Random Crowne Facts


  • Crowne family weapons are a hunting spear/woomera combo and a boomerang.
  • Originally it was a ceremonial rapier. This changed after the political imprisonment of Aloysius Crowne and subsequent outcast to Australian wastes.
  • All members were fluent in Wati.
  • After the destruction of Gothic City, the Crowne Estate houses possibly the last of the city's founding blades.

Dadirri Root

  • And indigenous rare Australian tree, genetically related to Adansonia gregorii, that grows near Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) sports these edible roots.
  • They are principally toxic to anyone save the Anangu who possess necessary digestive enzymes to process the plant. Known effects of the toxins include acute delirium, confusion, vision impairment, malaise, vomiting and potentially liver failure.
  • Dadirri has immense nutritional and homeostatic value (if digested thoroughly) that is supplied by it's exotic phytochemicals; rejuvinating body, mind and soul.
  • Leaves of the Dadirri can be cured and casually smoked to provide a mellow THC-esque high (binding to dopamine receptors and promoting oxytocine production). However, it's not addictive or impairing.
  • Traditionally believed to allow the Anangu to connect to the Dreaming.
  • Dadirri bark can be used as a dressing to treat wounds.
  • Dadirri wood has been used by the Anangu as a method of story telling.
  • Is on the verge of extincition as only a few of the Dadirri trees remain. One of which is located on the premises of Crowne Castle.


  • Last living member of the Crowne family. Aristocrats that helped found Gothic City along with the Press family.
  • This is why he knows fencing.
  • Could have been literally anything he set his mind to, being naturally athletic and curious. But instead opted to join the U.S. Military and joined the 75th Ranger regiment, serving his last year in the Military Police corps. Had a remarable career until a certain incident in Iraq.
  • Sent home on a honorable discharge and institutionalized in Bedlam due to PTSD-induced insomnia and delusions.
  • Released after using his newfound abilities to blackmail the asylum director who had been cheating on his wife with one of the nurses.
  • Used his family's ties to get into the GCPD.
  • Had a blooming career in the Metahuman Crimes department until the recent nuking that also killed his mother.
  • Is now in possession of considerable holdings, along with some 'trophies' he took from B-list villains on the job. (Includes, but isn't limited to, a broken freeze ray, a malfunctional light-saber, one web-shooter, an evil genie, stilt-legs and a butler robot.)
  • Continues to work for NYPD but is liable to be sent across the US to investigate impossible cases.
  • Picked up Ozkavosh, the tongue of Nine Hells, while working in NY. Demons being a prominent caste of NY underworld.
  • Known by infernalkind as 'Va'atu', which can roughly be translated to 'Pale Knight' (as demons have no word to describe the color white).
  • Has one remaining relative, a grandfather. However, the venerable WWII veteran suffers from extreme shellshock and spends most of his time in retirement with chronic episodes of thousand-yard stare or complete dissociation.
  • Favorite lazy meal in the morning is Cajun-style breakfast.