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My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

We have all seen movies and TV shows about zombies, we read stories about them frequently but is it possible for such events to happen in our world? Most people wouldn't take this seriously but is it so bad to just prepare for one? In the event a zombie outbreak does happen the survivors are usually the ones who are best prepared, adapted and overall believed it would happen to them.

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The Types of Zombies

Undead Zombies

The first breed of zombies are slow-moving, near indestructible rotting corpses. The amount of punishment they can take is phenomenal, probably because they're already dead. To kill them, full decapitation is needed, limbs need to be severed and bodies dismembered. Sunlight is the only thing that'll deter them otherwise they are at their most dangerous during night. These types of zombies are highly unlikely in our world today but are likely to last the longest.

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Viral Zombies

The second breed of zombies are fast-moving crazy people who have been infected by some virus. These zombies are relentless and will continue to pursue you at high speeds. Simple one-shots to the head or at least two-shots to the head should kill them for good as they still require a brain to function. Technically they are still human and suffer from the same human vulnerabilities.

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My Situation

  1. Currently taking residence in a house at the end of a cul-de-sac at the top of a hill. There are several other houses within a 200 foot radius. Fences are short and easy to climb over.
  2. Not much of an outgoing person in the summer due to the intense heat, so I tend to remain around home within a 2 mile radius. I have everything I need e.g. shopping centre, movie theatre, indoor sports stadium, skate park and many more.
  3. Outside of summer, I travel to and from the same place around 50 miles away during weekdays.

What to do Initial Outbreak Scenarios

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  • If a zombie outbreak occurs nearby from within a mile away to right next to you, your best bet is to get out of there. Find the nearest vehicle and head in the direction away from the outbreak. Should the zombies pursue, keep driving. Try to kill some by running them over if you can otherwise don't risk it. You're only safe when they're completely out of your sight. Then proceed with your strategy plans if you have one.
  • If a zombie outbreak occurs elsewhere from more than a mile away to the other side of the world, you should find out where the initial outbreak is. By knowing where the zombies are will determine your course of action and destination. Proceed with your strategy plans if you have one. If not you'll have to rely on your instincts.
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My Strategy Plan for Quick Escape

  • Don't panic! Unless there's one right next to me. Then I need to GTFO ASAP!
  • Should the zombie apocalypse occur while I'm around home. I'd firstly try to find out where the initial outbreak is whether it is nearby or on the other side of the world, this will determine what course of action I will take next. I can't spend too much time until the zombies reach me, by then it's too late. Regardless of where the zombies are I must remain calm as to not make reckless moves. Panicking is what people are good at and they are the first ones who end up as zombie lunch.
  • Next I would choose the destination where to go. If the zombies are on the other side of the world, my choices are virtually unlimited, in fact I would try to get the entire neighbourhood to work together against the zombie onslaught should it ever reach our shores. If the zombies aren't too far away it would be best to head for the remote isolated places. Whether you choose to be accompanied or not is up to you. (More details later)
  • Supplies are then gathered quickly, communication items or other various devices are brought too. Your choice of transport and gear is up to you (More details later). Head towards the opposite direction of the zombies.
  • Assuming at this time society has degraded my best option would be to take whatever I find along the way, replenish supplies so on so forth. The least preservable foods must be consumed before the longer preserving foods. Petrol may be in short supply but hopefully that won't need to be an issue.
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The Right Choices of Equipment and Gear

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To increase your chances of survival you need

A mode of transport is needed unless you prefer to go on foot. Vehicles will be plentiful, aircraft and boats while a better choice are rare. You would want a big vehicle, a big bulky one that can run zombies over and be tough for them to climb onto. Here's my suggestion.

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For replenishments such as food and water, you need not be fussy. Foods that quickly decay need to finished off first! You may need to learn from Bear Grylls.

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Weapons are what makes a zombie apocalypse fun amirite? They are usually sorted into 3 categories melee, ranged and explosives. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Melee weapons can be used again and again downside to its short reach.

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Ranged weapons in particular firearms are heavily favoured with their long range but make too much noise, attracting more zombies to the area. Bows and crossbows are a better choice.

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Explosives despite being the most dangerous and most loudest can only be used once unfortunately.

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Whatever weapon you choose to take is up to you. Personally I'd take this with me for convenience and efficiency in its applications.

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But I do wish I had these instead...

