"Know thy enemy, and know thyself."

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Event Chronicle

Then and now.
Then and now.

Maverick Incorporated United States Branch Location

Bedlam Breakout

Revenge for the Fallen

Battle of Henosha

Somalia AI incident

Alcatraz Prison Raid

The Cataclysm, part 3

The day everything changed

Paradise Lost

Risk of Reign

Gods and Monsters

Jurassic World Incident

Reykjavik Renegades

War on another World (Symaarium Imperium/Warvine 40k)

The Nebraska Claim

The Purge

Gothic's Hour

Gothic's Ultimatum

Dawn of the Dead

Award Ceremony

This is the End

Spanish Revolution

Dreams and Nightmares

March of One Million Mutants

Age of Imperialism

Monsters within Men

Αποκατάσταση της

An Address of Worldly Affairs

A Savage Path

Maverick Metahumans and other Matters

Tactical Force


Αποκατάσταση της Δόξας

Natural Selection

Engineering Godhood

Blood Will Spill

Proof of Power

Mutual Interests

Blood and Glory

Red and Black

We'll meet again

Judgement be upon you!

Breaking it in (One-Shot)

Guerre De Justice

The Hawk and The Wolf

Circle of Hate (One-Shot)

Assembling a Bestiary

Eyes in the Sky

Carnage of Life

The World Eater

Unseen Forces

A Trip to the Sand Castle

Heavens Unite

The Circle of Hatred II

Moya Hawkins

Currently a list of Maverick's own canon, stories chronicled for my own memory for them to all frequently reference and allude to in posts. Not all of them are finished, but I take what canon I can regardless and everything listed here has influenced their past and is often referenced to in character. Soon, I plan on making short descriptions on significant events Maverick and what particular impact or significance it presents to the corporation.

Otherwise, mostly, it's for me. But feel free to have a look see, if you want.