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"Those rare times comics are good": Captain Marvel #55-56. 1

This is a comic run (meaning 55 AND 56) that fans of Captain Marvel, Dracula, Star Trek, and just about everywhere in between can find something to appreciate about..  This story has two parts, you must get #56 if you get #55, and vice versa.  All the elements are in place. The lines are not so much black and white as they are shades of grey. You feel for both characters, Moench and Broderick pull this off very well with the assistance of a great inker. Captain Marvel having been recently sepera...

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Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) #50: Fun comic, yet hidden genius. 1

This is a VERY important issue for buffs of Marvel's original Captain Marvel, and begins part of the sentiment that this character was given up on perhaps prematurely.   By Marvel's own admission (Al Milgrom) they really had no idea what to do with him after the now classic first Thanos saga. It is often overlooked, due to the lack-luster creative handling of the character in the post Thomas/Kane (#16-24) and post Starlin (#25-34, #36), with perhaps a few exceptions but not many.  In other words...

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Part of the 1979 Eagle Award for "Best Coniuing Story" Run on CM 0

CM #59-62 introduce us to Elysius, the romantic interest, Villains: Chaos, Lord Gaea, and Stellerax among others while having Mar-Vell and Drax almost become a reluctant team which is absolutely astounding, almost makes you wonder why they stopped this book...For whatever reason, you won't find Captain Marvel #50-62 and Marvel Spotlight #1-4, and #8 in any Captain Marvel collections when it is arguably the best work with the character. Much like the Thomas/Kane brilliance, and even the recent Re...

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