)

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 220 lbs


In the 1970s, a large demand for copper and cobalt attracted numerous Japanese miners to the region of the Democratic Republic of the Kongo known as Katanga. During this period, numerous Japanese miners were sent to the area, and promptly promulgating and socializing outside of their families over a 16 year period, having children with the locals.

Jackal is a survivor of the Katanga Infranticide, born to unknown parents without any record of birth, his father attempted to murder him at a young age. At an as of yet unknown period of time, perhaps years, Jackal fled with with his sister and at some point in time, became a child soldier, fighting in the Tanzania bush war and in the Congolese Civil War. Soon, he was found and adopted by Maverick's very own [Codename: Mother"]

Subject was found to possess a very high immunity to genetic manipulation and thusly, augmenting or repairing his body through the use of retro-virus genetic alteration or stem cell therapy has proven ineffective. After an incident with a metahuman, subject was subject to the augmentation of his brain and spinal cord through installation of artificial molecular scale technology, surgery and full body prosthesis.

Today, in yet another conflict, Jackal has been severely damaged, and with his old body repaired, he has been returned to a more human form once again.


Jackal possesses a degree of abnormal mutations, though none of it can be traced to genes that are metahuman or extra-normal in origin. He shares a unique form of albinism, which causes his skin to appear pale despite his heritage, his eyes to become red and his hair is a pure snowy white.

DSUP Genetic Suppressor: Jackal is highly resistant to being genetically altered due to a protein that enshrouds his DNA known as DSUP. This protein helps shield his genes from damage from a variety of chemicals, radiation and viruses, making his body exceptionally restistant (or outright immune) to genetic manipulation and resistant to things that cause genetic damage.

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Respirocyte Nanoblood Solution: With genetic engineering being out of the question and full cybernetic body out of the question until it's reconstruction, other solutions included replacing parts of his body, much like a cyborg, though on a much small scale.

Enter Respirocytes, , functionally a molcularly engineered blood cell constructed of pure carbon designed to hold and distribute over two hundred and thirty six times more oxygen than a normal blood cell. With these functioning as 50% of his blood, Jackal can sprint for over`seven and a half minutes, hold his breath for a little over two hours and fight seemingly tirelessly for unprecedented amounts of time.Having little effect on his diet, these machines are powered by the body, converting energy from glucose to mechanical energy to power their mechanisms.

The other fifty percent of his blood are composed of nanosponges to defeat toxins and Biovore white blood cells, using small scale lasers to dissect most any terrestrial disease and render Jackal in essence, biologically bulletproof and outside of the range of being ailed by conventional diseases.

Bio-Ballistic Ceramic Foam Skeletal Augmentation: A cross between nanocellulose, spider silk, anda carbon nanotube composite, Jackal's bones are very close to some of the toughest carbon based materials around, while still being light enough to not drastically add to his weight. While they present a high degree of stiffness, they are able to be bent and deformed without breaking or deforming, simply being back into place upon command, and they are capable of self repair.

The bones are durable enough to withstand small arms fire for a short period of time and to enable Jackal to more easily survive impacts by superhumans. However, bullets pierce muscle and cause immense bleeding. Superhuman trikes still cause immense internal damage, especially when unarmed.

Spider Silk Joints: The cartilage within the joints are replaced with a carbon nanotube enhanced composite of Spider silk, rendering the strength of his joints ostensibly obscene and capable of bearing superhuman amounts of weight.

Strength: With a majority of Jackal's focus on striking power, his musculature is incredibly explosive. He is very easily capable of doing pushups with a two hundred and fifty pound grown man on his back and can move nimbly with prodigious amounts of gear, his explosive musculature enabling him to outsprint ordinary people even while carrying full grown men. The true kicker to Jackal's strength are the aftomentioned skeletal and joint augmentations, allowing Jackal's muscles to develop beyond that of normal bone.

