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My current pull-list. Let me know if you have any suggestions based on what I'm currently reading.

List items

  • Scott Snyder on this? Count me in!

  • Creepy art. Just love it.

  • This should be a good origin story.

  • Love this. Very Lost-esque. Brings up loads of questions, reads a thriller and has lots of mystery.

  • Read this from the beginning as floppies. Switched to trades, since it reads a lot better that way.

  • Snyder's Detective run brought me to this. This book is just fantastic and consistently good. One of my favourites for many months now.

  • Love that Damian brat.

  • JHW3. Yes please!

  • So far so good. Wasn't too fond of Daniel's Batman run, but this is good stuff.

  • First time I'm reading Green Lantern. It's pretty good.

  • I'm relatively new to comics, so this is a good introduction to many of the characters.

  • Pure evilness.

  • Never read anything like this before, but the story is good, the art is amazing and for just 2.99 I'm very surprised not many more people seem to be pulling this book.

  • Brian Wood kills it. Sad to see this going in a few months

  • Snyder again!?

  • Marvel floppies are too expensive. So I'm hardcover collecting this. Excellent stuff.

  • Started reading Batman comics when Dick was Batman. Great character, worthy of his own ongoing.

  • Not too sure about this book. But since it's the only book with Tim, gotta read it.

  • Only started reading Flash since the start of this volume. I love the art, but the story seems to be all over the place. It's not new reader friendly imo. Will try a couple more issues out though.

  • Snyder and Batman. YES YES YES. This is my favourite book right now. Capullo is really good on art.

  • Quite a surprise this book. Great story now with Deadman. I love the concept of this book, with a new DC character every 5 issues or so.

  • Almost on par with Batman. Great stuff!!

  • Trying this out. So far so good.

  • Lovin' it.

  • I like Batman related mini-series and usually try them out. The first issue was good!

  • I read the teaser in Strange Adventures one shot, and wasn't too sure about it. Gave the first issue a shot, since it was just a dollar. Best dollar spend this year. Haven't read it yet? Buy it!! It can be a little confusing on first read, but read it again and again and you'll love it! The art is beautiful!

  • Loved the first issue. Only Marvel book on my pull I'm getting in floppies.