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and these...

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and of course this...

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okay that's enough. Back on topic.

My Options and Destinations

So what's next for me? Who knows? I don't know where I'll end up but I do have a few destinations in mind. I have prepared myself for survival in harsh environments and will choose between remote islands or the desert. Of course these sound extreme but personally I'd rather not see another zombie in my life ever again.

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My Personal Tips for Preparation (What you can do in the meantime)

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Preparing for a zombie apocalypse might sound stupid but there's one aspect you can prepare that would increase your chances of survival. Cardio. "Healthy body, healthy mind" as they all say. While we can't all be Batman we should be strong enough to carry our heaviest item, fast enough to outrun the fastest zombies over a short distance and overall quick to react to danger. Besides, cardio is important for our daily lives anyway so you can't possibly be thought of as weird or as a freak by physically training hard.

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Know your zombie is the key to survival. Though this doesn’t mean abandon precious time and find out everything, at least know what you're up against. This would determine your course of action for later on such as your method of disposing them, hiding from them, avoiding them etc. Always "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer" Can the zombies swim? Can the zombies climb? Can the zombies run? Can the zombies think? Do the zombies detect by sight, smell or hearing? Are the zombies only limited to humans or can animals get infected too?

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Know your places well. Seriously though, the key to survival for anything is knowing your surroundings well enough to your advantage.

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Make the switch to renewable energy powered devices where possible. Our reliance on poor sources of energy will come back to haunt us. This might seem tough but if you're not willing to live without electronics for what may be a never-ending apocalypse then there's not much hope for you. Cars run on petrol, electricity, phone batteries and many more would be useless the longer the zombies are still around.

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My Recommendations to you

  • Surviving a zombie apocalypse alone really sucks. That's why teamwork is important to ensure the survival of everyone on the team. More pairs of ears are better than one but make sure they're trustworthy. Though everyone is different and sometimes you can't always be with the people you want, within a team you should have a vehicle driver (if you don't know how to drive this is important), medic (should someone get hurt) and scout (to watch over the team).
  • Always have a weapon with you in case. May it be a sword or a pocket knife. You never know when a zombie might attack you.
  • When determining your destination you'd obviously want to go somewhere isolated from the populace. While many would consider a small town, I recommend a harsh environment such as a desert. While undead zombies can be easily disposed of, viral zombies still succumb to effects like normal humans. We hate the cold, we hate the heat and so do zombies. A small cave in the middle of the desert is a perfect place to set up base otherwise making residence out your vehicle is perfect also. Viral zombies would rarely follow you out there. Remote uninhabited islands like the Galapagos and the cold icy regions of the North and South are recommended places to go as well.
  • When choosing a base you want to remain on higher ground at least. Any form of ascending takes more effort than descending. Higher ground keeps you further away from zombies (if they are near you) and provide a better view of your surroundings.
  • If there is some sort of entry way in the form of a door, you'd want one that opens out when you exit not open in. Many times in zombies movies you'll see the survivors having to push the door against the incoming hordes. While pushing is certainly much easier than pulling, the intelligence of zombies aren't that high and all they have on their mind is the need for flesh, there's no thinking or co-ordination. They will charge forward relentless and a door that opens on the inside is highly inconvenient when you are forced to push back and lock at the same time to keep it shut. Doors that open out not only provide a more quicker way of escape but with the hinge on the outside only means when zombies come crashing at the door they are actually keeping it shut for you
  • When selecting a suitable weapon, you'd want to choose a melee weapon over a firearm. Firearms are responsible for loud noises that attract hordes (something you don't want). While I recommend you select a melee weapon, a firearm is nonetheless a useful weapon and should only be used as a last resort in a getaway. Shooting from an escaping vehicle is much safer than shooting from a standstill position. Heavy firearms should be mounted on your vehicle, a light pistol should come in handy when needed. Crossbows and composite bows are recommended over guns. Blunt melee weapons such as baseball bats are perfect, bladed melee weapons need to be super sharp enough to cut through zombies in one hit. A stuck blade in a rotting corpse is not good news. Explosives should only be used against a mass horde but use sparingly and only for a quick getaway.
  • Don't be stupid. A zombie apocalypse is nothing to be laughing about or be thrilled. Sure you want to kill as many as you can but if you stuff up or cause someone you care about stuff up, then the jokes on you buddy.
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Now it's up to you to evaluate yourself if you could survive a zombie apocalypse or not. Obviously this blog isn't the best and this plan is merely my own, not the perfect plan for everyone. Different people will have different ways of coping with such tragedies. I'm willing to help anyone out or give further details, answering questions that weren't addressed in my blog. Good luck to you all and if zombies do come, hopefully you can same mankind from extinction.

