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She's no Earth girl, she's a space girl. 0

So after Superior Spider-Man this is the most controversial ongoing series at Marvel for obvious reasons. Some hate the idea of these teens (and Darkhawk) being killed because we know these characters and we want great things to be written with them in the future (with the exceptions of 6 characters that Hopeless created) and others don't know these characters and just want to read a good story.I fall in the middle, I am very familiar with the Runways as they are my all time favorite team (and C...

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I was giggling like an idiot. 0

Angel & Faith meet up with Willow in order to help her bring magic back into the world and to do this they go back to Los Angeles and meet up with old friends.With reading summarys online with what been happening in Buffy S9 I gotta say that A&F is definitely the important series you should be reading because it's dealing with the fallout of the end of magic and trying to find a solution for all the problems it's been causing.And speaking of these problems they have to be my grip with th...

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I am still questioning how her boobs stay in there like that. 0

So we have a slight break in the arc in order to catch up the team on Schism but it doesn't take away from Jamie's quest like in X-Factor #227.Ill start off with Jamie's bit because it's a short one. So in this arc Jamie is going to be Quantum Leaping from dimension to dimension that are progressively worst than the last and in this one the city he's in is destroyed and there are giant Iron Man suits flying around and that leaves a great deal to your imagination. Like did Tony go crazy with his ...

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The case of the mismatched covers. 0

So an aspect of this series I have not talked about are the David Yardin covers and how great they are. They each represent the issues they are on very well, they are never overcrowded (wich with the number of people on the team it would be easy), they have a good sense of humour and show great emotion. This cover is no exception, it's a great parody of the "IN THIS ISSUE ONE CHARACTER WILL DIE" covers but it would have been better for X-Factor #227 where Madrox died, also the X-Factor #228 woul...

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The problem with fights. 0

So this issue is important because it shows what is the weakness with this series. Well what I think is the biggest weakness and that is issues that are almost nothing but a single fight.The biggest strenght of this series is the dialogue and interactions between the characters, it always feels so natural and comedy that I love every single minute of it and this issue is no different. Layla reveals she revived Guido and Bloodbath continues being so creepy. He body hops between his dead body and ...

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Oh right she left, I forgot because that was important. 0

This is the end of the Hybrid arc and it feels very disappointing.Part of this issue takes place in the future with Reptil's younger brain in his adult body with all of the adult version's of his friends and I just cannot find myself to care at all because here's the thing. When you do alternate futures or parallel universe's it has to be different enough for it to be strange for the character who is in it and it must come from a logical place, like with X-Factor #231 at the end of House of M Wa...

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If he was that great then why is he dead ? 3

This issue is a step up of the previous issue because it's focusing on the Reptil story more but White Tiger is taking away my enjoyment.As I mentioned above Reptil's recent reveal of the mind of his future self in his younger self body in order to shape the future is something I am intrigued by and does offer some interesting possibilities but Gage doesn't deliver. So Reptil is helping this alien to feed off various students that wont be missed or aren't important to his big plan. I have 2 prob...

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Going from ok to getting bad. And there isn't any funny. 0

This issue of Avengers Academy is a special one. Probably because we get the revelation that Stryker is gay that was announced before the issue's release and that isn't even the selling point of the issue. X-23 joining the team is the selling point but nothing substantial happens as of yet, she just meets the team and talks to them a little, we get more focus on Stryker and Julie but im not complaining im just pointing out how odd how the Marvel marketing works somehow.And as for Laura actually ...

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Enter stage left and just be confused. 0

Review for X-Factor #227.Story: The team searches for Bloodbath at an empty studio lot.Thoughts: I have no idea if you people reading this are sick and tired of me going on and on each month saying that X-Factor is my favorite ongoing but it is. PAD just knows these characters and writes such believable squabbling between them and such rich interplay and when Peter gets to put an obscure villain in the conversation it's just so funny. Also with the villain he creates in this issue he just shows ...

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I would choose a telepath as a babysitter. 0

Review for X-23 #17.Story: Laura talks to Hellion and Susan asks her to babysit her kids and wackiness ensues.Thoughts: I cannot believe Marvel is considering cancelling this fun series. I believe this issue proves why this series is so great. We commence with Laura talking with a very angry Hellion because his life in the past couple of years has been completely horrible. He's just yelling at nothing and not facing any people in order to deal with his problems and he doesn't want to left alone ...

