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For fans of mythology and sweet art 0

After 9 issues of Secret Warriors, I was thinking about giving up on this series. Hickman and young gun artist Stefan Casselli did a good job on the first arc, but with the second arc God of War, God of Fear came a new, less impactful artist and storyline. The story just plodded along for me and with my pull list seemingly getting bigger each week I felt now was the time to cut this book, but then I saw the preview for issue 10. This issue was a completely stand alone issue in the middle of th...

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BEST issue of the series so far! 0

Spoilers on! Nekron is here, with an army of black lanterns battling the Justice League and the rest of the heroes from the DCU along with the newly united lanterns of the emotional spectrum (see GL#48). This issue is all out action laid out beautifully with some truly awesome splash pages. So many amazing things happen in this one issue; Lanterns are united, Guardians die, and (MAJOR SPOILERS!) a certain undead Bruce Wayne becomes a pawn of Black Hand and Nekron and is used to turn the hero...

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Good character work on the new lanterns 0

*NOTE – Read this issue before Blackest Night #5*    This series has been at an all time high in my opinion since the start of Blackest Night so I looked forward to more of the same this issue and it was good, but slower and very wordy . There wasn’t the same amount of action as the previous issues had but we do have some good padding out of the lantern characters, Johns has really established these as great new additions to the DCU. After some fighting and bickering amongst themselves the lante...

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Not Blackest Night...but The Black Knight! 0

I love one-shots, epic runs can be great just like a great album by a fantastic band, but some time you get those one hit wonders, those catchy tunes that are just short and sweet. And I love my comics to be that way alot of the time. Throw in some knights of the round table, a magical sword to rival excalibur, action and adventure, and this is a real hit for me. It reminds me of the current Immortal Weapons books, the way beautiful tales of old are told around great little characters. If you li...

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One of the most important Superman comic books of all time 0

With his work on Action Comics, writer Geoff Johns made the Man of Steel feel human again, which is a big deal for me as a reader as Superman can seem so ‘Super’ at times it can be hard to relate. The character work he did captured both Superman & Clark brilliantly (especially his relationship with his father), and that is why Johns Superman work contain some of my favorite comic book stories ever.Gary Frank who did the pencils for the majority of John’s Action Comics run emphasized Superma...

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Daredevil; The human punch bag 0

This surprised me and I liked it much more than I thought I would. Daredevil really is the human punch bag of the Marvel U. Just when you think things cant get any worse for him, he decides to play cat and mouse with Bullseye and as a result, Bullseye is let loose and able to blow up a huge building full of innocent families, just to give a big two fingers up at Murdock. Man that Bullseye is evil! There was a great twist at the end also, with Master Izo being captured by Ninja clan the Hand, sur...

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Good, but not great 0

Some of the art feels really rushed on this issue. I am enjoying this series overall, but we need to be getting somewhere a bit quicker. There is a really cool action scene on the airplane where the Falcon stages a rescue of Bucky, probably one of the highlights of the mini-series so far. This series is good but I wanted the return of Steve Rogers to be great. 2 issues to go let’s hope it can get there.        Please check out the following blogs for more comic related goodness: www.hexsfifthcol...

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A master at work. 0

A real shift in art here as Philip Tan starts his arc. The panel lay outs are great, the coloring is dark and suits the mood of the book, Morrison picks up on various plot threads from his previous Batman work and I cant get enough of it. It’s like a long soap opera, he really is a complete master of the comic book form especially his work on Batman. Each issue needs to be studied like you would a text book, each phrase and action and re-action is there for a reason, nothing is included without ...

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Emplate returns! 0

Emplate the mutant sucking vampire is back people, yes the same one from the Generation X days. Apparently he has been starving since M day and is on the hunt for some mutants to sustain his hunger, it’s pretty handy for him that all the mutants are now all cooped up in one place on Utopia Island, it’s like a mutant drive through. There are some really good action scenes as Emplate battles and dominates against Cyclops' X-Men. Another highlight are the scenes between Cyclops and Rogue as they ...

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An absolute pleasure to read and only costs $1 0

This is a real heart warming tale of a boy who is born different, and is kept away from the rest of the world by his father for fear that the boy may be hunted by others and taken away (It seems our lead character is not the only animal/human hybrid and it appears they are very valuable to hunters). In this issue we learn that the boy has already lost his mother to illness, and his father soon goes the same way. The boy’s curiosity for the out side world takes him away from the safety of his hom...

