[CLASSIFIED] Jonathan F. Bold "True" Profile


This is the actual profile, of the CEO of Maverick, Mr. Bold. The other profile is mere misdirection, and most likely, only someone who monitors this profile closely enough, follows me or is simply alerted by me will know of it's existence currently.

I will not link this profile in my Biography, and if you are reading this, you have found out through other means.

The reason behind this is because of the discreetness of The CEO's true Nature.

But, without further ado....


"Maverick. Noun. An unorthodox or independently minded person."

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Name: Johnathan F. Bold

Alias(es): CEO of Maverick, Militant Monarch, Maverick Monolith, The God of War, Walking WMD, Shadow of the Third World, Nuclear Nemesis, Monster Of Maverick Incorporated, The Imperfect God, Flawed God

Age: 97 Years old (appears to be in his 40s)mer human, Artificial Metahuman

Race: Former human, Artificial Metahuman

Height:6 ft 2

Weight: 325 lbs

Identity: Bold is known to the public. However, his being a metahuman is not.

Occupation: Current CEO of the Private Military Company known as Maverick Incorporated

Affiliations: Maverick Inc, The United Nations, the American Government, STRIKE, various corporations

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Alignment: Lawful Neutral. Bold will do whatever it takes to "win" and to maintain "order." He is independently minded. Meaning that he will not

Background, History and Present

Johnathan was Born in 1919 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He grew up in the city to an actually born to a modest beginning of his life. His parents were apart of the various working class of the era. His father having recently returned from World War I. Soon, Bold would grow to be like his father, and he joined the United States Marine Core at age 19. There he would begin his military background, his service towards America as a soldier of the marine core.

Throughout the years, Bold has been present through many events and conflicts, having fought through World War 2 he eventually would resign soon after the end of the war, where he would start his private military company and involve the budding company in the Vietnam War. It was the performance of Bold and his trained company that they would become involved with numerous governmental entities to do what Maverick strives to do today, to create the perfect soldier and deploy him where he or she needs to be deployed. And they came very close to doing that.

The initial research involved several former "supervillains" and various other gifted minds, who assembled and put years of work into reverse engineering and manipulating the genome of superhumans of all kinds. Metahumans, mutants and beings who had potential for God-like power that defied conventional physics. In this nearly nuclear age, their presence was becoming known and both the corporation and government alike sought them out to be used as walking weapons. And eventually they came upon it.

They were successful it seemed....

Bold saw as they had managed to create beings who's powers defied explanation through mere genetics. The potential was endless it seemed. With this, they could soon create an army of of what they had thought to be nothing less than gods. The ability to potentially thrust all of humanity into a new age of science and trans-humanism.However, a faction known as "The Black Dog" had managed to take them out. They had managed to in essence, single handily wipe out nearily their living experiments and destroy nearly all of their research. Of all of them, most had in actuality died, a few had lived

No longer human
No longer human

Bold had managed to ample ability to survive, but could not prevent others from being destroyed nor save the work he had invested so many millions into creating. He was all that was left, and he could not find any way to even reverse engineer himself. The data was lost, and neither he or anyone else had the power to recover that which what was destroyed.

And so, Bold continued on with his private military company, however keeping his metahuman status as a secret for a while among his men. The hindered company came near bankrupcy, but had eventually worked it's way out of it' debt. However, as the superhuman began to rise and the world grew more chaotic, Bold decided that now, he was to fill a new niche. He was to use his power to try to bring about change, but it's nature lead to him using it sparingly.

His own power, when pushed, harms him. His abilities, though god-like as they as they may be, are imperfect. Fallible. He held the belief that if he ran out and tried to change the world on his own with this new power, he would fail horribly. He would be struck down by someone more powerful than he was and someone who could take advantage of his weakness. No, he would not abandon his company, he would use his powers in another way. He had decided to train men who could fight gods. Men and women forged in the bowels of hell, the pits of despair, and caught in the fires of war.

