Iron Fist Netflix Show

This is a compilation of characters/concepts that I want to see on Marvel's Iron Fist Netflix series, with descriptions on how I would like to see them portrayed. We do not know how many seasons the show will get, so these are just some ideas on how to bring the characters into the MCU.

The Netflix series are going for a more grounded approach, and I wanted to reflect that in the characters I chose and my ideas on how to utilize them.

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List items

  • Rich white boy who witnesses his parents die on an expedition trip. He is taken in by the people of K'un-L'un and trains to be a martial arts expert. He returns to America to seek vengeance and return to a normal life, while combating evil.

  • Father to Danny Rand and former resident of K'un-L'un. Dies during trip after Harold Meachum doesn't save him.

  • Mother to Danny. Dies during trip after getting attacked by wolves.

  • Business partner of Wendell Rand. He joins Rand and his family on an expedition to find K'un-L'un. While on that trip, he lets Wendell die, and proclaims his love to Heather. Heather and her son Danny flee, but Heather is attacked and Danny is lost. He is eventually rescued by villagers and returns to America. He has a daughter named Joy. Iron Fist seeks vengeance upon him, yet decides not to kill him. However, he is killed by the mysterious Ninja.

  • Harold Meachum's brother. After Harold dies, he blames Iron Fist for his brother's death.

  • Harold Meachum's daughter. After Harold dies, she blames Iron Fist for her dad's death.

  • Daughter of Professor Lee Wing and an Asian mother, Colleen is a private investigator with her partner, Misty Knight. She is sent to retrieve Iron Fist for her father.

  • Partner and best friend of Colleen Wing, Misty Knight is a private investigator and former police cop. She left the force due to corruption and decided to combat crime with her bestie, Colleen. Falls in love with Danny and starts a relationship with him.

  • Father of Colleen Wing, Lee Wing is a Professor of oriental studies at Columbia University. He has his daughter bring in Iron Fist so he can learn more about K'un-L'un to further his research.

  • A sinister sorcerer god from K'un-L'un.

  • A mysterious ninja with mysterious motives. Seems to be after many things, and serves briefly as an agent of Master Khan. I would have him revealed to be a member of the Hand.

  • Leader of the Dragon Kings, the ruling order of K'un-L'un. The adopted brother of Wendell Rand, he takes in Danny and oversaw his training.

  • A martial arts master and resident of K'un-L'un. Yu-ti has Danny serve as Lei Kung's apprentice. Is father to Steel Serpent and is nicknamed the Thunderer.

  • Davos, the Steel Serpent, was in competition for the mantle of the Iron Fist. However, he lost to Wendell Rand. Angered, he decided to take on Shou-Lao by himself, but had his ass handed to him. After this, he was punished. Was jealous of Danny gaining the mantle, and seeks revenge.

  • An immortal dragon creature that lives in K'un-L'un.