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Avoid if you value your intelligence. 0

On the strength of this appalling issue this title is now being dropped. This had the single worse dialogue of any comic I have ever read. I cannot believe a well respected writer is producing this crap. (But maybe I should have seen this coming as the only work of Robinsons I think I have ever enjoyed is the Jimmy Olsen: Superman’s pal one shots, which says a lot. I blame myself for buying his work for this long.) Some of the most stupid and cheesiest lines are used; “Are you a hero or a villai...

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Threesome joke made me laugh. Not much else going for this title 0

More talking of Justice! (We get he point)! This has pretty art, but not much of the story line has really grabbed me yet. But I am liking the dialogue between characters and I know this is controversial on the net but I actually really liked the joke about Hal’s threesome (come on, he’s an air pilot/ superhero cop with a magic ring, of course he’s gonna get laid!) Nice to see some Atom action too. I’ll keep buying this.       Like my review? (Or even if you don’t!) Then please check out the fol...

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First part is all set up 0

Still don’t like this series. I sort of had to pick this up to get the first part of Codename Patriot that runs through the other Superman books that I pick up. The writing was fine but I’m not a fan of the art at all, the inks and coloring are far too strong, and the pencils on smaller panels look really rushed. The story is okay, but this was mostly a set up issue and the action should be picking up in the next chapters. Nice last page though, (SPOLIERS!) “This is a job for…Superman!” Very coo...

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Better issue than the first 0

Steve is trapped in re-living his past, jumping from moment to moment (kind of like Quantum Leap actually), but without being able to act for fear of changing the future. In the present, Bucky Cap & Black Widow are captured by the Dark Avengers and Osborn. Norman Osborn is a key player in this series, as it seems he wants Captain America back as much as our heroes (if only for his own twisted purposes) but has more resources to pull it off. I think this title will only continue to improve, j...

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Some of the coolest pages ever! 0

I had an absolute brilliant time reading this. You will all know by now, as you’ve probably read it, this books is fantastic. The artwork is phenomenal; it really is one of the best looking superhero books around. Hawkman is just so creepy, I love it. High point for me was Barry & Hal vs. the Martian Manhunter, that was awesome. But Hal crashing into the bat signal and that last page with the Black Lantern Justice League! Some of the coolest pages ever!       Like my review? (Or even if you ...

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Boring start, but back-up feature was good. 0

Beautiful art. But bit of a boring start story wise. It was good, but the story basically focuses on Superboy settling back in Smallville, and not much else. There are a few little plot lines seeded and continued from other books including that weird alien thingy from ‘Superman’ (remember the Guardian’s buddy) by Johns that also tied into the Legion back up which was cool. Starman was the focus of the back up and he is such a great character. The back up rocked.    Like my review? (Or even if ...

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Mutants dying in this Universe too. 0

Loads of fun still but the story has a reveal that mutants are dying out due to their x-gene. This series is meant to be on a different path to the normal Marvel U but mutants are near extinct in the regular Universe too. That pissed me off a bit as I love the fact that mutants were supposed to be the next stage in human evolution, but this book is now going against that. It’s still a very enjoyable read though and Grummets artwork gets better every issue. The story ends with the X-Men questioni...

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Cable vs Bishop.....still! 0

Improvement on the last issue but I’m bored with just Bishop chasing Cable now. Nice idea to bring in a love interest for Hope. Cable manages to track down Hope this issue and posing as Stryfe collects a small army and leaves the dying earth for the stars with Bishop hot on his tail again! We’ll see if a bit of space adventure next issue will improve things. I really want it to, I love these characters.       Like my review? (Or even if you don’t!) Then please check out the following blogs for m...

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Nice action issue 0

Codename: Patriot continues in good fashion, good action, and nice interaction between characters. Supes comes back to Earth in hunt of Zod’s shooter and Flamebird and Nightwing get it on. I’m loving General Lane as the villain, and much better work on the art this issue. Captain Atom back up still looks amazing and has me intrigued as to WTF is going on.       Like my review? (Or even if you don’t!) Then please check out the following blogs for more comic related goodness: http://hexsfifthcolum...

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What is Emma up to? 0

A good chapter in this cool little cross over. Summers steps up and starts putting teams of various X-Men in tactical positions for the final show down. Emma’s true involvement with Osborn is still unclear to me. The Daken/Bullseye ruck was fun, it’s only a matter of time before that really boils over. The art and coloring are really great, writing too, but I would like to see more of Dark Beast and the captured mutants to find out what’s going on there. Hopefully that will be explored next chap...

