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The New 52: My Line-Up

I think everybody has some mixed feelings about the New 52. It's definitely had some successes... and some failures. Some titles didn't work, and some should have lasted much longer. In an ideal (well, my ideal) world, this is the rollout of 52 comics that I would have had, had I been in charge of DC Comics. A guy can dream, right?

List items

  • One of the flagship DC titles. Given Superman has his own title, I'd use this one to focus on either Superboy or Supergirl.

  • Lesser known than Action Comics and Detective Comics, Adventure Comics still has quite a sizeable issue count. I'd use this own to focus on characters like Adam Strange, Elongated Man, Mister Terrific, and Ted Kord, great characters who can't seem to hold their own title.

  • The Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham team up was glorious. This is a series that should've gone on for longer.

  • Grant Morrison's Animal Man was great. The New 52 incarnation, though less meta, was even better, and deserved to run for many more years.

  • Geoff Johns helped turn a joke of a character into a certifiable badass. That winning streak should continue, with Arthur Curry headlining his own solo series.

  • Whether it's about Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi, The Atom is a DC classic that should have his own title.

  • I'd make the title a return to Bryan Q. Miller's excellent run with Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and have Barbara Gordon as Oracle in "Birds of Prey".

  • Obviously. One of the most famous comic book heroes of all time deserves his solo title.

  • Inspired by the animated series, set in the future of the DC universe, with Terry McGinnis (or, as in the upcoming series, Tim Drake) as the new Batman.

  • An ensemble comic book focusing on the various Batmen of countries around the world.

  • Kate Kane has made a huge impact in the last few years, becoming a premier heroine in her own right. Her solo series should definitely continue.

  • The classic Birds of Prey. Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Dinah Lance as Black Canary, Helena Bertellini as The Huntress, plus a revolving cast of badass female superheroines.

  • Jamie Reyes could be DC's Spider-Man, if the right writer was writing for him.

  • Timothy Hunter is a good character, but I'd like to see a series explore the world of Faerie, ruled by the Shakespearean characters Auberon and Titania.

  • A brand new continuity with years of untold history that needs to be sorted out? Who better to sort that out, and deal with the ramifications of sweeping continuity change, than Booster Gold?

  • Ed Brubaker's run on Catwoman was defining for Selina Kyle. This kind of stylish, low-key crime noir is exactly what she needs.

  • The chess-inspired espionage agency brought together some intriguing characters from across the DC Universe to protect the world from the shadows. ARGUS is the agency of note in the New 52, which I think is a damn shame.

  • Bringing John Constantine into the mainstream DC Universe was a great move, though removing and streamlining much of his continuity (and toning down his stories) seemed misjudged. If his series felt like a real successor to "Hellblazer", then he should be in the New 52.

  • A refreshing and different team book for the New 52, I was disappointed it didn't catch on with more readers. Variety (and good writing) are key and this has both in spades.

  • In the same way Detective Comics focused on Kate Kane before the New 52 reboot, I would have Batman focus on Bruce Wayne, Batgirl on Stephanie Brown, Birds of Prey on Barbara Gordon, and Detective Comics focus on Cassandra Cain, the much maligned former Batgirl.

  • The eccentric, off-kilter DC team should definitely have gotten an ongoing (with a solid writer behind them) for the New 52 reboot.

  • The supreme magical user of the DC universe, Doctor Fate has always had a hard time keeping a solo series running, but he's a magical powerhouse that deserves his time in the spotlight.

  • I'm not a big fan of how DC continuity wiped out the legacies of DC heroes and shuffled them off to Earth-2. I'd have Earth-2 be similar to post-Crisis continuity in that heroes have existed for decades, and the series would focus on the newer heroes to take up the mantle, in conjunction with a JSA series.

  • The Scarlet Speedster gets some really good stories and characters, and is very deserving of a solo series. This one might focus on Barry Allen, but there's another series focusing on the Flash family.

  • One of the things the New 52 did well (initially) was diverse titles. This was a bizarre series unlike the others that had great ideas and solid writing; it should've run for longer, in an ideal world.

