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My Weekly Pulls - updated May 2013

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER(I wrote these down by the weeks they were released in Apr.)

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  • I love the art of Stuart Immonen. Bendis has sold me on his vision of the X-Universe.

  • I love to read comic books. I love to know what's up. That said--this book is case and point to my last statement. This book is weird. At this point, we're up to Book Nine and I honestly don't know what's going to happen...oh, except ANGELA. That should be interesting.

    Again, I am not hip on the "what if" miniseries scenarios or whatever. I just love a good story. This book, I believe, is going from being about Ultron, to being about something else altogether.

  • So this isn't the regular DC series. But I do read it. The link to the 2011 series wasn't available in the search. Anyway, I have read ALL of Geoff Johns' GL run. That was around the time when I wanted to read EVERYTHING. As issue #20 approches, it's sad to know Johns is leaving the book. But it was an amazing run and I know "All will be well."

    Have any of you read X-O- Manowar's relaunch? Robert Venditti is the writer. Once I heard he was writing GL, I tried to find something recent he had been working on and boy did I. More on that later...

    Unlike a lot of its readers of the past several years, I am going to stick with this book. I think Venditti is going to knock it out of the park.

  • Superman is my favorite SINGULAR character, if that makes sense. It'd be so hard to be Superman. Five For Fighting at least got that right. This series started out and remained weird for about 17 or 18 issues. Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel take over then Diggle left. So with Diggle's plots, Daniel has kind of taken over I guess. Either way, the book is FINALLY gaining momentum and I am excited.

  • So when I missed the boat on picked up Mark Waid's recent(and current) run on Daredevil, I told myself the next book he took over, I would pick up. I never thought it'd be a Hulk book, ESPECIALLY not a Hulk "spy book." I am really enjoying the role Bruce Banner plays within S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • I will admit, I didn't read UNCANNY X-FORCE. I know, I know. Going into this book, I didn't know that UXF came from the mind of one Rick Remender. I thought UNCANNY AVENGERS was going to be the "A+X" team in the Marvel U. I guess it is, but APPARENTLY it is so much more. And thus, UXF will soon be in my possession. I am very intrigued at what has transpired thus far with the Apocolypse Twins.

  • MATTY FACT: My first and ONLY appearance in a comic book solicitation was in the "I AM AN AVENGER" spread in the back of SECRET AVENGERS Vol. 1. This book is much, MUCH different. Nick Spencer has really upped the "black ops" approach of "Avenging". Can you say, "REVERIE?"

  • Now I have previously stated these book are in NO particular order what so ever. THIS Avengers title, the main AVENGERS title, is arguably one of the best reads in ALL of comics today. Especially if you want a finger on the pulse of what is about to happen in the summer of 2013. Much like I mentioned with Remender, this series has opened me up to JONATHAN HICKMAN. He is another writer whom which I must read from now and forever more. I am currently trying to gather MANHATTAN PROJECTS collections as well as his run in the FF universe.

    But regarding AVENGERS--this book has been non-stop awesome since issue #1. This is a must read!

  • I own every issue of Uncanny X-Men from #141 of Vol. 1-current issue of current volume(almost 600 issues total). The volume listed was a book, regardless of the creative team, was one in the Marvel NOW! campaign that I was going to get monthly for completists purposes. When I found out Bendis was taking over the X-Universe I was intrigued. When Marvel announced CHRIS BACHALO was going to be the artist of the first arc, I was all in.

    It's a tale of two schools in X-Land, and I have no idea what is going to happen. One thing that I do know is at the end of the day, "Cyclops was right." (sorry, I had to do that)

  • What is the MOST underrated book in the entire Marvel NOW! campaign? This one. AVENGERS ARENA is a title that--much like myself--a reader who isn't very familiar with some of the characters can pick up and hop on. I wasn't too familiar with the AVENGERS ACADEMY storyline. I didn't read a lot of RUNAWAYS. Doesn't matter. This book is fun, that is all there is to it and for any readers, should be enough to check out.

  • I'm a MATT FRACTION guy. I thought his Uncanny X-Men run was great, I just didn't like the choices on the artistic side of things. His IRON MAN was top notch, and I'm not an "Iron Man guy." Point being, I'll read whatever he writes(not including HAWKEYE--don't shame me for having not jumped on when I SHOULD have).

    When I heard Fraction was taking over the FF books, it was interesting to me. I have never been a huge reader of the FF books. I think it was the family aspect I didn't understand. I believe FANTASTIC FOUR has always been more oriented towards older readers. Fraction does a fantastic job of making this book a viable read for any age.

  • While Avengers is my favorite title for Marvel, BATMAN has been my favorite DC title since it's relaunch in 2011. I'm a full-on Superman-guy, or at least I was full-on. The grit SCOTT SNYDER has brought back to Batman is so refreshing. 20 issues deep and fans are still thirsty for more. There hasn't been a "bad" issue. Who am I kidding? I'm sure most of you read this title.