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No real origin of Inferno 0

Really nice art, sketchy and dark, but no real story of how Inferno ended up the way he is, or why he looks completely different when he changes to Inferno (i.e. goes bald and grows a moustache!). Could have been another chapter of Hangman as he was featured a lot, and used well, though the extent of his powers seem unclear. I’m not sure on this series. First issue is all origin for Hangman, this issue has none at all for Inferno. The Web is featured next. Lets see how that issue turns out, but ...

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Too much Deadman. 0

Ummm… I was a bit disappointed with this. It was okay but I think after two great chapters in the main Blackest Night series I was expecting more of the same big action and dark horror, but this didn’t really have it. It mainly sets that up for next issue, and there was too much focus on Deadman for me, and him jumping from body to body. He could easily been given a co-title. Not sure if Tomasi’s writing of Dick and Damian was right for me either, I know the action will be coming next issue, so ...

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Filler issue/ 0

Total average filler issue. Grummett is off art for this one but this is still a fine looking book. Very boring story though, the danger room gets out of control and goes wild and nearly kills the X-Men but we have seen that story a thousand times. I don’t mind though. The first 5 issues were so much fun; I know that this was just filling in before we get back to the good stuff next issue.        Like my review? (Or even if you don’t!) Then please check out the following blogs for more comic r...

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Didn't hit the same highs as last issue. 0

After a great tie-in to Utopia last issue, this one was a bit of a let down. It was more of the same, but something was just missing and I’m sot sure what. The Ms. Marvel fight takes up most of the issue which has some cool moments but there was no real progression story wise. The Utopia tie-in could have been one issue easy. The art was fine but again, I remember enjoying it more last issue.        Like my review? (Or even if you don’t!) Then please check out the following blogs for more comic ...

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Nice work from Eddy Barrows. 0

Because I wasn’t that crazy about the Batman tie-in to Blackest Night I wasn’t really in an urgency to read this issue, but I was pleasantly surprised, manly due to great art work by Eddy Barrows, he does a really good job here, and it makes me wish he was back on Action Comics full time. Robinson is a bit hit and miss with me, but I like the characters used here and the dialogue between them and it was quite an enjoyable read overall. Kal-L & Lois of Earth 2 are the Black Lanterns here, and...

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Hulk's back! Well not really actually. 0

This was pretty much what I expected, it’s a fun ride with great art by Olivetti, but his style is very much love it or hate it. After a long time of just the Hulk it’s really good just to have Banner back. There are some great scenes between the smartest men in the Marvel U as they discover that the Hulks Gamma is missing from Banners blood stream. Other highlights include Banner coming to the rescue of a young boy who is about to get a beating from an abusive father and another where Bruce com...

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Mike Choi; The new Rob Liefeld? 0

This may be a little harsh but, I think Mike Choi may be the new Rob Liefeld. Why? Well because the guy draws a human torso with like a million muscles on it. It is really ridiculous. Warpath looks like a Native American girl (all be it a very muscle bound one) as he has the most feminine of facial features and the butt muscles on Rahne Sinclair in her Wolfsbane mode…well, they need to be seen to be believed. And who could of missed the last page arm incident…Ha! But we’ll get to that in a bit, ...

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Damian rocks 2

Really really great. The usual thick layering of Morrison’s Batman work continues. Like his run on Batman, Morrison’s comics don’t always read that great as single issues but read together they are fantastic. Pyg as a villain is insanely sick and brilliant and my fav Batman villain for a long time. Quitely also does great work here (and I’m not generally a fan). Stand out scene was when Pyg had Robin tied to the chair and danced provocatively in front of him before Damian responds by saying “You...

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The great work continues 2

The great work here continues. This really is one of my favorite titles. It is just so beautiful. Rucka pulls no punches when it comes to Kate’s sexuality and I love that. The story is intriguing, but discussion with the supporting cast can be a little confusing, if like me you had never read any story with Kate Kane/Batwoman before. Like Pyg in the pages of Batman & Robin another great addition to the villains of Gotham is the haunting Alice.Finally The Question back up should not be ignore...

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Not as good as The Web. 0

Ummmm…. It was okay, But I was expecting more after the last issue (The Web) that was pretty good.So the story goes that the main character is injured in the army. The US government then save his life by attaching liquid armor to his skin that can be absorbed into his body. It allows for super strength and flight amongst about a hundred other things. It’s basically really ridiculous. The little story hook is that the Shield’s father is actually alive (when the Shield believes him dead) and appea...

