Luke Cage Netflix Show

This is a compilation of characters/concepts that I want to see on Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix series, with descriptions on how I would like to see them portrayed. We do not know how many seasons the show will get, so these are just some ideas on how to bring the characters into the MCU.

The Netflix series are going for a more grounded approach, and I wanted to reflect that in the characters I chose and my ideas on how to utilize them.

List items

  • Protagonist. A young man living in the ghetto who got involved in a gang called the Rivals. Since this is an origin series, Cage should have the same anger/rage that he had in his early comics. His arc should be the overcoming of that and finding his destiny as a hero. Should say "Sweet Christmas" as least once in the show.

  • Former member of the Rivals. Was the leader of the gang and was close friends with Cage.

  • Former Rivals member with Cage and Stryker.

  • Former Rivals member. Was the main muscle of the group. After the group split up, he stayed with Shades.

  • Former Rivals member. Got his nickname due to his mysterious past/persona. The other Rivals are creeped out by him, but kept him around due to being a skilled thief.

  • Former member of the Rivals. He provided the gang with various gadgets and technology from black markets that they would use, giving him the nickname Gadget. Stayed with Stryker after the gang split.

  • Girlfriend of Stryker who starts to distance herself from him after seeing him get involved more and more with the criminal world.

  • Corrupt cop who works at Seagate Prison. Complete asshole.

  • Another corrupt cop alongside Rackham. Full name William Quirt.

  • Scientist looking to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, and gets authority to test it on prisoners at Seagate. Cage escapes after volunteering.

  • Goes by civilian name John McIver in the series. Another inmate who undergoes the experiment and is paid by Seagate Prison to take down and bring in Luke Cage.

  • Goes by civilian name Quincy McIver in the series. Helps his brother John in his hunt for Cage. His arc ends on a cliffhanger as he loses his arms and legs and is rushed to a hospital.

  • Warden of Seagate. Oblivious to corruption in his prison, and after Cage escapes, he gets threatened to lose his job. Has two sons.

  • Son of Tyler Stuart who seeks to take down Cage after posing a threat to his father's position alongside his brother Stiletto. Uses razor-sharp discus as his primary weapon.

  • Son of Tyler Stuart who seeks to take down Cage after posing a threat to his father's position alongside his brother Discus. Uses wrist gauntlets that fire miniature daggers at a rapid rate.

  • Mob boss of the Diablos, a gang that was the rival to the Rivals. Had his broken jaw and mouth replaced with metal. His bark is as bad as his bite.

  • Enforcer for Jones. Carries his signature weapon named Josh,a powerful six-barreled shotgun.

  • In the comics, she is the leader of a mob group called the Rat Pack. For the series, I would drop the "Black" from the name and make her the owner of a bar called "The Rat Pack", and it would be the hotspot for the criminal underground.

  • Doctor who helps an injured Luke Cage. There is an attraction between the two of them, but nothing becomes of it.

  • Reporter trying to get the scoop on the ongoing crime. Runs into Cage.

  • Street informer who Luke Cage befriends and turns to when he needed information. Gains his nickname because of his "look out for number one" attitude.

  • Film Student who Cage befriends. Lives above the GEM Theater. Owns a coffee machine that Cage cannot get to work properly.