Jessica Jones Season 2 List

Jessica Jones continues her life as a private investigator after the events of Season 1 and the Defenders team-up. She comes across the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF), a underground fighting racket that pits super-powered people against each other for profit. Jessica and Trish befriend Dennis Dunphy, and find the UCWF and the strength enhancements it gives it fighters is similar to the Nuke pills, meaning the supplier and affliate is IGH (the place that also gave Jessica her powers). This sends Jessica, Trish and Dennis on a roller-coaster ride of a mystery.

List items

  • After her first season and teaming up with the Defenders, Jessica returns to Alias Investigations to once again be a private investigator. She is dealing with the aftermath of killing Kilgrave and her arc during this season is about her learning to be a better person and opening up.

  • Trish continues to be Jessica's best friend and someone she can go and talk to. Trish continues to train in fighting and joins Jessica on some of her investigations.

  • A wrestler Jessica comes across at the UCWF, Dennis "Demolition" Dunphy is one of the fighters receiving strength enhancements, which have effects on his physical and mental health. Jessica and Dennis bond over their traumas and help each other overcome their problems.

  • Jeri Hogarth once again returns and helps Jessica unravel the legality and ethicality behind IGH.

  • Curtiss Jackson is the mysterious and powerful man known as the Power Broker and the head of IGH. He has his hands in many different places and will almost be impossible to come into contact with or learn anything about as he covers his tracks so well.

  • Chief Scientist at IGH and creator of the Nuke pills, as well as the strength enhancements given to the fighters at UCWF.

  • Angela Golden is Power Broker's assistant in operations and is enhanced by Malus. Sexy, manipulative and cunning, Angela will be a huge threat for Jessica as she seeks to maintain IGH while also seeking to take control of the company.

  • A political ally to IGH, he is responsible for using IGH pills for the government as well as helping keep quiet about its illegal activities.

  • Robert Baxter is the former boyfriend of Trish and current agent of IGH. He is strength-enhanced and will cause conflict for Jessica and Trish.

  • Will Simpson took the pills created by IGH which affected his mental health. He returns to get more pills and fight against Jessica and crew.

  • Promoter and head of UCWF and ally to IGH who Jessica questions and threatens to learn more.

  • Antonio Rodriguez is a fighter at UCWF who recieved strength enhancements by Malus. He now has deformities and seeks revenge on Malus, while also being mad at Dennis for beating him, causing Malus to up his enhancements. He will be a tragic character on the show with him being forced to participate in UCWF and IGH experiments as they took his daughter away.

  • A group of super-powered female fighters who participate in IGH and become henchmen for IGH, paid to seek out Jessica, Trish and Dennis and kill them.

  • Hellen Feliciano aka Letha is the leader of the Grapplers and the skilled and experienced.

  • Marian Pouncy aka Poundcakes is the strongest of the Grapplers.

  • Dawn Middlebury aka Vavavoom is the smallest and best looking of the Grapplers and is overlooked because of her size, which she uses to her advantage.

  • Deb Lowry aka Cowgirl is a member of the Grapplers from the Midwest.

  • Susan Hayakawa aka Sushi is a member of the Grapplers from Japan and a proficient hand-to-hand fighter.

  • Underground racket dedicated to strength-enhanced super-powered people fighting.

  • The Sweat Shop are men who have been augmented by Malus. These men with superhuman strength act as the Power Broker's henchmen.

  • The Power Tools are the personal bodyguards/experiments of Dr. Karl Malus.