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These would be his arms. Men through which he could act, and whom he himself, being of considerable power, trained in how to combat metahumans. He would harden them against the sight of the phenomenal. Simply make them used to it. He even grew to use his own abilities to seek out counters and solutions to things such as adamantium weapons, his powers leading to the development of man portable reactive armor and his studying allowing scientist to use him to develop a cheap form of Hafnium Explosives so prominently used by the corporation and leading to him developing an understanding of radioactive elements so finely tund as to easily lead designs himself for small man portable nuclear weapons.

Used in Conjunction with their equipment, soon they were so well trained, that even with technology far inferior to what they had today, defeating someone who could throw around a 50 tons was considered a moderate task. Fighting the minor villains who ran amuck in the street robing simple banks would be an easy task for them. However, Maverick left this to the vigilantes. Indeed, they sought to let themselves grow in the shadows as the world grew into something of a nightmare, one who'd reach out for those to save them. To bring order, to inspire.

Modern Day

Fast forward to the modern day, and Maverick has grown to be one of the largest private military corporations in the entire world with one of the largest standing armies in the world, leading a corporation worth hundreds of billions that funds and receives profits from various labs, firm and universities to receive some of the most cutting edge and innovative technologies available to any active military force on earth.

He still has opposition in the form of forces who wish to destroy the earth, and those who wish to combat him. Most notably, Dox, who's efforts thrust upon puiblic attention and scorn as to disrupt the operation of the entire corporation, and to cause it to be forced to answer to the public, choosing to now come from the shadows.

Powers and Abilities

The Imperfect God

Bold can with little doubt, described as a power house, and as a very powerful with wildly destructive capacity. However, he lacks certain abilities to compliment his vaster ones, leading to some vulnerabilities, as well as the fact that excessive use of his abilities harms him and his power is not without cost.

Indeed, the destructive nature of his powers to himself and the environment are the reasons why he never uses his abilities and why he doesn't allow others to know his abilities. He truly believes that if he did act with them, that he would eventually be destroyed.

However, when he does use them, the effects are devastating to all but the mightiest of foes, and only surviveable at their full capacity by those versatile and resourceful enough to do so.

(+) (-) Walking Reactor: Bold can be describe as a walking nuclear, with each cell able to produce vast amounts of nuclear power within his enlarged mitochondria-like organelles. However, because energy is drawn from his own cells, over use leads to bold literally draining energy from himself, causing nuclear decay.This will cause him to mutate as well as develop

+Strong Force Manipulation: One of Bold's most prominent abilities is the ablitiy to control strong nuclear force upon contact with his hands .This force, is the force that bonds protons to neutrons in the nucleus of an atom. This manipulation of a fundamental force allows for a wide variety of applications.

This gives Bold great abilities of both creation and destruction, or more or less, of changing the form of matter. One way of doing this is through nuclear transmutation, in which Bold alters the atom of a substance by adding or subtracting protons and the appropriate amount of neutrons. When he first started, he cou hardly turn a few atoms themselves into a new substance, but he can "feel" when it changes. Soon, he could manipulate trillions, quintillions many nonillions of atoms at once. Though, it is usually quite random and imprecise. The substance in question will usually shift forms simply up or down on the periodic table. Molecules will often become unstable and dis bond if incompatible. One application he frequently uses is to turn parts of his body into adamantium and vibranium.

However, just he can create adamantium, he even greater effort....

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He can also destroy adamantium and many materials thought to be indestructible.. Leading to his next power, disintegration. Bold is very capable from having trained his own powers to cause atomic level destruction through causing the atoms of an atom to fly apart. How difficult this is, depends completely on the strength of the substance in question. Some things, like Adamantium, take extreme effort to break. He must in these situations when he either disintegrates or transmutes it, often sacrifice large amounts of energy to do so.

Not only can he destroy the atoms of a substance, reducing them protons and neutrons, but he can also destroy the protons and neutrons of a substance, reducing them to quarks. he can destroy their quarks, generating quark gluon plasma as well. Hence reducing said material to nothing more than gamma rays, completely an utterly obliterating most people beyond their healing factor.

