Mighty Mouse Respect Thread


Mighty Mouse is one of my favorite cartoon superheros, and there's a new movie about him coming out in 2013 done by paramount. In this thread I show much respect for Superman basically incarnated into a rat-MIGHTY MOUSE.

MAJOR FEATS(so far) :

Moved at the speed of light to defeat multiple enemies.

Has beat up and scared his enemies so badly, that their skin hopped off and ran after them.

Has used reflection/deflection abilities to redirect things such as Butcher Knives, back to his enemies.

Has knocked his enemies in the sky with a punch or 2 punches.

Has blocked multen fire from hitting him with his hands, and pushing the fire/water back onto his enemies.

Has flown through speeding bullets.

Has withstood multiple heavy cannon balls, blocking them with a pot. He even used a baseball bat to hit them back to their sender, making the sender explode.

Has destroyed builders and ships by either flying through them, or throwing someone else into them.

Has punched animals like Borgs out of the sky, without himself falling. And has thrown prowling tigers out of the sky, to another continet.

Has used his own speed trails to create lasso's, or other sorts of manifestations through his energy, to tangle/defeat his enemies.

Has bended metal with his bare hands, and tied the metal up.

Has stood on things like Stars to help his speed go better.

Has flown through exploding rockets without getting hurt.

Has master swordsmanship, seen in his swords fight with the sorcerer.

Extreme durability, being able to move before a enemy can strike him quietly from behind.

Has created himself into a energy-like bowling ball that moves at immense speed, and can knock out any type of enemy.

Ahem, now, off to the feats.

Mighty mouse sweeps down at the speed of light to save the sheep at 4:03. 4:08, he takes the same fire FROM THE BOWLING HOT BOWL, and makes the Wolves's skin hop off...4:19, The wolves, scared of mighty mouse, litterily throw around the sheep in fear of being attacked. 4:27, they throw loads of butcher knives, undodgable to Mighty Mouse. 4:30, he uses his reflection/lightning abilities, and those butcher knives go flying back to the wolves. 4:40, the wolves can't even touch him, he's moving at the speed of lightg and sound, and he soon beats them up. Knocking them both up into the sky. 4:58, THE Wolf goes to desperate measures, using the juice from a barrel. Mighty mouse effortlessly puts his hands out, keeping the water from touching him, and drowning the wolf DEAD with his own weapon. 5:04, the wolf uses bullets and fires at mighty mouse, moving at the speed of light-they don't even effect him, and Mouse delivers a blow to the wolf in one hit. The pot knocks down all the other wolves. 5:20, Mighty Mouse uses the pot to go into the wolves's building, however, they use HEAVY CANNON BALLS at the pot, but those cannonballs are no match for Mighty Mouse, and he eventually throws the pot down destroying the wolves, them flying in the air, and Mighty Mouse saving the sheep..The sheep can also walk on Mighty Mouse's color he makes when going at the speed of light.

4:08, The girl is captured by the evil cat, Mighty Mouse sweeps down on a carpet to rescue her. Then 4:12 he goes at the speed of light. Now let me explain something to you guys.. The speed of light observation is taken from the jet sound I see, and the smoke trails Mighty Mouse is leaving..So don't tell me he's not moving at the speed of light, he is. 4:16 the cat rubs the lamp, out of the evil smoke comes a black borg, bigger then Mighty Mouse. 4:22, Mighty Mouse simply punches it out of the sky. 4:25 The cat continues to rub the lamp, out of the smoke comes a prowling Tiger. 4:32, Mighty Mouse circulates around the tiger, eventually just grabbing his TAIL and throwing him back to Africa, making his fur jump off, and making his fur chase him. 4:45, that smoke comes again, and here comes a fire breathing DRAGON OR some type of beast, he breathes fire, 4:50, Mighty Mouse puts his hands out, stops the fire, curls it back right onto the beast-making him burn to death. 5:09, the smoke lines he's making, he uses them to create a lasso, a eventually stops the horse. But the evil cat ends up cutting the line. 5:23, Mighty Mouse punches him across the ground. 5:34, the cat foolishly challenges mighty mouse, trying to cut him up. Mighty mouse punches him across the sky.

