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Fictional Places I want to Visit

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  • Society where humans and prehistoric animals can co-exist together peacefully.

  • If this zoo was to be opened I'd be the first to get there. Hopefully the Jurassic World movie is as good as it looks.

  • The vast expanse of Middle Earth holds many secrets and many sights too from the Shire to Weathertop, from Rivendell to the Misty Mountains, from Mirkwood to Lonely Mountain, from Isengard to Minis Tirith the City of Kings plus many more.

  • This is the only place you get to see survivors of the KT extinction. A nightmarish environment to be but wicked sick!

  • Not sure what's worse. Skull Island or this? Nevertheless there are dinosaurs here.

  • Who wouldn't want to take a walk on the Death Star?

  • The Death Star of DC owned by the Mongul family. It houses just as much destructive capability.

  • The planet at the centre of the DC Universe holds many wonderful sights and scenes. All the knowledge of the cosmos can be found here plus free stuff.

  • Home of the Norse Gods. Asgard has truly marvellous scenery from the Bifrost to the halls of Valhalla plus Odin's vault. You get to see both day and night at the same time.

  • The most feared star destroyer of the Galactic Empire. Darth Vader's colossal flagship measures over a dozen miles long dwarfing every other space vessel except the Death Star.

  • I'd be crazy if I didn't want to go here. Orbiting high in space it allows for a great view of the Earth below.

  • Not interested in what's on land (no offense) but underwater is a completely different story.

  • The best school to go to IMO. Magical creatures, moving portraits, friendly ghosts, crazy teachers you can piss off and of course Quidditch.

  • Where the magic behind Dr Strange occurs.

  • A floating aircraft carrier that nearly every Marvel hero has stepped foot in. Contains databases on every good guy and bad guy which could come in handy for many suspicious people.

  • The city that flies over all other cities.

  • For the amazons. Why not?

  • For the mermaids. Why not? Marvel or DC doesn't matter.

  • The building blocks of the DC Multiverse lies behind here. I might not make it back out.