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I bet 200 Dollars that some Dragon Ball Fans are going to go mad 2

Well, I have been a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise for a long time, and like most fans, when I heard that they were planning to make the movie version, I had high hopes for a decent film. Alas this is not the case as the recent film has shown. Goku in the film is absolutely terrible, i felt like falling asleep everytime he came onto the screen with that same wooden expression, and when Bulma brings out a new toy, "oh, yer, umm cool" with not even a hint of enthusiasm. Goku is ment to be portra...

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 0

 Issue 1 introduces us to the character Rick and his life as a hunter, and follows the same lines of chapter 1 of the novel but the graphical interpretation will have you in awe, and Dick's world is visually transformed onto paper, similar to how people were visually awed at the special effects of Scott’s Blade Runner, and the stunning entry sequence of oil fields of California outside of LA. What surprised me greatly (apart from the actual novel been turned into graphic) was how close the comic...

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