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The Latest incarnation of Team Seven(formerly known as
The Latest incarnation of Team Seven(formerly known as "Team 7"(thanks, Naruto).

So I wake up this morning to find out the information on a few of the new titles that will be rolling out with the New 52's number 0's in September. I was really excited to read that DC is throwing Team 7 into the mix of this new universe. However, I knew right away once Wildstorm characters began to get thrown into the fray, there would be some changes to certain characters and teams. I am a huge fan of the old WIldstorm universe. So in saying that, I don't really understand having Amanda Waller or Black Canary(DInah Lance) on the team. Lance is a little more understandable. But with Deathblow and others showing up in Grifter, why not have a few more of the original members in the book?

These are all my initial thoughts on seeing the cover and reading the description on DC's blog.