3:43, the captain has the girl all tied up. When Mighty mouse comes, cannonballs fly to him, coming from multiple cannons. 3:47, he uses a bat and hits the cannonballs back to the ship, crushing the cannonballs as they are hit back, 3:52, the cannonballs hit and kill the cats in explosions, putting them through the ship. I should stop the thread right there, but I won't. 3:56, The cats have this mega-cannon all loaded up, and fire it at Mighty Mouse, 4:00 he BENDS the metal cannon, ties it up, then the cannonballs roll down the opposite side, and explode on some of the cats. 4:09, he transforms into this energy-like cannonball himself, moving extremely fast, 4:11, a group of cat minions come out, 4:13, he simply knocks them out like bowling pins. 4:22, cats rain down bullets, he flys up to the mass and destroys it with his hands, save the cats humilation and puts out the sail so they wouldn't die. 4:35, continues to effortlessly knock out multitudes of cats. 4:42, cats chase him, he moves the an emergancy building from the ship, and the cats fall down. 4:46, takes a anchor and swings it, effortlessly making cats fly into the sky. 4:52, makes the anchor come out and capture the 2 cats in a vernuable spot. 5:03, once again uses his energy to tie up apart of the ship, bend down the mass (without it breaking) and fling a bunch of cats into the air. 5:27, comes down like a TORPEDO, clangs into the Captain's stomach, and beats him up. 5:46, saves the girl, and it's a happy ending.

By this moment, you should know he could defeat Darkseid, Thanos, and all those other jokes.

Mighty Mouse, as the story begins, is tied up in the desert as a meal for a band of vultures, while Pearl Pureheart's daddy (tied to a rock) is falling toward the jaws of crocodiles in the East River. Pearl is playing a piano singing "Father, dear Father, oh where are you now?

So a tyrant cat, who has arranged Mighty Mouse's death, through brilliant tactician work. 4:27, he rips out of his ropes. 4:29, punches one falcon, knocking down 10 of them. 4:33, Falcon, meet fist. 4:54, Mighty Mouse saves Father from crocidles. 5:08 dodges multiple punches from a springer, eventually gets hit but at 5:34, he takes the captor, punches him into the plane, breaks the circulator, and saves the falling girl.

The king sends his evil sorcerer to capture the beautiful mistress...

2:00, the powerful sorcerer comes in on his cloud, 2:06 and shoots down lightning upon the girl. The lightning grabs her and she's in her clutches. 3:35, Mighty Mouse rushes in on a star. 3:47, sends multiple rockets to mighty mouse, but Mighty Mouse knows the trick, and simply flys through them. 4:02, here we see Mighty Mouse is a master swordsman, fighting on par with the powerful sorcerer. 4:06, the sorcerer becomes invisible, the sword duels with Mighty mouse by himself, the sorcerer comes behind Mighty Mouse with a axe, mighty mouse simply flys behind him, and touches him wit his sword. 4:44, the sorcerer and his king are defeated, Mighty Mouse saves the day....

The powerful witch wants to disturb and ruin the Mouse's halloween party....

3:58, the witch uses her brew to kill Mighty Mouse.. 4:40, it rains on him and he comes back to life. 4:54, hits the back of the witch's broom and makes it spin.5:06, Mighty Mouse kicks the cat off, and engages in battle with the witch. 5:14, the witch retreats to her cloud, Mighty Mouse goes in and beats up her and her cat. 5:27, ties the broom around the witch's neck, 5:30, knocks the witch up into the sky, humiliating her. Eventually, the mice are saved by Mighty Mouse.

For now, this is what I am posting. There's about 30 more videos I should post, but I will do it day by day, week by week. Anyway, thanks for viewing.