The more unstable the element, the more easily he can absorb it. (This is actually a good way to get rid of nuclear waste). He also can use his abilities to make classically unstable elements and particles, stable. As well as inversely render some stabilized particle unstable.. (Such as superheavy elements) and he can even stop anti-particles from forming together, and touch them without harm.

+Energy projection: Very powerful, to the point that bold can outright casually throw out yields as small as 10 tons and throw out megaton yields with his blows. He projects a variety of harmful electromagnetic radiation and actually, he can completely annihilate himself and other substances, leading to energy with temperatures comparable to a gamma ray burst. Leading to him being able to in a small area, generate temperatures in the trillions with the radius of a multi-megaton bomb, even going as far as to focus it with his hands to "shape" it and make it more efficient. Making his energy projection millions of times hotter than the sun and vastly of higher temperature then even white dwarf stares.

He can also emit this energy, constantly (although it will decay his body) essentially creating not just a forcefield, but a nuclear of death and destruction.)

-Equivalent exchange: Bold however, does not get his energy for free. While it is not known how exactly he does this, he extracts energy from his own atoms. Atoms themselves, hold great amounts of energy at any given moment, but the difficulty is in tapping to that energy stored in mass. However, mass to energy conversion is calculable. Roughly, Bold on average weighs 250 pounds. And from E=mc^2, you can calculate the amount of energy Bold has at any given moment through the mass of his body. 1 gram of his given bodily matter can be converted to produce 21 terajoules of enrgy. Sufficiently durable matter will mean Bold will have to sacrifice his own mass to destroy it. Otherwise, he'll just charge it with much smaller minute amounts of energy.

+Radiation Absorption: The ability to absorb radiation from prominently, Gamma Rays, Alpha decay an Beta decay. This allows bold to literally accumulate mass from gathered radiation. (Roughly the energy equivalent of 10.75 megaton powered gamma ray, would give him around enough energy of a pound of matter.) Another thing Bold has is his ability to absorb ambient matter, often in the form of ambient radiation or radioactive elements into his own mass.

+Weak Force Manipulation: The force Responsible for causing radioactive decay of elements. Bold is capable of causing practically any material to undergo radioactive decay. Generally, however, the greater the distance, the easier it becomes. It can however, degrey

-Bodily Decay: Bold can if he chooses or overexerts himself, feels his very atoms begin to decay after extensive use, emitting high levels of ambient radiation. This being uncontrollable with over-exertion means that he cannot actually halt it easily, it taking hours or even days to stop. Hence why he rarely uses the more significant portions of his powers.

This gradual decay limits Bold in his ability to fight for extremely prolonged periods of time. A prolongued fight taking him at least two months to recover from, most often. A time during which, Bold becomes more vulnerable and closer to human. His body alter itself into a state that enables him.

+Superhuman Strength: More or less, his strength is limited by the amount of mass he is willing to expend at a given moment. He himself states that he can (though this will ignite decay) punch in the mutli-billions by expending the TNT equivalent of 1 Kiloton of TNT, and achieving greater amounts well past teratons with great amounts of mass given. However, he prefers to only use as much strength as necessary for the situation (hundreds of tons often) so as to not harm himself. More or less, how hard he can punch can be calculated here (TNT to lb force calculator), with some punches actually being so hard as to sacrifice his mass.

He can also apply this in his jumps, to the degree of if he is dense enough, jumping into space. Depending on his opponent's aerodynamics, he can punch people into space as well....however, usually, the air resistance is so great on his often very light opponents that they end up flying away a only 13 kilometers. Otherwise, he can often send denser opponents clear out of the atmosphere without difficulty.

Generally, Bold's strength is only limited by the given amount of mass and energy he can spend to accommodate the power needed.

+Superhuman Durability: Bold is borderline indestructible, and almost completely indestructible when in his adamantium form (though it slows him down drastically to slightly above human speeds and reduces his striking power to several hundred tons. Though there are some known things to break adamantium, Bold can survive surprising amounts of rigors, to the point of being able to be near a planet shattering impact and potentially survive it.