Striking Power: Jackal's true strength however, lies in his striking power, with his body's speed and strength combined to make him one of the hardest hitting "humans" in all of Maverick. With striking within the range of over half a ton for his punches and over a ton for his kicks. Combined with his hardness and armor, and Jackal is easily capable of killing or severely wounding ordinary people with his strikes, the hardness of his body and bones only adding more so to the kinetic energy exerted on the opponent. His capacity to steel and concrete with his strikes, depending on the thickness, have lead some to believe that he is capable of fighting large animals and some metahumans.Speed

Jackal moves at speeds akin to that of an Olympic athlete, able to move in explosive bursts too quickly for a normal human being to react to. Combined with his soon to be mentioned precognition, and it leads many to speculate that his speed, fluidity and efficiency are within the realm of superhumans.

This applies to every fiber of his body, enabling him to move his hands faster than the ordinary eye can track, close over a dozen feet in not even a second, rip through trained soldiers close range, draw blade in the literal time it takes to blink and seemingly keep pace with all sorts of high speed objects, from supersonic munitions to faster than sound superhumans.

Agility and Balance: The never say die Samurai can turn on a dime and perform extremely complicated parkour in combat situations, from sliding along the ground to a car, breaking falls from buildings with rolls and even leaping through the windows of cars thrown at him by metahumans. He cuts a swath through obstacle filled environments with little impediment to his speed and cuts around corners like a dime, His balance and coordination enable him to move swiftly on wires while in full kit and balance himself on the hilt of swords lodged in the ground.

Endurance: Durability is the ability to not be harmed, a measure of resistance to damage. Endurance is the ability for the body to endure damage, and Jackal hosts this in spades. With his sadomasochist tendencies, he does not resistance pain and intense damage, as he more so is empowered and roused by it. He is often left pushing his body to it's brink for the sheer thrill of it. His apparent enjoyment of pain leads many to believe that being stabbed, shot and beaten makes him mistaken as one with a healing factor, when in reality, his body has trained itself to easily withstand gunshots and stabbings and to function under the maximum to it's capacity.


As a member of Maverick's Extra-Normal Combat Division, Jackal's entire loadout focuses more on engaging superhumans in short term engagements rather than engaging in longer term engagements. He rarely ever carries a full kit, preferring speed over being overencumbered with excessive ammunitions, he carries enough to engage metahumans in close range.

Hebi no kawa-Serpent's Skin

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An outer layer of a negative decompression boron nitride nanotube comprises the outside of the armor to defend against general attack, from radiation to heat, to corrosion. A hyper diamond mail renders his armor difficult to cut with even the sharpest of blades, lending him to more so be knocked back by the hardest of blades. A controllable liquid armor that flows through the armor as if it were almost organic, changing the density and flexibility of various areas upon mental command. The back contains a thermoelectric cooling apparatus that gains energy from Jackal’s heat and cools his body. And the armor is powered by a set of superconducter loops lined along the lattimus dorsi, connected to the cooling loop.

Artificial muscle throughout the armor serves not to augment strength, but to move fluid throughout and allow the armor a degree of varying breathability, it able to close itself off from the outside world sand become a self contained atmosphere upon it's users will. With no oxygen tank to speak of, it has no internal design to allow otherwise supplying oxygen. However, a user like Jackal has so much oxygen in his body as to function for long periods of time on a held breath, rendering such weighty and encumbering apparatus unnecessary. The cloth in the head can filter most chemicals in the same manner a gas mask does, though it has no oxygen supply of it’s own.

The surface contains a series of carbon based hairs that adjust the armor’s level of friction, enabling objects to stick to it or for it to become smooth with selective degree of van-der-waals force, and in controlling the surface of armor. This fibers are controlled through Jackal’s own interface with his armor, and line every inch of the armor’s exterior. This artificial neural interface is difficult to control for most users, but like many weapons, Jackal has been shown to master it in little time.

The result is a lightweight and modular armor with it’s defense lying against concentrated impacts. It is moderately durable against most modern directed energy weapons, and is especially made to deal with strikes from superhumans by stiffening the limbs and allowing for dense metal to prevent areas from deforming to impact and adds to his close quarters capability It’s outer layer of armor expands outward against impacts, lending some degree of protection to shockwaves generated from impacts and explosions. And it’s ability to adjust itself in response to friction makes it able to slip from the grip of most superhumans into the most ideal position when grappling.

This results in an armor made to engage superhumans. It’s durability alone brings Jackal’s striking into the realm of superhumans, allowing Jackal to strike hardened surfaces without harm. All coming at the cost of only for as long as it is powered, as stiffening and hardening the armor require energy proportionate to the threat that it faces.