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Monsters all around Flash. 0

Review for Venom #9.Story: Hijacker is going around robbing banks and Flash is sent in to stop him.Thoughts: Remender uses the comparing monster angle with this issue to show us just how much stress Flash went trough Spider-Island. In this issue we have c list villain Hijacker (brought back in Remender's Punisher series) going around robbing banks and running over confused civilians that were transformed into spider people and when he runs over a mother and her son Flash just goes into a berserk...

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Frank likes being forever alone. 1

Review for Punisher #5.Story: It's Thanksgiving and everybody is spending it in their own way. Frank is alone with a little kid finding him, Rachel and Norah are drinking at a pub, Oscar spends it with his dog and Walter has a pretty big extended family.Thoughts: Using Thanksgiving as a framing device is a great way to show Frank's loneliness. This is a holiday that emphasises on being together with loved ones, be it friends, family or just being with people. But Frank is a man with a very stron...

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This isn't Discord. There is not nearly enough John de Lancie. 0

Review for New Mutants.Story: The teams settles in to their new home and investigate Blink's appearance's.Thoughts: I am not an X-Men expert in any way shape or form. I know of their important storylines and famous runs by top notch creators but the only x-team I cared about was X-Factor seeing as how they are in another sub-genre of crime noir but New Mutants are easily going to become my number two x-book. What DnA are realized with the Regenesis is that there will be plenty off people will wa...

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Wait until she meets Karolina Dean. 2

Story: Cyke, Emma and Magneto arrive at the academy in order to let Magneto scan Jocasta or some such.Thoughts: I believe there is one word that describes this series for me and that is "inconsistent". It is inconsistent for many reasons, while the issue continues the story it is dragged down by characters acting in very dumb fashions with very stilted dialogue and I am now hating on Hazmat again. First off Hazmat, so Jenny thinks that Julie is a lesbian because she says things like "GO TEAM GIR...

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It took a revived corpse to hit the broad side of a mountain. 0

Review for Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.The Story: The team fights a lot of monsters, one that is a size of a mountain and a strange message arrives.Thoughts: God this series so much fun. The battles feel big and extremely gruesome with Frank just cutting monsters up. We get to know more about Khalis in that he is a magical being and that S.H.A.D.E might be in some shaddy buisness (no apologies for the pun). We get to see more of Bride and I love her, at first I thought Frank was the straigh...

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This Lady in the Water is to be taken seriously. 0

Review for Batwoman #3.The Story: Kate finally confronts with The Weeping Woman and the D.E.O and their investigation continues.Thoughts: First thing first the art continues to be gorgeous. In this issue we have some many different styles of panels, from Kate being dragged down into the ocean, the action layouts are dynamic and gives it a very quick pace to it. We get more Weeping Woman and we see what she can do, it's mostly her trying to kill people so that they stay with her because of the lo...

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Best issue of Fear Itself. 0

Review for Fear Itself #7.1.The Story: We learn of what actually happened to Bucky in Fear Itself.Thoughts: I will admit that my biggest flaws with this issue is that I have not read anything of Brubaker's Captain America epic run. Meaning a lot of this falls a bit flat for me, all im going to say is that it's all very interesting and it will obviously be very important for the future. Honestly I really like this issue mostly because Brubaker has found an incredibly clever way to bring Bucky bac...

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You know there are better duo names than "Dragonflies" 0

Review for Batwing #3.The Story: Batwing is still fighting Massacre alongside Thunder Fall and we see David's origin.Thoughts: We get David's origin and I gotta say it's an effective way of using the real world problem of child soldiers and how it affects so many kids in Africa and applies it here without being preachy. It shows just how brainwashed these kids have to become in order to kill people. Also im curious as to how David got out of it but im guessing that Matu will get him out of it. A...

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And now I am less pissed off about issue #13. 2

Review for Avengers Academy #21.The Story: The new academy has been set up and the students are worried they will be kicked out.Thoughts: Right off the bat I am peeved with the fact that they are putting this is the first the first issue of a new era. That's not how that works, a new era is usually said when an established team is taken in a new direction by a new creative team, like when they went from the usual superhero team of the JLA and then the BWA-HA-HA-Ha years started, that's a new era...

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Family fun on the run. 0

Review for Animal Man #3.The Story: Buddy and Maxine meet the totems who gave Buddy his powers and get attacked by two of the three Hunters, while Ellen and Cliff get chased by the third one.Thoughts: In the issue we get a bit of a retooling of Buddy's origin. The aliens were fake and were used by the Totems to give Baker his powers. I really like them from the first time we see them. They are big in stature but thanks to Foreman's art they are not natural looking, I honestly cannot properly des...

