"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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File P-2: Moya Hawkins

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Name: Moya Hawkins

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Height: 5 '9.

Weight: 135 lbs

Division: M.U.O

Species: Human


Former CIA operative. She's known about us for quite a while and works under us.

"Moya Hawkins is her real name, right?"

"Now, you're just being paranoid. I hear a lot of good things about her. Things she can't and won't exactly talk about. She spends a lot of time at the desk and is real good with paperwork. She's...versatile, been able to do field work and sit down at the desk. Very skilled, proficient and versatile. It's almost inhuman how much she knows and then turns around and handles herself in the field. An entity attacked Maverick once, that robbed things of it's existence and she fought it off. Given, she was very injured. But she blew it out the building when a bunch of shadow company failed to."

"She has a lot on paper, and on the field. She's a valuable asset with skills best not discussed. But also one to be watched."

"Her list of quantifiable and qualiable skills are limited and not everything she is capable of doing is on file. But we have quite the extensive list of what she is trained in so that we can have a gist of her mental and physical capacity. I don't know what type of super serum or whatever she was put through to be able to learn all that she knows. It's not normal for anyone to be well...that smart."

Physical Condition

Moya is a very physically fit operative, with a high degree of her focus being placed in her endurance, flexibility and agility. Through a very well selected diet and a training regiment she sticks to whenever she is not on.

She is a capable fighter, able to take on multiple trained and untrained men at once in hand to hand combat, seemingly relying on skill. Her resistance to trauma of impact is of note and is actually superior to that of most males in her category. She also has an unparalleled resistance to G-Forces created by high speed maneuvers and G-Forces.


Genius Intellect

Moya is simply put, very smart. Smarter than the average person, with a highly accelerated learning capacity that enables her to constantly pick up new skills on the fly, with very little difficulty. Her memory is commonly misconceived as eidict when in actuality she can forget things like anyone else. But, she can actually memorize large amounts of information (such as codes and lengthy passwords) before mentally dumping them. While, impressive, it is often argued this is a result of a lifetime of mental training and upbringing and not actually superhuman or extra-normal in nature.

Moya, has no natural superhuman abilities of her own and she is a completely natural, unaugmented human being. However, given a wide variety of equipment, she can replicate superhuman abilities through equipment functionally, if need be. A part of the reason for this is her desire for espionage and to blend in, and her own personal preference. Irregardless, her performance has proven that she is acceptable to Maverick's standards as an agent in the field and in the office, and a highly gifted and versatile one.


Moya is a highly versatile and valued agent, who has a seemingly highly gifted intellect,


She's a spy.


Can't be adequately described most often. Only demonstrated.


Cannot be adequately described, only demonstrated

Information Warfare

Waging war with information. Be it gathering it, moving it, falsifying it.

Hacking and Information Retrieval

Moya is highly skilled with computer and adept hacker.

Information Technician

Capable of working with and repairing communication equipment, or even the base components of computers.


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Highly capable and trained marksman, who often rarely misses her mark. Is very skilled at sniping and using single shot or burst fire weapons. Against people who might dodge her aim, she is capable of adjusting it to shoot them, depending on the speed and acceleration at which they might move.


Moya is highly resistant to telepathic intrusion, proving difficult for most any telepath to immediately incpacitate, and often pushing herself to the point of incapacitation in the face of extreme mental domination.


As the situation requires, Moya happens to be very good at making her way into places easily.

Field Recon

She works as well in the field as she does behind a desk.

Urban Warfare Specialist

Specializes in operating and fighting in urban environments. From fighting conventional opponents, to exploiting the environment to fight extra-normal adversaries. She is simply at home fighting in buildings, villas and artificial environments.

Driver and Pilot

Moya is a certified pilot who qualified fighter in six months, and then in flying vertically launched craft in a year. Different kinds of craft can be flown with the aid of AIs.


Moya speaks....

  • French
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German

Martial Artist

Moya is a trained fighter who draws from what she perceives as the most efficient martial arts, specializing particularly in Krav Maga, Boxing and her own "innovations" that utilize her equipment, and environment.


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Soft suit

A composite power armor based on Maverick's future force armor, comprised primarily of carbon nanotube Aerogel Composite musculature, a Boron Nitride external and a series of nanostructured CNT reinforced Boron Nitride nanotubes. This armor then allows for an increased level of strength and durability. It enables the user to often jump 20 feet into the air with little effort, kick down reinforced steel doors, severely injure or kill ordinary unarmored people. It's durability in itself makes it almost utterly immune to convetional gunfire, requiring exceptionally high caliber (.50 Cal+) to actually damage it. Immune to most normal blades, platted areas can take strikes from blades many times stronger than steel without mar. The user also sports signficant resistance to blunt force trauma due to the armors ability to "Harden" in response to physical trauma, through the tensing of the mesh. The user becomes unable to move, but imapct force is distributed among the body instead of allow. While the armor might remain in tact in the face of say, a class 100 strike, the same cannot be said for the user, with their own reaction dependent on how they handle such G-Forces.

