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Hey everyone. My name's Matt Demers, and I'm a Toronto journalist. At the moment, I write about comics, Android and other geek subjects. Currently, I write regularly for Nerd Girl Pinups (weekly on Wednesdays) and Droid Life (far more often.) My work's been featured in Primer Magazine, Android & Me, the Dork Shelf and linked to on Lifehacker. You can also find my posts here, on ComicVine!
While I've stumbled through the newbie process here on the site, I've gotten to know what it truly means to be part of this community; members here are helpful, industrious and vitriolic at times. That suits me just fine, as I like a good debate as much as anybody. I love writing opinion, as it gives me a chance to show my passion for the world around me, whether it's telling you that Cowboys & Aliens is a cash-grab, or what it's like to actually fire some guns at a gun range.
I believe in the nerd community (and Harvey Dent), and want to do my best to serve it. I believe that if I can get more people thinking about the world they live in, and about the media they consume, it will lead to a more positive environment and, well, better media. A smart audience is a good one, right? 
Ultimately,  I make the personal serious, and take the serious personally. Thank you for reading. 
You can find my of my work on my Twitter, or Portfolio site. You can contact me via e-mail at matt [at] mattdemers [dot] com.