Bold also, due to the nature of his powers, cannot be elementally transmuted.

However. Lesser attacks can still harm him, even if he can survive such impacts, especially in his non adamantium form. Which he will most certainly drop if his enemy have something that can cut it, bypass it or make it irrelevant. (Though, it takes superhuman amounts of force to outright pierce him. Most people simply scratch him. Though causing the blade to vibrate or to be used as a saw is a highly efficient way for someone of human strength to cut him.) He is also is not difficult to knock around, as his own troops have been able to do so. Indeed, he's actually taught a few of his soldiers to be able to lift him or throw him. Training some of his men and women himself in how to use leverage to combat someone stronger. Not only this, but if he decays, his durability degrades drastically.

If he turns his eyes into adamantium however, becomes completely blind. He also cannot make his internals out of Adamantium, meaning the kinetic of the impact has to go somewhere (although it does, like a knight's armor mitigate it greatly) his organs have a lot of internal durability. Making his muscle adamantium would cause him to be unable to move. Making the brain adamantium would cause him to break.

His body has evolved or more changed to not rely on chemicals to function and also stabilizes particles that otherwise classically cannot exist.. Meaning, his immune to all toxins, poisons and diseases caused by most foreign substance, even to the point of being immune to nano-attacks.

As far as one knows, Bold is mostly immune to most energy attacks and heat due to his ability to withstand most any nuclear weapon, which would be many, the ultimate directed energy weapon of conventional science, short of an anti-matter bomb, does not effect him. He can prevent anti-matter by fundamentally colliding with his matter by will. Indeed, he is considered immune to heat, able to withstand temperatures in the trillions with his normal body due to the fact that he can generate such temperatures.

+Biological Immortality: Functionally ageless, not needing to sleep eat or breath unless he deprives himself of power, Bold can, if left to his own devices, live practically indefinitely.

+Superhuman Speed and Nuclear Propulsion: Bold can move at superhuman speeds, running nearly as fast as physics allow (and destroying the environment in the process.) He does however lack the ability to break easily without usually wrecking the environment or keep up with speedsters due in essence, a lack of maneuverability. Going too fast means he cannot turn.

He can also fly with usually small amounts of fissionless power. But to move at any significant speeds (fighter jet) can cause hazards to the environment. Usually in a Vaccuum, he can travel at near relativistic velocities with enough power, up and to 99% the speed of light. He can also do this on earth, but at speeds, he will generate nuclear explosion and also cause some degree of harm to himself. Traveling at such speeds can also reduce most whatever it comes in contact with in quark gluon plasma and gamma rays, including the air. Meaning that doing this in an atmosphere or colliding with any single particle, will cause a nuclear explosion.

-Healing Factor: Bold actually heals at a rate that is somewhat identical to that of a human being when damaged. He cannot regrow limbs on his own, and wounds such as grevious cuts and broken bones can take days, weeks or even months to heal depending on the severity of his wound. The actual healing factor stems from the fact that he can actually heal from very grievous wounds with time and that he can heal from the radiation damage he does to himself at the atomic level.

-Peak Human Reflexes: Bold has his relexes at "the peak" of what he could have them as when he was human. Though, it is difficult to define, Bold has generally learned to fight supersonic opponents actually, with ease (particularly with the rate his body pumps blood) and as such, he can perceive the blurs of his supersonic opponents. However, when he moves too fast, he cannot see where he is going and it makes it difficult or impossible for him to chase down and many who are faster then he is, although if he predicts where they will be correctly, he can catch them there.


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Hand to Hand: Bold has the skill to compliment his large amounts of power, having a fighting style that actually revolves around saving power because he prefers to fight his opponent this way? Why? Because it is the safest way to do so.

