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Montreal Comic-Con 2011 experience.

So this past weekend me and my best friend Michael went to our first comic convention and learned all the hard rules about it. 
Saturday: Rule 1: Get tickets online. If you don't want to stand in line for over 3 hours and then being told there are no more tickets really pissed us off. So this basially our early afternoon. When wegot there we sure tought "Sure there's a big line but it can't be bad", we were very wrong. So we left at about 2:30 and bought tickets online for sunday. 
Sunday: This was awesome. Wehn we first got onto the convention floor and seeing all the people walking around, cosplaying, browsing comics or action figuers. The first we did was find my comic shops owners booth and we went off our merry way. The first celebrity Michael wanted to meet was Vic Mignogna, the voice actor and he was incredibly nice. Even tough the con wants people to pay for signature's and pictures and actually did those for free. After walking around while I was searching for a Gail Simone book for her to sign I finally found Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian. After walking around some more we found a booth that was selling a bunch of trading cards and Michael bought a Yu-Gi-Oh starter deck and I got two booster packs, for some reason im getting back into watching GX and some such. Then I met Pia Guerra and she signed my Y: The Last Man trade and she was very nice. Then I got an awesome Doctor Who t-shirt (sorry no picture, it's got a little dirty so im washing it) and then I met Gail Simone and she was so nice, answering questions about what it's like working woth Ethan van Sciver since politicaly they are opposites. A bit of a tangetn but apparently Van Sciver is more right wing when it comes to the economy and the army but is left wing when it comes to social issue's, he's pro gay marriage and all that stuff. Also she answered my question about what Fury of the Firestorm is about and know im interested in it.Then I met this really cool artist in artist alley called Richard Serrao and I bought one of his sketche's and his little sketch book (link to his facebook page, Then I got the third Chew trade papaerback. Also we tought that Vic was going to do a concert in the stage area but that was only on saturday so we left at about 4 pm.