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The torch passing has been discontinued. 0

Review for Venom #8.The Story: Flash goes to take out the Queen.The Good: Remender is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers now. With the high the high octaine action of X-Force it is contrasted with Venom where will there is big action, I mean Flash and Steve teaming up against the Queen was great, here we have a series on a more human level with Flash struggling to be a strong man even without the Venom. This is showed greatly with a letter his father wrote him that is contrasted at grea...

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MC Escher would be proud. 0

Review for Secret Avengers #18.The Story: The Shadow Council wants to get some Transmatter that could destroy the universe.The Good: Ellis really knows to give artist's a huge playground in order to let them draw big things. Here we have Aja drawing in a very MC Escher fashion since this the Secret Avengers are in a space station that connects to an alternate earth. The way the fights play out with all the steps and the way Aja repeats panels but gives them something different to look at. Also t...

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Milligan pulling duties for Hawk & Dove. 1

Review for Justice League Dark #2.The Story: Zatanna escapes into a protective shield, John is trying to find Zatanna and we see Boston and Dawns relationship and how it works.The Good: In this issue we get a very good twist to the team forming arc, it seems that Madame Xanadu is influencing Enchantress to be more crazy in order to create the team and to fight whatever will destroy the world. Also Milligan seems to know what makes for compelling situations for stories because he is doing in this...

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Would Alice Cooper be proud of this ? 0

Review for Firestorm #2.The Story: Jason, Ronny and Tonya sit around and get explanations from Jason about all this crazyness. Also we see more of the villains.The Good: I have no idea why but I like villains that are hopped up on drugs, maybe it's because it makes them dangerous or it lets the writers write crazy dialogue. The mystery of the Firestorm origin to be interesting, the hinting that it might be of mystical origin and not scientific. I think I really like Cinar's style when it's more ...

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The douche returns ! 0

Review for Avengers Academy #20.The Story: After all the attacks from mediocre villains of Fear Itself Veil decides she had enough of the superhero buisness she wants out of the academy.The Good: As much as I never cared for Veil all that much I will admit that Gage did a good job at deconstructing an aspect of young heroes trying to become actual heroes, it shows us that not everybody is cut out to fight supervillains every other day and deal with the mind screwing that might bring to you and t...

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All breasts defy gravity Shatterstar. 3

Review for X-Factor #226.The Story: Jamie, Layla, Star and Long investigate the farm to find some clues and they do. Then they go to L.A to find the C-List villain Hangman ! Also a lot of tension arise's between the team members.The Good: Not as many laughs in the issue be instead we get great character moments between everybody in the team. For instance I find it interesting that PAD decides to continue with the recently revealed fact that M is a muslim and she is walking on water, she explains...

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So she likes losers ? 1

Review for Wonder Woman #2.The Story: Eris plots with Hera. Diana, Zola and Hermes get to Paradise Island and they get attacked by Eris.The Good: I really enjoy seeing gods scheme, here we have a woman scorned one to many times by her husband and she wants to take her revenge on Zeus by hitting on his latest conquest with the help of one their many children, it's like family drama turned up to 100. I really enjoy Zora, as Diana says she is the girl lost in the middle of nowhere, we found her in ...

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I want that baseball cap. 0

Review for Red Hood and the Outlaws.The Story: We see how Jason trained a little and in the present how they got to China.The Good: I had some worry that Lobdell would take away all of Jason's globe trotting training but with him putting Talia in here when she dropped off Jason at the All Caste kinda appeased that. In the previous issue a lot of people were wondering what the difference between Jason and Roy are seeing as this series might be an 80's action movie, here we see Jason becomes extre...

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First person take over. 3

Review for Blue Beetle #2.The Story: Since he has just bonded with the Scarab and he's taking control of his actions and runs away with Paco.The Good: Bedard does a very smart job of not retreading the previous series and does his own version of things. Here he does something I always wondered why it didn't happen in the previous series, that is while the scarab was asleep for a couple of centuries he isn't damaged by magic, so when it woke up and bonded it wants to do it's mission and will forc...

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September 1st 1942 was when he first appeared. 0

Review for Shade #1 of 12.The Story: A secret agent is chased by a bunch of assasins. Shade talks to Mikaal about life, then he sleeps with Hope O'Dare and decides to go on an adventure but Deathstroke appears.The Good: The conversation at the beginning does a good job at establishing Shade and Mikaal. Shade seems to be the type that loves life but Mikkal is more of a downer but he try to be, there have been a lot of cra happening in his life and it's just gotten to him. This von Hammer person s...

