Favourite DC Multiverses

Both DC and Marvel Comics are populated with alternate earths and parallel universes, each with unique (or incredibly similar) takes on popular characters and concepts. Here are seven of my favourite DC worlds. Given Earth-2 has been pretty popular, I'm surprised a writer hasn't decided to take on and flesh out one of these worlds; given the opportunity, I might do it myself!

List items

  • A film noir world with different laws of physics, with characters acquired from Charlton Comics (and story elements from "Watchmen").

    Resembles the pre-Crisis Earth-Four.

  • Home to the DC Animated Universe (Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League) and their comic counterparts. The digital comics that continued from DCAU continuity were pretty ace.

  • Essentially, the Vertigo world. Swamp Thing, Dead Man, Constantine and the like. In the New 52, this is a magic based earth, where an occult version of the Justice League, the League of Shadows, is led by Superdemon (Superman + Etrigan).

  • Inspired by the Elseworlds title "Gotham By Gaslight", this is a steampunk universe, a modern world on the verge of industrial revolution.

  • A post-war universe with pulp inspired heroes: Doc Fate, Immortal Man, Lady Blackhawk, Green Lantern Abin Sur, and The Atom (Al Pratt). Stuck in the 1930s and 1940s, but in the present day.

  • The vampire universe, inspired by the Elseworlds title "Batman: Red Rain".

  • In the DCAU, on another Earth, Lex Luthor (The President) killed The Flash, and Superman murdered him in retaliation, inspiring a cruel dystopian regime. The Justice League became the Justice Lords; this is their home world. It features in the DCAU and comic counterparts.