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Let's face it. We all love SUPERMAN. We all need Superman.

The best place to go with a super-man isn't within himself, but within us. Hear me out before anyone thinks I'm about to wax psychology. Never has there been a story to where Supes is depicted as the villain to the point to where we clearly see him as the bad guy. I'm talking the no-turning-back-say-hello-to-the-bad-guy kind of villian. As some people have said, he's "too powerful."(BTW, grow up, guy). That would be a scary situation. Rejuvenation is at the core of stories I have always been a sucker for as a comic book fan. We need a story to where--in a nutshell of two years or so--Supes destroys the DCU, and then in a moment to where all hope is lost--a year or two later--SUPERMAN. The boy scout, and when it comes down to it, Batman's best non-Batfam pal. Comic fans have to deal with that partnership, but some just can't. A story the would also need Batman to help get Supes over in this comic book age. Superman is, by far, my favorite super hero in the history of Ever. Wven I know that Batman is going to need to play an intricate part in Superman's return to being the forefront/cover boy of the DCU. If a person were to tell me that I would have just said that 15 years ago, I would've forgotten it by now. But seriously, I probably would've laughed in their face. As a young teen I scoffed at Bat-fans, just because. A lot have read some those types on this hilarious message board topic. I digress.

Who can deliver us these precious goods: the ultimate Superman story? Beats me. In my life Dan Jurgens is the only creator that stayed on Supes for a lengthy bit of time(that I can remember). Geoff Johns had a stellar run on Action Comics a few years back but I think he told the Supes stories he wanted to tell and was content at leaving it at that to move on to GL. There's a plethora of names but the truth is, the stars have to align. The fact that so many people have responded to