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File S-46: "Jack" Prometheus I

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Name: Prometheus I

Alias(es): Jack, Bunny, Jackrabbit, Rabbit, Hare, The Mechanical-Marksman, Walking Phalanx, The Brick Buster

Species: Inorganic Synthetic

Gender: N/A. Based on male figure.

Age: 7 years old


Height: 5 ft 11

Weight: 480 lbs


Prometheus, also nicknamed "Jack" is an AI that was created to be the first in a line of candidates for the next type of soldier, the artificial soldier. It's development came as an offshoot of Maverick's extensive study into the mind for artificial implants and "Radio telepathy" that is frequently used to read the mind. As such, Prometheus' is indeed, based off that of a human's in structure, although it is not organic, it is however carbon based.

It's mind was actually given the memories and data of a variety of compiled soldiers, the concepts of their lives (mainly training) being actually downloaded onto a mainframe before their death's and compiled. From a young "Age" then, Prometheus would both observe and experience carefully selected aspects of a human's life in order to receive their experience and also to generally develop as a being in itself. After this, Prometheus (nicknamed "Jack") grew in captivity and was carefully raised with the advise civilian psychologists instructing it's handling. It was actually found that it had grown to be quite humane, which could indeed be used to an advantage, to make people more accepting of AIs in the future, rather then simply view it as a cold killing machine. Men have been able to serve that purpose well enough and indeed, it is found that the average M.S.C is considered generally much less "humane" then Prometheus is.

As such, Prometheus was simply re-assigned to different tasks. Given a fully capable, specially tailored robotic body, Prometheus was then allowed to function beyond the capacity of regular person in many ways. Particularly, having excellent marksman capabilities.

A part of the reason Maverick looked into AIs so much is because of the special immunities they have. Attacks on "the soul", blood, power dampening, poisons, traditional anti metahuman countermeasures and telepathy have little to no effect on it. Not only this but if given stealth capabilities, it can become very hard to detect by most conventional and even some supernatural means.

Currently, Prometheus is not set to work in any division and serves on a wide variety of missions.

Prometheus generally functions at a capacity that would be considered superhuman.. Having much more mental processing power to work with then a base-line human and potential to be as creative. Though he is however not as creative.

From a physical standpoint it can be considered that Prometheus is much more powerful then a "normal" human being. However, it's body was intended to be (and with modification, could serve as) a prosthetic body, one that a human brain could be transplanted to, which would create a cyborg. However, the body was instead, retrofitted to serve as something an AI would use as a body.

Characteristics and Abilities

Strength: Dozens of tons

Striking: Hundred Kilojoules

Speed: Subsonic Superhuman

Reflexes: Microseconds


  • Blunt: High
  • Temperature: Medium
  • Ballistic: Medium
  • Explosive: (No shrapnel): High
  • Piercing: Medium

Superhuman Marksman

Superhuman Mental Capacity

Synthetic Physiology

Trained Fighter

+Strength and Striking:Prometheus is superhumanly strong, his molecularly structured metal rubber muscle enabling him to lift what Maverick has assessed to be in the range of dozens of tons, while still enabling him speed and flexibility far beyond bots that simply rely on stiff hydraulics. While inorganic in nature, the structure is based on the human anatomy in shape and overall structure. His ligaments are held together by boron nitride nanotube fibers and his skeletal structure is composed of an inorganic titanium fullerenes, all intricately bonded together to make a bot both strong and fast. The primary purpose of this is to enable it to use larger weapons effectively, however, this also enables Prometheus to be able to go hand to hand with metahumans even stronger than it is.

It’s striking power is something to he noted because of how it works. Simply, Prometheus’ speed and sheer weight work to make it able to punch well beyond the scope of it’s strength. At it’s greatest, it can instantly generate energies of 298 kilojoules with a punch, or around that of a 110 ton impact. These impacts are draining, requiring more energy than what is put in.