However, one of it's most appealing, and useful characteristics is it's conceal-ability. It has no metals in it, and thus can't be detected by metal detectors, to the point that even it's circuitry is comprised of highly EM Pulse hardened circuitry. Circuitry responsible for the suits motors are seperate from it's on board AI, allowing the suit to withstand most conventional EM Pulses, though things such as COMMs and the like are knocked out. If the suit is however in active, unlike some exos, it isn't a walking coffin. Instead, the suit will functionally become like body armor. Wired ports are included to enable COEUS to upload to certain local networks

The suit, despite it's compact nature, can be equipped with an internal or external oxygen supply when the atmosphere proves too hazardous for a mere gas mask. and preventing contamination via bio weapons. Boron Nitride plating is ideal for capturing neutrons and highly resistant to most forms of electromagnetic radiation (including lasers comprised of visible light, UV, microwaves and radio waves in certain areas.)

The suit is higly compact, and versatile. It's power supply is distributed evenly though out the armor.

MRI Palm

A feature in the softsuit's technology is mindreading through direct interpretations of subtle electromagnetic waves emitted by the brain's chemical signals. Air is an insulature and therefore, Moya must touch the person in order to interpret what they are thinking. Due to this not being at all telepathy, it doesn't rely on the user's cooperation or require it to read any immediate thoughts the user has.

Laser Microphone

Small device that can emited a highly powerful laser within it, often emitted at frequencies not visible to the human eye. The device can take the guise of almost anything, from a pen to simply an aspect of his sunglasses. frequency can be adjust to make it invisible as needed. The rangefinder can have a range of up to 17 miles away and can even have a highly adjustible stand that enables it to settle on a target without sway.

Multi-Use Custom Compact Crossbow

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A simple weapon, for a more elegant age. The advance materials of the bow, entails a highly efficient artificial musculature and Carbon Nanotube string, to propel crossbow bolts with increased efficiency and ease. Though it can be drawn by practically anyone, the potential energy of the bow equals that of a 200 lb draw weight long bow. Featuring a laser sight for homing rounds and practically any round in Maverick's arsenal, the bow can fill any number of niche uses, from non-lethally -subduing personal, to tackling tanks, to killing metahumans; from convert assassination, to destroying large portions of entire buildings.

The bow has a non-vital electronic feature of Maverick's "whiteout" system, allowing it fire utterly silent rounds at subsonic speeds, lacking the distinct "crack" of conventional bullets and projectiles moving at supersonic speeds.

Moya's Shades

  • Coeus HUD
  • Black Hat interface
  • Cellphone wireless interface
  • Terahertz scanner. Capable of identifying hazardous chemicals, metahumans and explosives within a range of give or take, 33 feet.
  • Facial recognition technology.
  • UV vision. Limited infared
  • Air-pressure laser motion detector to detect anything that affects the physical environment when not in a vaccuum.
  • Telescoping vision.
  • Microscopic vision.

Coeus Adaptable HUD

Practically any quantifiable information is at Moya's disposal, with numerous applications including altitude adjustment, ballistic arcs with electronically integrated weapon, targeting reticules, ambient temperature, altitude and information from Maverick's database at the touch of her finger tips ready to be activated with but a thought.


Radio based telepathy, using a flat transparent "tattoo" on her head, radio signals can be emitted to others possessing the same technology. This thus allows her to communicate wirelessly with other users who possess similiar technology through discreetly "lasering" such signals in such a way that they don't produce ambient radiation, and that the only way to tap into it, is to stand directly within the path of the laser.

Black Hat

Utilizing Maverick's advanced optical AI, most any system can be broken in a matter of moments, and Moya can easily hack into nearly any wireless device, wirelessly. Things not bound towards a wireless network require physical connection.

Tactical Helmet

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A ballistic resistant mask featuring gas filters, as well as filter shields in light of gases capable of penetrating these filters, it offers general protection of the head and protection against most classes of toxins, bio weapons and other such organics.

HF Knuckles

Versatile fistload weapons, able to customized to be sharp or blunt as per requirement of whatever is needed. The weapons functionally deal damage through hazardous vibration that can penetrate armor to wound certain items within, as well as burn, stun or sear targets.

The weapons function by emitting high frequency electric current through the Super-Alloy "Brass Knuckles" and causing them to vibrate. The gloves themselves have apparatus to prevent such vibrations from harming the user and instead, focus them into the target. A supercapacitor coating enables them to generate prodigous amounts of electricity and high frequency magnetic fields, allowing them to be efficient at deflect particle beams and plasma. Rapid vibration enables for high amounts of heat to be generated, well enough to melt steel and concrete.

Effects of the knuckles can be to vibrate internal organs, seize and override the muscles with electricity or to sear, cauterize or melt most materials.

Maverick Arsenal

Moya has over class 4 clearance, and thus, can be equipped with nearly any weapon Maverick possesses, or whatever so her mission requires. She can use very powerful weaponry if necessary, has access to any number of Maverck's forces at will, can have buildings or in some situations, entire cities leveled with her command or use almost any ammunition she wants, going up to Hafnium and man portable nuclear weaponry.