Bold is not a Master Martial Artist, but he is a highly proficient boxer, able to channel his mass into very efficient punches and having great form (Though his bulk gets in the way at times of this). He can very effectively cross counter his foes, punching and dodging at the same exact time

The cross counter
The cross counter

He is mostly a grappler otherwise, with knowledge of intercepting and defending against kicks. Some of his moves seem to originate from Greco-roman, Brazillian Jujitsu, Pankration and actually some moves seemingly practical moves from WWE. He can place people in joint-locks, slams,flips, throws and submissions. Prominently incorporating various counters into his approach.

He is highly experienced in using his power creatively, often causing small explosions where his opponents will land blows to both migrate damage to himself and damage his opponent as well as finding many uses. As a human being, he was also good at "Macguyvering" or improvising weapons and makeshift items to odd uses due to the fact that he was once human. As a now, superhuman, he can use very large objects to hit, or throw at his opponent, using them to potentially increase his force and his range without the destructive effects of his projection abilities.

Businessman and Tactician: Bold is a very adept businessman and a tactician. He very easily fools most people into believing he is actually dumber then he is with informal language he has used to intentionally throw people off. He can actually read people quite well and very good at acting or doing things to manipulate them to his own goals or ends. His informal language can sometimes lead him to be quite a charismatic leader, as it gives off an air that he is more relate able. At times, he actually very often tells the truth and despises lying, often not having to do so to gain what he wants. He doesn't come across as a dishonest person to many and it is more or less up to others to gauge this.

As a tactician, Bold is a very good and capable leader on the battlefield, though he falls behind some people he's hired, he can very well lead a fight and survive on his own.

Equipment and Resources

Maverick Arsenal

As the CEO of Maverick, Bold simply has access to the entirety of Maverick's own arsenal, as one would expect, meaning in place of his abilities (and to help keep his identity) he can call upon and use any item and has an army of highly skilled men. With the sheer size of his army, he has the capability of putting vast amounts of evenly distributed firepower over large distances. This is to the point that he has weaponry already that can wipe this planet easily and once used a 10 gigaton bomb (which exceeds the full yield of his own body) to destroy a highly advanced alien ship.

Combined with the fact that Bold even without his powers, has hardly had any successful attempt on his life in the last two decades, and it seems he is all but untouchable.

Corporate Influence

Bold has a wide over-arching influence over the world's affairs, having a prominent base the united states and on all continents, in many countries (particularly Africa). This leads to him being able to have a degree of reach in many places and having eyes in many places and organizations. Combined with how popular his Private military corporation has gotten, to the point of the president working with him and coming into prominence, and he can have his hands in many places and get things others wouldn't be able to get.

Most notably, he can often use the state of chaos in the world to accomplish means to further his own power, even launching weapons into orbit and bypassing the space treaty in doing so, for example.

Of course, Bold is also very rich.with mostly billions of dollars for him to spend on demand, he can feasibly buy entire states out of debt and isn't really worth his time to pick up a 100 dollar bill he drops.


  • Frequently donates to charities who he believes will actually do something (like install schools and such)
  • Will however, not buy states or countries out of debt because they would go right back into debt.
  • Perceived by some as a racist to metahumans and mutants, when he more or less, dislikes people being born with power. He equates it to people who are born rich.
  • Dislikes elitism and the thought of people thinking themselves superior to others in every way.
  • Married once with a child, however, both passed away before he did.
  • His powers lead to many of Maverick's cutting edge nuclear propulsion technology and their advanced nuclear weapons.
  • His informalness is hardly an "act" as it is how he naturally is. Leading to his distinct form of charisma to some. However, others find it repulsive or unattractive.
  • Saved by his own company on one occasion after a metahuman brawl.
  • Has many ties to areas in Africa and that is usually where he donates to the most.
  • Would find a relationship right now, distracting. Combined with the fact that he does not have a perfect face, he never or accepts advances.
  • Taught Bradshaw how to use the electric reactive armor and uses his powers in a similiar fashion.
  • His powers are in actuality, a last resort, as he rarely resorts to directly confronting his opponents and won't use his powers unless he must to survive, although he is always durable.
  • Fools technology often times and displays himself as a human
  • Likes southern food.
  • He played college ball, y a know. Coulda gone pro if he didn't join the marines.