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Who's side are you on? The internal battle 1

The Russo brothers once again deliver another spectacular performance with an all-star cast of the most popular superhero team in the mainstream world today. Unlike previous MCU movies, this one focused on the primarily on the issues of consequences, something that almost never gets addressed in huge superhero gatherings like this, perhaps for the first time where the individual members know one another very well. A good mixture of action, storytelling, character development and humor keeps the ...

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Enter into the world of Ants...... 4

Ant-Man, the final instalment of Marvel Cinematic Universe 2nd Phase is definitely one to not miss. Young childhood memories of 'Antz', 'A Bug's Life' and 'The Ant Bully' are once again brought back to theatres diving not only into the exploration of a crafty man's road to redemption and sacrifice but into a wonderful world of awe-inspiring science for a whole range of audiences. Amazing special effects, well-timed well-executed humor and a formidable menacing villain the likes we have never see...

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Dinosaurs Resurrected........Once More 11

Jurassic World, the fourth instalment of Michael Crichton’s novel franchise brings back the magnificent long extinct prehistoric wonders in one big epic adventure, reigniting the inner child inside us once again. With wonderful sights, appropriate uses of sound and majestic music, only through 3D view can one truly witness the full theme park experience and the glorious attractions it has to offer. The entertainment value was definitely worth every cent I had. Action, plot, effects, drama,...

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