My top 10 favorite game characters

Hi guys this is my first list and for my first list, I listed my favorite game characters.

List items

  • My all time favorite character because I've been a Final Fantasy fan for 4 years and he is good looking and very powerful.

  • Cloud's mortal enemy. Sephiroth has prove on my second list because he is fast, strong, and powerful.

  • Nothing can beat a god killer. Kratos killed powerful gods like Poseidon and Hades.

  • Leon proven that he is worthy on my 4th list because he killed 10X faster and stronger than him.

  • Prototype is my all time favorite open world game and he is the protagonist of the game.

  • My favorite assassin from the Assassin's Creed series

  • Another zombie killer...

  • I played DMC 4 and 5 I enjoy playing it because of its intense boss fights.

  • Like what I say on Dante.

  • No comment for this guy :| .