  • Gotham Central meets The X-Files in a recent but stunning addition to the DC line-up, with Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) running a Midnight Shift of the GCPD that handles supernatural cases.

  • Jeff Lemire's recent run with the Emerald Archer was brilliant. I'd have him pen the series for as long as possible.

  • Focusing on Hal Jordan and his rivalry with Sinestro.

  • Featuring the larger Corps but focusing on Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and Simon Baz.

  • A brilliant but forgotten former DC title, the New 52 should reboot the concept and once again but John Stewart at the heart of the series.

  • The Geoff Johns run on Hawkman really understood the character, despite the continuity and retcon problems associated with him. You'd think a complete continuity reboot would make it easier, but The Savage Hawkman was a failure. Get Johns back behind the Thanagarian.

  • Grant Morrison had the right idea: a blockbuster comic about the big seven. And none of this "Cyborg replacing Martian Manhunter" nonsense, J'onn is a true founding member.

  • Set on Earth 2, JSA would - like Earth-2 - feature heroes on that other Earth, but focus on the older heroes most associated with the Justice Society (Alan Scott, Kent Nelson, Jay Garrick, Wesley Dodds, etc.) and bring back the legacy aspect sorely missing from the actual New 52.

  • A Justice League of supernatural superheroes and antiheroes (John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Shade the Changing Man, Etrigan).

  • The futuristic team of heroes has been a mainstay of DC continuity for a long time, despite constant reboots messing with the continuity of the team. A New 52 reboot should have been a saving grace for the characters, but... alas.

  • The most underrated of the Big Seven, Martian Manhunter should have a popular ongoing series of his own. I like to picture him having visited Earth in the 1940s and disguising himself as John Johns in a film noir, B-movie sci-fi kind of saga, reminiscent of "Sandman Mystery Theatre".

  • Another refreshing and prematurely cancelled New 52 series, this one should have had longer to assert itself in the DC canon.

  • The black ops Justice League, seeking out metahuman threats before they rise, taking the fall in public opinion when the JLA can't. I'd use my own dream line-up for the team: Anna Fortune, Big Barda, Frankenstein, Nightshade, The Olympian, Resurrection Man, Von Daggle, and Zauriel.

  • The Shazam family deserves a title of their own. I'm more partial to Mary Marvel than Captain Marvel / Shazam, personally, but they'd make for a great ensemble book, harking back to the older idealism of superheroes than the gritty realism they seem to have nowadays.

  • Renee Montoya as The Question. 'Nuff said, really.

  • The Tim Drake Robin monthly series ran for a long time, but Red Robin didn't get much of a chance before the reboot. Bring it back, give Tim Drake his own series again (after all, the other main Bat-characters have one).

  • I adore this off-kilter series about a man who keeps returning to life after death with a brand new power.

  • Gail Simone's Secret Six was legendary. So much so that she was allowed to reinvent it herself for the New 52.

  • A series about the Flash family outside of Barry Allen: Wally West, Bart Allen, Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, Jesse Chambers, etc.

  • The Star-Spangled Kid (or just Stargirl) and her stepfather's former sidekick, STRIPE, made for a great duo in one of the titles that helped launch Geoff Johns.

  • With a writer with a better handle on the material at the helm, Virgil 'Static' Hawkins could have become a DC mainstay instead of a flash in the pan.

  • Give me classic Suicide Squad. Classic Amanda Waller. Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, Vixen, Count Vertigo... hell, throw in a few Wildstorm characters, it'd be great.

  • The big man himself.

  • DC Comics benefited from having Vertigo characters join the main continuity, and Swamp Thing proved to be one of the New 52's most beautiful and brilliant new series.

  • The group of teen superheroes. Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Superboy, Miss Martian, Speedy (Mia Dearden), and Blue Beetle. There's probably a better lineup out there, but I'd like to see them all join at some point.

  • An unusual choice, perhaps, but they'd make for a different read. Uncle Sam is an intriguing concept, like a fantastical Captain America, and the Freedom Fighters are a solid team.

  • Brian Azzarello's New 52 run on Wonder Woman was stunning. I wouldn't change a thing.