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My Definitions and Criteria

The following is a list of definitions/criteria I've given myself so I don't need to explain myself in some areas. This list will get updated every once in a while and new words will be added.

Hero / Heroine

  1. A hero must be morally good at least for the best of society
  2. A hero must be a sentient being or have sentient origin
  3. A hero must have the qualities of courage, bravery, life and nobility
  4. A hero is not too wise as to overshadow other heroes
  5. A heroine is a female hero

Examples - Harry Potter, Samwise Gamgee, Sentry, Optimus Prime, Hawkeye, Ms Marvel, Storm, Shadowcat, Rogue

Exclusions - Alfred Pennyworth, Jimmy Olsen, Nick Fury, Yoda, Dumbledore, Ganthet, Aunt May, Jane Foster, Lois Lane, Mistress Love

Villain / Villainess

  1. A villain must be morally against normal civil society to some extent not necessarily evil
  2. A villain must be a sentient being or have sentient origin
  3. A villain must have been given a chance for choice initially not from evil origins
  4. A villainess is a female villain

Examples - Magneto, Terrax, Skurge, Joker, Darkseid, Tyrant, Megatron, Mr Bunrs, Giganta, Enchantress, Cheetah

Exclusions - Arishem, Stardust, Molecule Man, Man-Bat, Beyonder, Galactus, Senator Kelly, Destroyer Armour, Oblivion, Satan, Gamora, Mistress Death, Hela

Peak Human (realistically)

1. Strength of 0.5 tons max

2. Travel Speed (no faster than Usain Bolt)

3. Stamina to last no more than 0.5 hours

Examples - Michael Jordan

Exclusions - Colossus


  1. Strength of 2 tons or greater (knock down buildings)
  2. Combat Speed faster than a running racehorse
  3. Intelligence of IQ 250+ (if intellect is their main power)
  4. Durability to withstand gunshots at close range
  5. Stamina to last more than 3 hours
  6. Superpowers and other abilities

Examples - Omega Red, Deathstroke, Dr Doom, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Thing, Wonder Woman, Blade, Bane

Exclusions - Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Fist, Tony Stark, Victor von Doom, Nightwing, Moleman, Winter Soldier


  1. A hero with superhuman attributes and abilities

Examples - Atom, Spiderman, Mr Fantastic, Aquaman, Luke Cage, Hercules, Goku, Beta Ray Bill

Exclusions - Loki, Zeus, Watcher, Ion, Living Tribunal, Eternity, Dr Manhattan, Juggernaut, Green Arrow


  1. A villain with superhuman attributes

Examples - T-1000, Kurse, Black Adam, Mr Sinister, Sauron, Krona, Thanos, Darth Vader, Abomination

Exclusions - Shuma Gorath, Dormammu, Mephisto, Surtur, Cyttorak, Anti-Monitor, Great Darkness, Lex Luthor, Parallax

Antihero / Anti-Heroine

  1. An anti-hero must be morally good at least for the best of society
  2. An anti-hero must be a sentient being or have sentient origin
  3. An anti-hero doesn't need to have the qualities as regular heroes (play by their own rules)
  4. An anti-hero is usually considered untrustworthy by their society)

Examples - Jonah Hex, Hulk, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Severus Snape, Sherlock Holmes, Hellboy

Exclusions - Deadpool, Huntress, Catwoman, Cad Bane, Boba Fett, Asajj Ventress, Red Hulk, Lobo, Red Hood

Superman Rip-Off / Superman Type

1. Must be male

2. Wears a cape, tights and spandex are optional

3. Possesses the powers of strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, stamina and at least one form of ranged attack

Examples - Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Thor, Ultraman, Icon, Martian Manhunter

Exclusions - Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Doomsday, Scarlet Witch, Robin


1. Very popular and liked not necessarily iconic

2. Not unliked or hated

3. Has a small fanbase compared to others

4. Highly overestimated by the majority

4. Wins many battles based on number of votes

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