  • JASON AARON and THOR were made for each other. Three different versions of Thor in three different periods of time, all after a God-butcherer. Does that not sound awesome?!?! Plus ESAD RUBIC's work is always incredible.

  • I'm once again reiterating: These books are coming in no particular order.

    INVINCIBLE is my favorite comic book from ANY publisher, and HAS BEEN for five years now. I bought the first collected volume and was hooked. From there I started picking it up monthly(around 30-something?) and bought all of the Ultimate Collections up to current(Vol. 7). Technically I own EVERY issue of this title(including a first print copy of #1).

    Everything about this book is what I look for in a comic. Everything. The characters have been developed so well. The artwork from COREY WALKER and RYAN OTTLEY has been some of the best comic art in a superhero title that I have EVER seen. It fits so well.

    Not to mention ROBERT KIRKMAN, who's name nowadays speaking for itself. THIS is what I knew of Kirkman before the zombie nonsense(which was also released when Invincible was first released[2003]).

    Pick up Ultimate Collection Volume 1 and enjoy. This is, like it says on the cover of EVERY issue, "The Greatest Superhero Comic Book In the Universe."

  • As I mentioned, I am a Superman-guy. I read all of the Super-titles, doesn't matter who's writing or drawing the books. I WANNA KNOW. And more than likely once a year they do a crossover of sorts involving all or some of the titles.

    That said, the first New 52 Super-crossover failed miserably in my opinion AND in turn, hurt the Super-books--all of them. With that major set back, not to mention creative changes left and right in almost all of the books, Superman and Co. have kind of taken a back seat in the DCU since the relaunch.

    SUPERBOY is a great concept. The niche just needs to be found, and I do believe this title is on it's way to breaking some ground for the Superman-related stories and for the character himself. Watch this book.

  • My friend who works at my local comic shop swears by SUPERGIRL. He tells me it's SO good. To be honest with you, I have purchased every issue of this series and outside of maybe the first four or five issues, and H'EL ON EARTH(aforementioned crossover that didn't deliver), I haven't read anything else...until POWER GIRL just showed up. Now I'm in. Shut up, I'm a man.

  • Any of you fellow reader ever had a character you thought you could play in a movie and rock the house in doing so? I personally believe in a perfect world(for me), I'd be in production of my third NIGHTWING film. I don't know what it is about Dick Grayson, but I have always seen a lot him in me. I fortunately still have my family but it's in how he handles his business. He's a little bit Batman, but still having that Robin-esque innocence.

    I LOVED Dick as Batman during BATTLE FOR THE COWL. BATMAN AND ROBIN was fantastic but it also made me wish that Nightwing Vol. 1 hadn't been cancelled.

    I picked up the first arc of this current series and was into, but there was something about it that I wasn't into. Once I heard BRETT BOOTH was hopping on the series, it was another no-brainer.

    When I was graduating high school, I was introduced to BACKLASH by a friend of mine. Brett Booth co-created the character and was kind of like Dick Grayson to me in a way--I could see myself AS that character.

    It's a weird analogy, hopefully anyone reading this will understand where I am coming from. Anyway, Booth and Nightwing are a perfect fit as we all saw issue 19. Loving it.

  • I've always been a big NOVA fan. RICHARD RYDER is my Nova. Gorwing up, I thought the NEW WARRIORS were a bunch of lame-o's except for Nova. Then years later, he was so awesome during the ANNIHILATION WARS and WAR OF KINGS. He was so important to the galaxy that he had to quit the Avengers, ya'll! Then he just disappeared/"died".

    Enter SAM ALEXANDER--the new Nova, who has been given a solid start via JEPH LOEB and ED MCGUINNESS. Both were very intricate in monthly solidifying Superman being one of the best book on the shelves over a decade ago. These two have since collaborated for Marvel on different projects(mostly HULK related) and have yet again teamed up. This book could definitely be something special.

  • FRANK CHO is well known for drawing the ladies. He draws the ladies nice. When I first read he was drawing a WOLVERINE title, somehow I knew it would be a good time. Thank goodness my hunch was a good one. Not only did we get Wolvie, but this is going to be the AVENGING SPIDER-MAN for Wolverine. This book includes AMADEUS CHO, SHANNA THE SHE-DEVIL, and MAN-THING. How random is that?!

  • What more needs to be said about SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN? Just when we think we have this whole plot figured out, DAN SLOTT throws the ol' curve. I think it would make for a fantastic two-season cartoon series as Marvel tends to do. Always looking forward to the next issue of this book. Believe in Dan Slott,

  • I love team books. When New 52 launched, this was the book everyone bought. And why not? All of the DCU's super-dupers reformed the core JUSTICE LEAGUE. Another selling point was GEOFF JOHNS writing and JIM LEE drawing. I enjoyed the first few arcs, also the THRONE OF ATLANTIS tie-in with AQUAMAN. The SHAZAM! back-up has also been very well done. IVAN REIS has taken over for Lee and has been on-point much like he was with Aquaman.