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❝Brevis oratio penetrat coelos.❞

- Matthæus Ex Nihilo -
- Matthæus Ex Nihilo -

A cryptic supernatural being said to be part-devil, part-god; a figure of myth neither good nor evil; None know whence he comes or know how to interpret his motives, if there is any sense behind his immortal plotss. To the worthy he manifests as a plain-looking young man with short brown hair and unnaturally black eyes, wearing a brown coat, blue pants and black boots -- For no man can comprehend his true form. The most aloof of beggars he empowers, the most devout cultists he neglects. He is the one watching from beyond the veil. Cul Obsidian, the Eminence of Madness and the Ancient Outsider.

Stories of distant yore tell that The Leviathan, as he was also known, is a young god full of mischief. They tell how he was when time began to form. How when man first gazed into the night, his eyes looked back. How when they learned to fear the darkness, it was him whom they feared. How when they first learned to pray for their lives and their loved ones -- it was his name which they came to know. It is said that his freckles are stars he stole from the skies high above the Alps, his eyes of abyssal black are nebulas from the old universe. He is a watcher that sees all and sees forever from his otherworldly domain, the Emptiness Outside All Understanding.❞