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Jade is definitely ending up as a Black Lantern. I mean, her father was traumatized by her dancing corpse by that Gog gent just a few issues of JSA ago. Maura Rayner, too. If only to make Kyle again feel fear. I'm guessing it's likely at least one time traveler is gonna come backĀ  just to annoy Booster. Supernova, perhaps. All the dead members of the JSA except Ted Knight that haven't yet been confirmed (Larry Lance, the first Black Canary [heh, Black Lantern Black Canary], the Nelsons, the second Dr. Midnite, Terry Sloane) have also good chances of coming back as Black Lanterns. Since Batman's already dead, there's no point in returning Thomas and Martha Wayne; they're meaningless to everybody else. I want to think Jim Corrigan is mostly safe. Considering the Black Lantern is about the absence of emotion, Libra, as an avatar of the Anti-Life Equation, would get to be a dangerous one, particularly coupled with Black Lantern Psycho-Pirate. Kilowog's people, the dead from Sector 666 and Martin Jordan are also solid choices.