Constant effort must be made to fuel it.

B.N.N.T Blade

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A Vibrating Blade of various frequencies, comprised of a nanolaminated alloy of classified composition that hosts a cubic boron nitride edge. Often spoken the "bint" blade. The heavier of Jackal's two blades, this blade designed with intention of borderline indestructiblility while accommodating maximum cutting power. It's greater mass gives the blade more momentum and it's alterable rate of oscillation allows it to better tune it's resonant frequency along it's molecularly sharp edge to better help it rend apart the molecular bonds of it's target. It's Cubic Boron Nitride can described as a mirror to Maverick's "hyperdiamond". Lacking the tendency to shatter and the vulnerability to high temperature cutting diamond has, the material is far less chemically reactive and thermally resistant, making it the most ideal candidate for the blade to cleave through the stuff of the earth's core, with momentum provided of molecularly structured structured super alloys comprising the bulk of the blade’s core.

By vibrating at varying frequencies with adjustible amounts of energy, the blade deals a wide variety of damage. The cubic boron nitride edge surpasses diamond in hardness, chemical stability and temperature resistance. This lends it more to the high temperatures generated by friction. Where as diamond can flash into carbon dioxide, the flawlessly structured cubic boron nitride edge can beat out most any material in hardness. And those that it cannot beat with hardness, it may beat out with hardness, it can defeat through the high temperatures generated by it’s oscillating. By moving back and forth, the blade can act as a chainsaw of sorts. Moving back and forth at some millions of times in a single second at it’s higher frequency, a cut being more or less able to rend through any materials as though it where cut hundreds of times with a single stroke.

These vibrations also lend themselves to the application of transmitting mechanicals shockwaves through direct contact, causing things to experience the oscillation of the blade’s given frequency. All objects have a resosnant frequency at which they vibrate the most, and in adjusting the frequency of the blade, Jackal can shatter the molecular bonds of whatever the blade touches through the application of these finely tuned mechanical waves, targetting specific features of objects. In a stab, one can send shockwaves rippling through the body to shatter bones and in the very next moment, liquify organs. A cut to the shoulder sends a shock felt all the way up to the brain as blood vessels explode. Fractures form throughout an object and weaken it’s integrity to such point that it may be struck down with but a single kick. A high frequency slice destroys a target down to it’s cells, destroying DNA with it’s passing.

The core of the blade is comprised of a metallic alloy, adding momentum behind it’s swings and conducting heat and electricity for the blade’s working. When activr, the blade is not physically touching the hilt. Many of the energies it generates could very easily cause the blade to damage the hilt and at lower frequencies in particular, violently vibrate fhe hilt and damage the user. Instead, the blade floats in the hilt with power applied to it, it’s superconducting alloy hosting an intense magnetic field that serves double as a versatile defense mechanism. The sword can use it’s magnetic field to manipilate such materials as other metals, plasma, particle beams and directed energy weapons. Altering magnetic fields can lend it to be able to prevent overt repulsion or magnetization by other sources of magnetism and can even allow the blade to easily return to the user or be ejected from a complimenting sheath akin to functionally, a small coilgun.

The blade’s cutting power varies with the amount of energy applied to it. Most of this energy is stored in the suit Jackal carries. While not truly indestructible, it knows few in the realm of equal, sufficient energy allowing it to cut into tank armor, nuclear bunkers and carbon nanotube fibers.


Designed to be true to it's name, this blade is like lightning. Swift. Weightless.

Constructed of the very same Carbon nanotube muscle fiber that composed Jackal's former body, this more elastic variation finds prodigious use in the form of a versatile blade. With the application of voltage, the blade can go from being malleable as plastic to hard as steel. It can bend, contort and even extend as the user commands, channeling eletricity openly as it faciliatates it's every movement. The maximum length the blade has reached is approximately 21 feet and a half feet. And it's proven to been able to flatten itself to the width of a blood cell.

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The muscle itself has a Quantum Dot metamaterial skin, altering itself at the molecular level to enable it to control it's properties. The blade can become completely invisible, control magnetic fields, deflect lasers, arc electricity and manipulate plasma. Combined with it's shapeshifting capabilities, and the blade seems as much a tool as it is a weapon.

