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1st Vineversary

About a year ago today I joined Comic Vine.  And ever since them I became addicted. 
 The way I found this website was back in May of last year around Wonder Con. Youtube user mgalusic or the top editor of the Deadpool page "Abnormally Warm Guy" was in one of the website's video's talking about Cable and since he was cosplaying as Deadpool he was talking about his relationship with Cable.  
At that time I didn't really think of Comic Vine, it seemed like a cool website but I didn't yet. But on July 30th 2010 for some reason or another I decided to join and a year later: 
I have gained 2989 wiki points. 
Written 179 reviews. 
Compiled 8 lists. 
And wrote 329 forum posts. 
81 people think im worth following. 
And im following 82 other awesome users. 
And so im hoping in the future I will grow and make more aquaintence's and get more recommendations for comic books from the users. 
Also I wont be here during a large portion of August and I will write another blog about it.