Ebay is where i buy my comics

yep thats where i get most of my comics now a days mind you i don't get them as fast some are cheaper some are more but i don't mind since i don't get a chance to get to the comic shop often every now and then


went to st vincent depaul

now i know what you might thinking that its weird that comics would be in a thrift store of all place but ya they had a ton of them and we went to 2 of them and i got a bunch the first one didn't have as much but the 2nd holy crap they had a ton not only were they 50 cents but on top of that they were 50% off needless to say i didn't have enough money to buy all the ones i wanted to but i did get ones i really really wanted like the punisher war journals and hulk vs venom which i found out to be really rare so awesome hope we go again this weekend

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keeping you up to date

i think i will start blogging a little bit at a time and keep people up to date on what i buy maybe if i go to a comic shop or what not seems like it will be kinda fun to do and keep me a little busy ummm ya

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