+Speed and Acceleration: Prometheus is capable of moving it’s body at up to two hundred and twenty miles per hour in a series of hops. In combination with his ability to accelerate practically instantly, there is almost visibly no delay in this speed. Instead of reaching zero to sixty in a few seconde, Prometheus can reach speeds of two hundred miles per hour im well under a second. Though taxing, these speeds and accelerations are enough for Prometheus to be able to dodge a 7.62mm Round from an AK47 from ten feet away upon the moment of the weapon’s muzzle flash.

These bursts of movement often take place in the form of very long strides or otherwise hops. This is due to the fact that Prometheus has no power such as “the speed force” to anchor him to the ground when he runs. As such, at certain speeds, he generates so much force with each step that he dashes through the air. These bursts of speed carry with them a double side sword of great momentum, higher speeds allowing forbless control of direction and less ability to halt one’s self smoothly and without great collaterial damage. Though this cqn easily mean that Prometheus for a short time with high duel capacities, can become functionally a “living bullet.”

This speed contributes greatly to it’s accuracy, with what Prometheus lacks in ability to move at truly hypersonic speeds, he makes up for in acceleration. Particularly at a distance, where relative to him, it becomes easier to track fast moving objects. Prometheus is accurate enough to intercept projectiles with other projectiles mid flight, shooting bullets with other bullets and shooting missiles down with unguided rockets. In close quarters, Prometheus has proven capable of intercepting faster than sound superhumans after they have moved in a manner not disimiliar to intercepting a bullet.

+Durability: It’s design is remade anew into something with newly defined objective, the engagement of the superhuman. There is a common method of attack amongst the most dangerous and the most common attack throughout them all? The punch. Superhuman strength is all too common, as is speed. As such, melee combat has made itself more known than in normal war, where death is often due to shrapnel and bullets. With this in mind, the AI is made to he the most durable to blunt based impacts.

A sensitive synthetic graphene hide houses a musculature of metal rubber muscle. The skeletal frame is held together by boron nitride nanotube joints and a flexible formation of inorganic titanium nanofullerenes. An internal organic fluid of synthetic cells makes a non newtoniam fluid that hardens on impacts, distributing a strike all throughout it’s body rather than allowing for adequate denting of internal structures. As a result, Prometheus is very bullet resistant and resistant to piercing impacts short of that generated by shrapnel from high explosives or otherwise unconventional blades. But his body is built to diffuse damage from superhuman strikes. It not only is high in tensile strength but it simply, reduces the impact entirely. This makes strikes to softer areas of the body easier to take. The head is platted with the same material of it’s bones. Punches tend to send it a lesser distance and one can be hard pressed to try to beat Prometheus by punching it.

Ballistics and gunfire? This is different. Most small arms fire will bounce off Prometheus’ body. But larger weapons carried on tanks and mounted weapons can do damage. Generally, Prometheus has a ballistic resistance above an APC, but beneath that of a tank. While tough, his rubber may be cut, and exceedingly high calibur bullets such as those carried by modern cannon caliber weapons and anti tank weaponry, can threaten Prometheus if they hit directly. This leads it’s own agility and skill to be the main method of defeating these weapons.

Heat resistance is substantial, with Prometheus’ muscle able to tank temperatures akin to 6000 degree Fahrenheit. He can be covered up in rocket fuel and lit ablaze. While this can hinder functioning, it causes nothing beyond superficial harm to it.

No Healing: Prometheus does not have the ability to heal any injuries it acquires on it's own, unlike humans and other genetically engineered soldiers. Indeed, this is one of his primary disadvantages compared to a gene-augmneted soldier. In order to survive, he requires usual maintenance and he would not survive in a place like a jungle for an extended period of time, as the elements would gradually wear him down.

Fiber Optic Nervous System: Prometheus has a nervous system based on the use of light, rather than on either chemicals or electricity and in truth, this unique nervous system grants Prometheus several abilities away from most conventional machines.

Hypermind: The intent in the design is the best of both worlds. Computers are fast, accurate and stupid. Men are slow, inaccurate and utter geniuses. The mind of mind of the Prometheus is made to be fast, accurate and ingenuious, capable of operating at levels beyond the conventional brain.

Fundamentally, Prometheus’ brain is ever evolving chemically and capable of self repair as a result of it’s malleability. It’s speed however, comes from it’s heavy use of optical circuitry to rapidly perform linear problem and allow the fast transit of information, while it’s inorganic brain chemistry is ironically modeled after human mind’s own workings, enabling it to accomplish tasks intuitively, without actual “thought” necessary.

+EMP Resistance: Prometheus’ primary nervous system is made of optical and occassionally inorganic chemical reactions components rather than electronic ones. This makes Prometheus all but unable to be permaneantly disabled by non-lethal variations of electromagnetic pulses.

That is not to say that they do not harm or effect him. Indeed, they may still rob him of his senses to an extent and hinder his radio based telepathy. However, he can pre-emptively shield himself in exchange for robbing himself of his sensory array. He becomes limited to more or less, passive perception of the visible light spectrum. It’s quantum dot arrays are however flexible, and by virtue of being programmable, capable of repairing itself. This makes all but the most severe EMPs something Prometheus can recover from given time and or repair.

+Superhuman Reflexes: Prometheus has a mind that can live in the realm of microseconds. Bullets are brought to a crawl. Missiles move like molasses. Normal at times, simplu stand frozen before him.

To constantly live in such a world of rapid processing can be taxing on the mind,causing literal overheating of Prometheus’ brain if it cannot balance these functions with the rest of it’s bandwidth. However, Prometheus can tune it’s reflexes to be normal, and intuitively turns it on during times of danger and in the midst of combat or in reasonable forsight of combat. For example, faster than sound hearing can mean a gunshot alerts the AI in a manner not at all disimillar to fight or flight. In most any awares situation, the mechnical marksman’s reflexes are far above it’s own means of locomotion.

Endurance and Stamina: Prometheus’ being is powered purely by electricity. And as such, he gains no benefit nor detriment from the presence of oxygen due to his newfound metallic rubber musculature. A fifty megajoule superconducting loop allows Prometheus to have lasting endurance and it’s immense effiency allows it to make use of all it’s energy.His weight and superhuman capacities make for a high degree of energy consumption, allowing him to operate for hours at a time before tiring. Unlike a human, however, reckless use of his power can lead to a very abrupt loss of functionality. Under normal conditions, the War machine will feel fatigue as a warning that it needs more power, that it must take care to not over exert itself. Unlike a human, who gradually declines, Prometheus can sprint and then drop mere moments later.

In essence, even with the efficiency of Prometheus’ body, it consumes power wuickly, and it is best suited to hours long engagements. Often against metahumans.

Sensory Array: As a being, Prometheus observes the world in a way utterly different from most things, purely from the confines of a

Electromagnetic radiation. Prometheus can see, taste, smell, hear and feel through the reception and emission of electromagnetic radiation.

His array utilizes a type of “artificial atom” in the form of quantum dots, a stable formation that is in exchange for it’s versatility, weaker and unnatural in it’s making. However, the key aspect of it is the ability to alter the configuration of it’s electrons and thusly, how it interacts with electromagnetic radiation. With this sort of alteration, Prometheus can tune himself to recieve varying degrees of any frequency of electromagnetic radiation at will. Visible light, microwaves, ultraviolet, radiowaves, infared, X-Rays and onward. This leads to a wide variety of applications. It can see perfectly, smell and through identifying molecules and hear by observing vibrations in the air. Prometheus can see radiowaves emitted from it’s source as if a glowing beacon and can see the heat trail left behind by footprints. It’s antenna can pick up ambient radio frequencies and functionally any other ambient frequency.

