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Heroes of Recognition

List changes from time to time.

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  • Though the Norse of Thunder was rather mistreated badly many years back, he has gotten a much better run than most other superheroes. His movies are consistently getting better and so are his comics. With a hammer that can do virtually anything who wouldn't want to wield it yet very few can use this enormous godly power. Thor has defeated some of the greatest opponents no one else has ever been able to and definitely deserves his place here.

  • Bill's background is an interesting one. Coming from a peaceful race, his people weren't prepared for the destruction Surtur would unleash upon them. Now held responsible for protecting them, the Korbinite champion was further gifted with Stormbreaker, a weapon of similar properties to that of Thor's Mjolnir after he proved himself worthy of its power. Bill's difficult task is done solo as he finds himself facing threats time and time again. Yet Bill remains strong on the inside, not giving up and fighting a fight, his opponent should never forget. There's no possible way for him to lose unless he is weighed down by PIS.

  • Has been a long time favourite ever since his movie was released in 2008. This was followed up by a great 3D TV show dedicated to the hero with awesome graphics and catchy music. A suit of armour that allows a wide variety of effects has always intrigued to pursue a future in that direction. Unfortunately it would take many years before a safe fully operational suit would ever be made. His character has a much better approach in the new Avengers Assemble TV series than I anticipated.

  • Has never failed to grab my attention. Unlike most Autobots who may have trouble with one Decepticon, Optimus clearly outshines them all hacking his way through entire armies. He has consistently become better and more overpowered as well as quickly adapting to handling bigger, badder threats as the movies progress. Transformers Age of Extinction really lived up to its reputation.

  • The X-Men movies and TV shows have earned Wolverine a place on this list. Aside from his badass nature, he shows us that size isn't everything especially when he takes on opponents much larger than himself similar to a real-life wolverine. The bone claws are iconic and couldn't be anywhere better than on a pair of punching fists.

  • Though I've never seen much of Batman on TV due to having no TV in my childhood I would later come to appreciate the Dark Knight by purposely exposing myself to his character and the interests it brings. Its recent Beware the Batman TV series brought on a new but intriguing approach to the character's lore and mythology plus mind-grabbing story arcs and 3D graphics. Batman is slowly creeping up the ladder.