NHL Players vs UFC fighters

NHL: Zdeno Chara, Tie Domi, Bob Probert

UFC: Anderson Silva, Conor Mcgregor, Royce Gracie

Location: Bar after 1 beer (no interference through security or people)

3 v 3 at the same time

everybody at their prime

To Win: KO or incapacitation

P.S I tried to make it more fair by picking fighters that are smaller and less likly to be on performance enhancing drugs. ENJOY


Best house/bar fights

I'm trying to find the best live action fight scenes that take place in either a standard house or bar. I want the lots of destruction inside of the small arenas whether it be walls, doors, or furniture. I want the location to be almost another contender in the fight.

Please list the name of movie or show, characters involved and why you chose it.


Victor Zsasz vs Trevor Philips

Trevor is committed to Arkham with Zsasc. They meet in the rec. room playing checkers. Zsasz tells Trevor about all the old ladies he has killed and trevor immediately becomes bloodlusted and attacks. Zsasz pull out a small improvised knife and trevor grabs his chair.

Fight to death and orderlies do not intervene


Captain Canuck vs Wolverine vs Deadpool

Versions: Wolverine (BONE CLAW), deadpool (classic), Captain canuck (current)

no prep

morals apply but people are determined to win

Location: Forest in north Manitoba in the winter (out of each others sight but close)

Win: ko, incapacitaion