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Cyclops; mutant Messiah! 2

Cyclops as the new mutant Messiah! A bit hypocritical really, as at the end of this issue the X-Men raise their ‘Utopia’ island from the sea and declare they want mutants to be separate from humans on the main land, but isn’t that what Magneto did with Asteroid M and what the X-Men are meant to fight against? Anyway, I loved this issue, the best of the cross over so far. Emma and Namor show their true colors to Osborn, which will lead into the big fight finale one-shot between the Dark Avengers ...

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Romulus is here! 2

Romulus is here! Finally this is what I have been waiting for. This title was pretty shit form day one but ever since Dark Reign it’s been pretty good. This was a chapter where a couple of big X-Men villains die. Romulus, for those of you who haven’t been reading this book, is the mastermind behind every shitty event in Wolverines life, ever. How are connected? Why has Romulus been doing this to Wolverine? Not sure yet. But he looks like he could be Wolvie’s dad or grandad or something. GIVE ME ...

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Best of the 'Red Circle' so far 2

Well, after two pretty slow Red Circle One-Shots, this just got good. This was actually the issue I was least looking forward to because I thought the idea of the character was pretty stupid, i.e. a superhero who can be contacted via the internet to help solve your problems. Well I was wrong and this issue was great. It sets up some personal tragedy for our main character, features him finding out what a real hero needs to be and introduces a couple of cool arch enemies for the character. Our he...

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Serious bang for your buck 0

Another anniversary issue for Marvel hit our shelves last week, this time for the “Man without Fear”; Daredevil. With a price tag of $4.99 it had to pack a lot in to make it worth the price tag. So, what did we get for our money? 1. The first story was from Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark and will be the last chapter in their run on Daredevil. It is the concluding part to the “Lady Bullseye” and “Return of the King” story arcs that were for me, the highlight of Brubaker’s work on the title. The h...

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Like a cool action movie. 4

From the start I’ve never been a fan of the Ultimate Universe, I’m not sure why but the idea just never appealed to me, and even though I’m a fan of most of Mark Millar’s work, I thought his and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate’s Vol. 1 & 2 were a bit over rated. After the critically panned Ultimate’s Vol. 3 and Ultimatum (both by J. Loeb) the whole line was to get a reboot and I thought I should give the line another go.Leading up to this relaunch all the things I was hearing about Ultimate Comics: A...

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Started well, but left me dissapointed 0

I have been intrigued about the Red Circle line since it was first announced, having not picked up the previous Impact line from DC (which mostly featured the same characters) the idea of new vigilantes and heroes for the DCU written by J. Michael Straczynski appealed to me.So the first issue arrived last week and started off with the Hangman. I liked the cool design of the character and looked forward to reading this so much that it was at the top of my stack, but by the end of the book I was a...

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Crazy, shocking, fun! 0

This comic makes me feel dirty because I can’t help but like it. As far as superhero comic books go, this is pretty much one of the most ridiculous going, but it is fun nonetheless. It’s kind of like watching a crappy action movie, the storyline and acting aren’t the best but for cheap thrills, it’s great! Before I get into this review a quick crazy recap of important goings on in this series (SPOILERS):- X-Men fight & defeat Cortez- Wolverine & Jean are secretly in love- Wolverine is ...

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A strange setup book 0

First off, awesome cover by Andrew Robinson. I really love his work. Now to the review: This was a strange book, it was all over the place with like 4 stories in one issue. It starts by continuing directly from the last issue with Atlas Vs. Steel which was pretty cool, and drawn well by fill in artist Pere Perez. We then switch to Zatara who is being a total ass to his apprentice who ends up saving Zatara from Parasite with some magic but is really some other magic guy in disguise who I really...

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Origin story of the big guy 0

This was a really funny and entertaining comic from Jason Aaron and all the artists involved. Fat Cobra whose age is now in triple figures is an old fat drunk who loves some female company. This we know. What this story does is fill in the missing gaps of Fat Cobra’s past for both the reader and the forgetful drunken lead character. There are some great scenes of his globe trotting adventures, each drawn by a different artist, all drawn excellently. The only problem I did find was the inconsiste...

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A great one and done horror yarn displayed beautifully. 2

First off this issue has nothing to do with the current Captain America Rebirth storyline. This was a self contained one-shot based during Civil-War where Winter Soldier (Bucky) tells a story to Nick Fury about an adventure Cap and himself had during the World War II. This was originally meant to be released around that time as an annual or something but for whatever reason that didn’t happen. All I can say was thank God it’s finally seen the light of day because this was a fantastic little tale...

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