"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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File: P-133: John Renaldo

"Extra-ordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it."

Name: John Renaldo

Alias(es): None.

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Species: Baseline Human

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 220 lbs

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Background and Psychological Evaluation

Begin recording.

"John was seemingly, nothing more than just another gothicite who grew up in the city, growing up as mostly a "thug" and "troublemaker" in actuality. Though he steered clear of gangs and the like, however, and eventually settled down, with a wife and a child. Soon after, he decided to become a marine after high school. Did his four year contract, and then got out. He wanted to be close to his family. He'd grown tired of the state of the world and Gothic in general, desiring to try to help change it for the better. Given his previous line of work, he became a police officer. And a good one too. Joined S.W.A.T and everything. Then became an undercover cop of sorts. A criminal double agent.Soon however, his work had begun to take toll towards him

He frequently kept tabs of Gothic's underworld. In this time, he'd seen things that changed his perspective. He began to see corruption, crime and soon war had all but consumed the city. As time pressed, he became more and more distant. More pessimistic. This points to a large contributor to his divorce with his wife and his relinquishing of the custody of his child to her.

After this, he found himself entangled in various conflicts. Surviving vigilante attacks a a covert criminal and superpowered criminals as an officer. He's seen much of what the city has been through, but after Gothic Burns, he left the city with his Ex-Wife and Child. After this, he turned to Maverick as a security contractor, specializing in Urban Warfare, law enforcement, Espionage and Undercover Operations."

End Recording.

Skills and Attributes

Begin Recording.

"John is a baseline human being with no genetic alteration, supernatural abilities or cybernetic augmentations. He's fairly similiar to the rest of "Vengeance Squad Six" in actuality. They are all honed to be the most ideal human specimens we could create in the given amount of time. Genetic Engineering, it takes too much time. Too much money. We didn't have much. Not only this, but we weren't willing to take the risks associated with that...

.....No, what separates John from the rest is his leadership skills. His tactical mind. His knowledge of both sides. The perspective of an officer, and that of a criminal. He understands them both, and he seems to understand them well. It is the recurring them of the mind that enables them. He's the most well rounded. The most versatile. Crime scene investigation, S.W.A.T training, Urban Warfare, Marine Core training. He's picked up a lot, over the years.

He had an extensive history of martial arts training and, he in particular didn't need any " special help" getting his physicals up with the rest of them. They were up there. He's been at it since he was a kid pretty much, boxing. Then Krav Manga. Kick Boxing. MMA. Picked up MCMAP in the marines. And judging from how you see him fight off a bunch of thugs in droves, dozens, like those vigilantes do, I'd wager that he's a pretty good fighter. Good with weapons too, as well as disarms."

End Recording.


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Though aesthetically different and signifigying, John's loadout does not vary much from Vengeance Squad Six loadout.

TAR-21 (HV): A reinforced version of the famous Israeli Assault Rifle, it is designed to be able to handle more barrel pressure than the typical run of the mil rifle, and being compatible with John's armor, it is particularly able to have it's effective range extended with John's combat computer and homing rounds, enabling it to be used in a sense, much like a sniper. It is compatible with much of the rest of Maverick's various munitions.

The Maverick Arsenal: Feasibly, John can use or command most all of Maverick's weaponry should he so see fit.

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