The blade is lightweight, featuring little mass behind it's strikes. It compensates for this, with it's literally immense strength of it's contraction, moving with the user's strikes and augmenting the force of it's swing through contraction. Or increase the force of a thrust through extension. The blade's continuously maintained molecular edge bears retractable edge that enables cutting along the curve while vibrating, to enable the weightless blade to go through unarmored human beings as if air and cut materials harder than steel with varying degree of difficulty.

Hebi No Shiba (Serpent Tongue)

A simplistic tool used primarily as a grappling device, this cord of controllable carbon nanotube muscle functions as a tool and a weapon Located in both wrists, the cord can tense and compress to change it's width and hardness, it's strength enough to carry the weight of Jackal with extreme ease, and can move flexibly as additional limbs, capable of striking opponents and even slowing down Jackal’s ascent to enable him to descend from nearly any height. The cord features a flexible room temperature superconductor along it's core, enabling it to channel electricity through it into objects such as Jackal’s swords or to drain energy from near by sources of electrical power.

The weapons are functionally extenable limba, grappling devices useful for vertical and horizontal traversal, charging devices and a means of recharging the armor.


Enlightenment: Jackal has come to realize much about the nature of his life and the workings of the world around him. In a way, endless battle has given him the ability to see how best to approach a situation. He knows his own body and mind eerily well, and knows when he is pushing himself to the brink. Outside of this, he understands the situations around him well with one such corration.

The occurrnce of violence, and hence of combat.

Jackal is aware as to what is occurring around him to varying degrees. He can’t keep track of large scale battles outside of what he is paying attention to. When it comes to understanding his opponent however, he thrives in one on one situations, dissecting his opponent and seemingly the situation around him with an unsusual accuracy due to an understanding of what he refers to as the meta( Not to be confused with Most Effective TActic).

More so, Jackal percieves the world as a “story” of some sort, and that it follows the patterns of a story. He seems to recognize individuals who are more “interesting” than others and notes their significance, often times being accurate in his perceptions. While not adept at leading others, he seems to be adept at leading himself, and has the ability to miraculously survive seemingly impoasible sitiuations, earning him the alias of Revenant Ronin and Never-Say-Die-Samurai.

Body Reading: Jackal is adept at learning the patterns in one’s motions and mannerisms, noting the way one is standing to recognize what their intentions are and what they will do. This lends itself well to combat purposes, with Jackal able to read and recognize the motions one will make before they do.

Outside of (and inside) combat, it allows Jackal to garner emotions and a vague idea of internal thoughts.

Interception: Jackal has spent a great deal of time learning the intricacies of ancient and modern combat, facing an assortment of opponents in his time with Maverick. As a child, Jackal had found he had subconsciously recognized the velocity of an AK47’s own 7.62mm round subconsciously, raising his blade prememptively at such an angle that instead of piercing the blade, it deflected off the machete as if were slant armor. Thus was born the ability to intercept attack. As Jackal faces or studies a certain opponent or weapon, he learns as though he had photographic reflexes, noting the timing of attacks and countering them at the perfect moment irregardless of whether or not he can actually see the attack.


This ability is enough for Jackal to casually intercept oncoming laser fire from a singular opponent, and is more or less limited by his own speed and acceleratiom. Simply put, enough attacks can become overwhelming, with his blades only being capable of being in two places at once. This lends Jackal to be conscious of his own positioning and to the environment around him and noting his own opponent’s accuracy and types of projectiles. His armor can protect him from some attacks, but once out of power, high calibur gunfire, explosives, buckshot and similar attacks. Superfast humans however, are but a singular target, and a man running at him at mach two is liable to get cut in half as easily as a singular bullet headed to him at mach two.

Close Quarters Combat

Jackal is an expert, arguably a master, at engaging foes in close quarters and quickly comes to learn any number of skills that while numerous in application, ultimately are gained to enhance his ability to deal death at close range.

The way Jackal learn how to fight in close quarters is as he describes “all in one.” Rather than learning combative methodologies seperately, he links the concept of different martial arts and techniques into one, often bringing what he learns from one into another, refining skills to enable him to learn how to do one thing and how to do it the best. To combine the benefits of all he learns and to apply it to others. Simply put, a mixed martial art, that skips areas that disinterest or are ultimately not useful for him. It leads his every move, and his own natural abilities add to his own ability to learn these methods.

