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Pull Month: May.

Stuff im gonna get this month.




May 18th: Booster Gold #44:Jurgens is back on BG and he is going to face FLASHPOINT wich im not getting wich might be my funarel but I don't care.

Batman: Gates of Gotham #1 (of 5): Have not jumped on Detective Comics with Snyder writing but a mini-series I can handle.

Batman and Robin #23: Just staying on for this arc since I like Jason Todd.

Teen Titans #95: It seems that the Rankors plans is simply more than eating the team.


May 25th: Green Arrow #12: Hopefully we will be getting somewhere with this.


And onto Marvel.


Fear Itself #2 (of 7): BREAK THE SHIELD.


Secret Avengers #13: I am not worried about Nick Spencer writing these guys.


Avengers Academy Giant Sized #1: A team-up with a team I never read about and one that im loosing interest in.Oooh boy.


Avengers Academy #13-14: Prom,great,I don't even care about mine so why should I care about one in a comic book ? Also Sinister Six ? Now thats cool.


Amazing Spider-Man #661-662: Spidey teaching the AA ? Color me interested.


Moon Knight #1: We finally meet Mr.Brian Michael Bendis.


X-23 #10: So the Jubilee mini didn't do anything about her vampirism.


Daken: Dark Wolverine #9: Collision ends but I still haven't gotten issue #8.


X-Factor #219: M SMASH !



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