Slang in Downlode City (I'm at it again)

So, some of you may have seen my (Sideslash's) blog on swearing in the Dredd-Verse. I figured that I'd do one for my favourite 2000AD thriller, Sinister Dexter.

For those of you who don't know, Sinister Dexter is a duo of Finnigan Sinister, a foul-mouthed Irishman, and Ramone Dexter. The two of them are "gunsharks", or guns for hire. They can be hired to kill a target, to scare him, or to protect a target. Finnigan, particularly, often resorts to the alternative in Downlode City for swears.

First, the less offensive one;

  • There is a clear distinction between good guns for hire, "gunsharks", and the cheap, poor ones, referred to as "gunmonkeys".

And now my personal favourite;

  • Sinister's most commonly said word is "funt". I doubt I have to explain what this is an alternative, so I'll just give a few examples;
  • (When Dexter is suffering nerve problems in his hands and fails to kill three "gunmonkeys") "Dex! Why the funt di'n't y'kill em?"
  • (Confronting a former employer) "You funter."
  • (When he and Dexter are pinned down by gunfire) "Funty funtin' funters!"

The last one is my personal favourite

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