Winsome Witch respect thread

This will be a sign of respect on the magnificent top reality warper, Winsome Witch. Most of this will insist of videos, and qoutes, and my intake.

Top feats:

Here is some video of Winsome Witch, her feats, and all. One of her most impressive Feats is snapping simply snapping her fingure and defeating a Alien Warlord, who could destroy people will his mind.

As you see this video above, she is erased from existence and pops RIGHT back up..The Alien named Ough could erase things with his MIND.

He erased the tank at 01:36. Then, winsome said a few words and brung it back from non existence, at 01:51 at 8:45 she magically appears behind the Wolf like nothing. at 9:00 she simply puts her wand on his head, and he is downsized. She didn't even wave it. Then she touches it again at 09:20, again not even waving it. Once again at 09:49, just touching his head and he's incased in a bubble...At 10:34 a air compressor magically appears and inflates him BEFORE he can blow the house in..Again, the work of Winnie doing things in the milesecond. at 11:00-11:28 he tries to counteract Winnie's magic, winnie, without moving simply makes his sorcery fail....Again at 11:48, Winnie makes his spell fail from the safety of the house..

Now, here's where it really gets nice. 2:49 She easily stops a bull dog. 2:52 She creates a pool of Mud and the Dog falls into it. 04:10 - 5:50 a demonstration of her powers. She simply said, before a amped, speeding bulldog could kill her "IPPITY PIPPITY STOP", "IPPITY PIPPITY MUD" "IPPITY PIPPITY...POW". Before the wolf can eat her, she waves her finger and says her phrases, and turns him into a DUCK. At 4:10. Then, at 4:31 she simply humiliates him without any effort. She could have easily snapped her fingers and make him dissapear from existence, but she decided to toy with him.

at 04:44 before he can swing a punch, she turns him into a frog. If you have gotten this far into the post, you will see why I love Winnie. again, 05:09-05:21, he is humiliated 05:35, her broom simply sweeps him to the door... Now on to the next video.

01:54, she effortlessly turns herself into a duck. 02:16, she waves her hand before a speeding bullet can shoot her, ad the shotgun is turned around on the Hunter. 02:44 she effortlessly turns into a bear, and at 02:57, shots are fired at her, but nothing happens. She does not get hurt, she just continues to walk. 03:14, by the time the Hunter is at the tree, she's a gaaraf!. 04:24, she is a lion and she scares the Hunter..Bullets won't even hit her, they miss every shot.. She continues to transform from animal to animal, you can all get the rest. At the end of the video, she changes into a bunch of animals..Alright, the next video. If you are still reading/watching, you will be impressed by her next feats.

at 7:50, she effortlessly warps a bucket of Witch brew..After she adds the ingrediants, the letters form and tell her the EXACT location of a top-spy who not even NATO could find..08:39, the spy pulls out a laser pistol capable of erasing something from existence (Winsome has dealt with that before, as seen in the top video), and before he can use it on Winsome, she turns the laser blast into water! 09:30, he pulls out a small powerful explosive, throws it near Winsome, and it explodes flowers...She then mentions she's protected against Sonic Booms, earthquakes, floods, bombs, etc. On her house and on herself. 10:24, before a speeding bazooka blast can destroy her, she says a few words and the bazooka is rendered useless..10:47, she waves her FINGERS and turns him into a red DRAGON. On to the next and last video(for now)

03:40, after turning into pussy cat man she goes in to stop a Robbery. 04:7, she says a few words and later, the safe does not blow up, the Robber's minions do. 04:26, she effortlessly turns a bag of money into a flower pot. 04:39, then a wall appears infront of the minion and he is stopped. 04:50-5:00, she turns one of the Thinker's heads into a gurellia head..Then turns the other into a frog.

Ok, this is my first respect thread, and we are done. So whenever you feel like making a Winsome Witch thread, here are all your feats to back her up. She has plenty more feats, I will try to find them. Thanks for reading. (: