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missj User
Poison Ivy Character
Deathstroke Character
Mr. Freeze Character
Riddler Character
Black Mask Character
Killer Croc Character
Mr. Miracle Character
Deadshot Character
Green Arrow Character
Wylie Times Character
Milo Garret Character
Bane Character
Jason Todd Character
Wildcat Character
Savant Character
Cluemaster Character
Anarky Character
Star-Lord Character
Connor Hawke Character
Black Bat Character
Catman Character
Amygdala Character
Firebug Character
Ellis Character
Frankenstein Character
Wraith Character
Wraith Character
The Weaponer Character
Al Jabr Character
Mirror Character
Nobody Character
Lincoln March Character
Luther Strode Character
Manuel Lago Character
Voltaic Character
William Cobb Character
Legacy Character
Marko Character
Vostok-X Character
The Operative Character
Kurt Lance Character
Ephraim Newhouse Character
Ghost Rider (Reyes) Character
Zod Character
Hunter-Killer Team
Query and Echo Team
Court of Owls Team
The Talons Team
The Three Ghosts of Batman Arc