This week in Superhero TV 11/17/14-11/21/14

imdb ratingsIGN ratingsComic Vine ratings
Agents of Shield 9.1Agents of Shield 8.8Agents of Shield 4 stars
The Flash 8.6Arrow 8.4The Flash 4 stars
Arrow 8.5Constantine 8.0Arrow 3 stars
Constantine 8.5The Flash 7.8Gotham 2 stars
Gotham 8.0Gotham 6.8Constantine No review

Live+SD Viewership: Gotham 6.49m, AoS 4.58m, The Flash 3.73m, Constantine 3.54m, Arrow 2.64m

Live+SD 18-49 rating: Gotham 2.3, AoS 1.6, The Flash 1.4, Constantine 1.1, Arrow 0.9

Viewership Change: AoS +310k, Flash +270k, Gotham +140k, Constantine +100k,Arrow +40k

Rating change: Constantine +0.3, AoS +0.1, Gotham +0.1, The Flash =, Arrow =

Episode guides

Check out my episode guides, they have official episode synopses, and Numbers(imdb user rating, CV review, IGN review, Viewership, and Ratings) for Arrow, Agents of Shield, and The Flash's current seasons.

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