It’s emission allows it to actively sense things in the lack of a certain type of frequency. X-Rays and Terahertz radiation are practically non-existent normally and light doesn’t shine deep inside some taliban bunker. So, it can produce light to observe it’s surroundings from multiple spectrums. It cannot emit any frequency beyond gamma rays and is not configured to be a direct energy weapon. The magntiude of it’s power however is enough for him to view the entirity of it’s environment for approximately 60 miles in optimal, clear conditions, with all of it’s senses being strongest up close. At which, Prometheus can functionally identify molecules all around it with sufficient concentration. Concentration can be a double edged sword however, as focusing too much on one thing can narrow the vision. Make one blind to something right in front of them. It is something that must be managed along with everything else.

Optimal conditions are rare. The world is varying. Certain conditions can degrade and enhance it’s perception. It is up to Prometheus to decise which frequency is best for the situation.

Sight: Prometheus’ vision is tuned well to be of perfect clarity in most conditions, it’s ability to emit any sort of electromagnetic radiation enabling it to see independently of ambient light when necessary, and it’s ability to control the structure of it’s lense allowing for Prometheus to percieve vast distances and microscopic scales.

Hearing: The way as to which Prometheus hears things is fundamentally different, as it does so entirely by antenna using ambient electromagnetic radiation to detect vibrations in the air, requiring the presence of some sort of light in order to hear.

The flip side to this, is that Prometheus can in essence, hear at the speed of light, using diffetemt light to basically detect sound before the sound physically touches his actual skin and ears.

Touch: It’s graphene skin lines every part of it’s body, even it’s armored skull, making him smooth and soft to the touch. Every portion of Prometheus’ body of capable of operating through more conventional tactile sense but made more sensitive when desired. At his most sensitive, Prometheus can feel individual microbes and molecular encisionsade against it. This however depedends how much of it’s bandwidth is allocated to said sense.

It can be noted that Prometheus is able to feel pain, but not agony. It is adept at telling that it is damaged, but yet lacks the skill to properly asssess what this damage means for it’s performance.

Smell: Prometheus’ sense of smell is similiar to it’s sense of touch and hearing in that it relies on it’s ability to use electromagnetic radiation. This function is not done with a “nose” and instead is done by it’s sensors via active emission. This is applicable to the ability to detect scents down to individual molecules.

As an expected side effect, Prometheus cannot be poisoned through normal means because it does not breath or even need to inhale gases in order to percieve them. It’s sense of smell degrades with distance, particularly with dark or otherwise obscured, but on a clear day, Prometheus can smell a man from a mile away.


Marksmanship: Prometheus’ exceptional eyes and ears are complimented by a degree of marksmanship nothing short if superhuman. It’s lack of need to breath enables it to keep it’s hands and eyes utterly still when it aligns it’s shot. It’s coordination and optic zoom allow it to track practically any target at any distance. If the target does not react then the round will simply hit it’s mark, and the next round after that and the next round after that, a “laser of lead” capable of spearing through more armor than any individual bullet can on it’s own.

Close Quarters Combat

Combat of anything within the range of one hundred feet. Unlike many misconception, this name encompasses more than just hand to hanr, and this is particularly true with Prometheus

The Mechnical Marksman’s style incorporates a heavy amount of what can be referred to as “Gun Kata” into it’s arsenal and fights with superhuman degree of physical capability, it’s high degree of dexterity lending itself to standup. This leads to a style that is both traditional and partially self taught, because Prometheus can utlize normal techniques to enhance the mechanics of his movement and thus their efficiency and striking power. At the same token, he can do things that are impossible for a normal human being to do.

It’s method of fighting is a mixed martial art, focused on making use of dexteritous hands for precisely landed punches and making use of superhuman strength to allow for the enhancement of throws from various grappling oriented martial arts such as Sambo, Judo and Wrestling. His military background in Krav Maga and MCMAP lends itself to being able to vaguely use most any weapon at it’s disposal and to rob the enemy of theirs own. And it’s own input to the realm of superhumam fighting allows it to perform moves that are impossible for normal humans to accomplish.