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Amazing Spider-Man Review

I'll begin with my rating and by first stating that I suggest all fellow readers and comic book enthusists to please see this film and judge for yourself. In no means do I wish this film to do poorly. Spidey belong on the big screen.


What could be the biggest disappointment Marvel Studios has made thus far. The sappy mellow drama had me thinking Peter or Gwen was going to start glowing in the sunlight. 

I began with high expectations and excitement when I first viewed the original teaser trailer. Those expectations dropped more and more as we saw more and more footage as the months passed. I feared that 9 year old girls(like the one I was sitting next to, accompanied by "Mom"--clueless) were going to love it. Both she and her mother did to my knowledge. I guess that's good for Marvel. You want to make sure that Lizard appears to be smiling the whole film so he doesn't scare the little ladies.

The kicker was this film was supposed to give us the "truth" about the Parkers. It really didn't, or at least for fanboys, didn't quench anything at all. It was Peter and Gwen I the verge of kissing over and over until they, of course, do and by that point it really didn't matter because they already had three different times in my book.

Not even will I get into the technical errors because I am no filmmaker. However, there are points where the editing rivals that of the Japanese or even American Spider-Man television serial in the 70's. The bad edits are obvious.  All in all, one could condense this down to a 40 minute, made-for-Disney film. Seriously.

I won't mention any nod to the comics that, y'know, got this film genre to the dance because there weren't any. Oh, and that end credits scene that Marvel has been so clever at continuing as a inner-story itself, you guessed it, ball dropped. At least for now...

I guess I feel better now. Bring on DKR.

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