His intuitive feel for the amount of force he generates with a move has lead him to optimize all that he does, and his keen eye is quick to anticipate every move his foe makes from things such as the orientation of their body, the way they move their eyes, facial expressions, smells, heart rate and other such attributes.

Blade Wielding:

“You know for a while now,men have killed beasts greater than them with any number of blades. Guys in myths kill dragons. Some guys pitched around a campfire how their guy fought a bear with just a knife. Nowadays, doesn’t seem much like that has changed.”

In such a world where he must fight metahumans, Jackal’s “style” is highly taught and incorporates unconventional techniques for the combat of superhumans and abnormal situations, and is as much about tactics as it is about, and be must fluidly learn to adapt his methosology of engagement to be suit the enemy or in a way, force his enemy to engage him on his terms. His ruthless and pragmatism are supported by base of uncanny creativity and masterfully executed technique, dedicated to the most ideal engagement of the enemy in almost any circumstance. His adaptive mind lent itself to mastering his body, and even to learning how to use his cybernetic body more efficiently than others and compensating mentally for it, and seemlessly integrates advanced technology into his combat against “almost anything.” From gun toting terrorists to potent super soldiers. He specializes in his ability to adapt to his foes and has trained to go up to gods and walk away, through what can be amounted to “skill.”

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Jackal is a swordsman first and foremost, with a background in numerous blades. As a boy, he carried his father’s own Katana into the battle field of a modern third world province of Katanga and utilized it with a frightening degree of efficiency. His mind was molded by his encounters and gradually, he seemed to grow to almost naturally into mastering the sword, his sensitivity to force, motion and energy lending him to discover many most promising techniques, driven by an engraved obsession with violence.

As such, subject Jackal uses a sword with the same efficiency and fluidity as he would an extension of himself. He has a seemingly perfect awareness of his swords weight, condition and how it interfaces with his biomechanics after a very short period of time, his affinity of course being strongest with Katanas. However, no weapon is perfect and the Katana was a jack of all trades. But no weapon can be “best” at everything. In his environment, he had come to use knives and machetes as well, such weapons being common place in his area. The machete was of course, mostly a tool designed for daily use, which had an axe like weight which lent itself to loppong through vegitation. The knife was a nimble weapon in close quarters that lent itself to speed, tight quarrers and an easier concealment.

With formalized training, he grew to draw the most out of Kenjutsu and Iaido, his affinity to the curved Katana he had used leading to a quick mastery of techniques and honing of skills that added to his arsenal. His blade strikes for the weakest, most vital areas, and constant training has allowed him to bring it to bear and cut one down in blink of an eye. Repeated encounters and training with superhumans have taught him to use his opponents own force against them, their own strength and speed only making his attacks more severe as he leads his opponent into punishing counters, the force compounded by their contribution into his strike. He wants his opponent to he reckless and to underestimate him, because this leads them to careless mistakes. Manipulating his opponents is as much a game of psychology as it is a contest of skill, because he goads his opponents into making poor decisions.

Hand to hand Combat

In most modern combat, hand to hand combat is rare and if a soldier is caught without a weapon, more often than not, something is seriously wrong.

However, Jackal’s fists, his body, his mind has a life time of being forged into a weapon. This in itself is inadequate against the superhuman. However, his addition of armor and fistload weaponry, make his hands a very real and very viable weapon to fight those superhumans who are adept at closing distance.

Shatterpoint: Used in tandem with his ability to sense the weakpoints of an object by feeling the transmission of mechanical waves throughout it. This allows him to feel flaws of an object and thusly, to know best how to strike. Not all objects have a weak point and this ability is seemingly not supernatural in nature. However, flawless objects are rare and flaws can be created in practically anything that isn’t indestructible. This is often applicable to harder objects. Steel. Diamond. Bone. And can be exploited through strikes with anything. A shot can penetrate a battered bulletproof armor to find the perfect area. A sword strike finds a comfortable wedge in armor through which it may cleave or a grain through which it may cut, and so on and so forth. The extent to which Jackal has mastered this is such as punching through a ome brick wall with his hand after feeling it for a weapon with his armored fist, caving in a man’s skull and killing him and counterpunching low enhanced durability shadow company to the point of cracking bone.