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There are worse places to wake up at. 0

Review for Resurrection Man #2.The Story: Mitch gets to Portland and is informed that his father is dead. Also the Body Doubles find him and Mitch dies again but something different happens when he wakes up.The Good: It's an interesting idea to set the majority of the issue in a retirement. It's a place where people go to stay until they die but Mitch can't die and he seems out of place there. Darryl seems like a very fun character and I do want to see if he's a former supervillain or not. I hav...

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Please Rucka, launche New York Central. 1

Review for The Punisher #4.The Story: Norah talks to Urich. We get more Clemons and Bolt and Frank patches himself up.The Good: In previous issue's we see just how much Frank is a drive man on his mission of revenge. Even if he's a messy bluddy mess, he will patch himself with bandages and a piece of 2x4 and then goes to kill some mafia people who were "asking" for protection money. Still loving the Gotham Central vibe from the series with Norah and Urich talking about should you should tell sto...

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Hello Sweetie ! 0

Review for Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E #2.The Story: We get Nina Mazursky backstory and the team gets to the monster planet.The Good: Second issue in and Lemire already gives us Nina's backstory wich shows us a very twisted sense of motherhood from Nina and at the same time some set-up for the future. We get little moments of comedy between Frank and Nina when they are fighting the water monsters. Im very much liking Frank as an old timer who mistrusts all technologie because it might fail ...

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But the dumb girl never drowns. 0

Review for Batwoman #2.The Story: Kate and Bette fight some crooks and talk about Batman Inc. Agent Chase talks to Maggie Sawyer about contacting her if she sees Batwoman. They see a huge crime scene between a new gang and The Religion of Crime. The Water Lady claims another victim.The Good: The art continues to be amazing. As everybody noticed with J.H. art is that he draws the costume scene's and the non-costume scene's differently and what I love seeing is both of those style's in a same scen...

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In space noone can see Phil Noto's art. 0

Review for X-23 #15.   The Story: Laura, Spidey and Sue are in space facing off with a horde of Whirldemons. Then they speak with the Uni-Power. They arrive back on Earth, Laura and the FF face off against an alien.  The Good: I haven't commented about this but this is a fun series. Liu really knows how to craft stories with very good drama, simple but effective action and little bits of humour. With the Uni-Power, Liu uses it to show that Laura has come a long way from being an anti-social outc...

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Choose the cat. He's like a dog but better. Or the goat guy. 3

Review for Red Lanterns #2.   The Story: On a war torn planet, two pilots acidentally kill children and Atro decides to deal justice and back on Ysmault he decides to raise the intelligence of one of his soldiers in order to help him in his crusade.   The Good: In this issue Milligan does a job at exploring how easy rage can be born in people, especially from pointless combat. Here we have soldiers thinking they have killed enemy soldiers but in reality killed kids in front of their sisters, bir...

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See ya Night Shift. I will miss you. 0

Review for Moon Knight #6.  The Story: Marc gets home, talks with Echo and then the Avengers come and talk with him.  The Good: Im finally starting to turn around on Bendis writing, he seems to have a good grasp on each of the characters and writes amusing banter with all of them. Also I really like Echo and her budding relationship with Marc, she seems smart enough to know to stay away far enough from him since he doesn't have all his marbles. The way Bendis portrays Marc insanity with him bein...

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You're wrong Hank. Bowties ARE cool. 0

Last review of Hawk & Dove #2. Also I can't belive I finally got to use that sentence in a review title.  The Story: Condor and Swan kill some other guy who is an avatar in order to get to Hawk & Dove. Also Hawk & Dove attack some other super zombies and get attacked by Condor & Swan.  The Good: As much as Swan is a stupid villain anem she seems like a creepy villain. As much as I don't like Liefelds art he is obviously a huge fan of the comic book medium that he draws the sound ...

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Are we still going with the Apple analogue with Steve Jobs dying? 3

Review for Green Arrow #2.   The Story: The douche villains kill some poor kid, post it on the internet so Ollie goes and stops them.  The Good: As I said in the previous issue I really like the idea of these glory hound villains using the internet to become infamous but it has drawbacks. Still liking Jurgen's art, it works well in action sequences.  The Bad: The main problem with the series is that we have no idea who Ollie, we have no idea how we acquired Q-Core who runs it and such. As much a...

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No Guy, stay away. 0

Review for Justice League International #2.  The Story: The team gets their butts handed to them by big robots and go back to D.C.  The Good: Well Dan is subtely giving connexion between Ice and Guy wich I like and I like the idea of Gavril and  Fang being rivals. The action was big and fun. The art by Lopresti is still big and colorful.  The Bad: I don't see what Batman and August see in Booster for being a leader, yeah he's smart to run away from a battle they can't win but as fake Max Lord sa...

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