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Mjolnir Wielders from DC

Beta Ray Bill, Eric Masterson, Tareen, Jane Foster and Captain America have all been worthy of lifting Mjolnir canonically.........but what makes one worthy of picking up the weapon?

Is it having a good heart? Bravery and courage? Strong will power and determination?

Maybe those from the rival company of DC may give an insight.........

Not completed yet

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  • It shouldn't be a surprise the Dog of War would be a great candidate for wielding Mjolnir. Like Thor, Orion comes from an extradimensional background and is the only individual capable of wielding the Astro-Force and him alone. He has a strong warrior's spirit inside of him combined with the attitude of Beta Ray Bill to become one hell of a badass. Orion fears nobody and losing a fight is never an option for him.

  • A born warrior whose combat prowess and experience is only surpassed by his sheer intelligence. Majestros was destined for great achievements and he isn't afraid of overcoming any challenge he faces. His intentions are always for the better even when they seem a little harsh.

  • If Jane Foster and Tareen are worthy, then why not Diana? She has just as much of a warrior spirit as any man but with a compassion for life

  • You would think Lex is too "evil" to be "worthy" but he is anything but evil, he just has a strong belief for humanity such that he views heroes as issues not solutions. When society depends on superheroes to solve their everyday problems it impedes on mankind's progress and evolution. However Luthor will stand up for mankind when he is needed.