Precision: Jackal’s strikes can deal cumulitive damage if hit correctly by simply striking the same point over and over again. This concept is synonymous with taking a sledgehammer and striking brick wall until failure. Or taking an axe and striking the same point over and over again until failure. This can be applied to both objects and to people, one of Jackal’s armored (and even unarmofed) strikes able to deal lethal damage to human targets, given the durability of his bone.

Dim Mak: One touch kill. A single, reliable well placed strike said to be able end a life. While seemingly demonstrated, the move is of questionable origin, particularly considering Jackal’s lack of truly supernatural abilities (in the realm that everything he does.) He refuses to demonstrate it and only loose evidence exists of it.

Greater than that, it is unknown as to what extent it would be useful against superhumanly durable opponents, given the toughness of their bodies and the hardness of their bones. Most “nerve strikes” should reasonably be unable ro exert pressures needed to garner any signicant stimulus, rendering the concept dubious at best. He has reliably used it against human opponents, but most are unable to process exactly what he does do to it’s apparent speed, and this entry exists. Reasoning as to why he doesn’t use this “one touch kill” against all opponents (or if he can) are so far, all unknown.

Counter: Jackal unleashes a punishing strike that uses an opponent's own strength and speed against them. The analogy is simply comparable to a man running into a brick wall. Only, the wall is Jackal's fist. The fist's speed is for positioning, and isometric strength lends itself to the stiffness. To the lack of bending, of the limbs during the "strike." The counter, when executed properly, is unique in that it is to strike while simultaniously evading the opponent's own strike.

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This becomes dangerous when using the fully power serpent's skin, because it can allow Jackal to functionally with the same force as their opponents through the suit's ability to become unto a statue in an instant. The strike is throne, while the suit hardens on impact. The stronger, faster and more reckless the opponent, the more this strike is thus able to use their momentum against them. This punch, when combined with Jackal's own precision, can be dangerous, capable of flattening metahumans hundreds of times stronger than Jackal actually is, through using the durability of his diamond hard armor.

Psychopathy: Jackal’s mind is wired much differently than an ordinary person’s. Portions of his brain that have to do more so with things that would promote fear and empathy are smaller. He does not at all really feel stress nor does he show anything in the realm of remorse for his killings, even in cases where he later found out the person to be innocent or to be merely collaterial damage in his missions. To an extent, this careless nature towards life renders the subject almost entirely immune to psychological disorders such as PTSD and to any phobia. He is not brave. He is fearless, lacking any sort of aversiveness in encountering enemies beyond himself.

Resonance: Subject Jackal has senses that lies in the realm of the supernatural, superhuman, without any actual abnormal circumstance in his birth or possessing any discernable enetically based quality that would classify him as a metahuman or X-Gene based mutant. All of his senses are honed to a degree that he can focus on any one of them and can seemingly “resonate” with violence or malevolence as it occurs. Jackal is not good at investigating violence per say. However, he can very easily spot a sniper that he only recognizes as a blip, his subconcious working to aid him in situations oriented to combat. This keen awareness gives can give him something that borderlines on a “danger sense” and often is best on a small scale. This sense is seemingly a device that registers a threat through drawing from as many senses as possible what is happening without him actually thinking about it, making this instinct border on an animalistic form of precognition.

Of all his senses that contribute to this, the greatest is his sense of touch. For reasons that may speculatively be partly due to a larger amount of estrogen in his body, Jackal has more nerves throughout his body. He is more able to detect physical contact and pain then most male humans. He can feel very slight incisions and small intrusions upon his body that can tip him off, and his senses “resonates” with his body the greatest, enabling him knowledge of his body greater than of external objects.

His sensitivity however, contributes the greatest out of all his senses, with numerous information gathering capabilities present within it basedvaround touch. One that has both combat application and surprisingly, support application, is his ability to assess the durability of an enemy with prolongued touch and strikes. Even with strikes in vane, he can assess an opponent to be unharmed or harmed irregardless of hiw tough they are. Inheritely, supporting units are encouraged to account for the risk involved in being near some opponents. For allies, it has application in assessing injury to an extent.