CV's Top 25 Battles in Marvel History

1001 Apologies to everyone for such a long wait!!!! But I wanted to add one fight descriptions to the battle as well, just to familiarize people to why this battle is so amazing.

Yes it took a much more ungodly amount of time than I hoped for. I was insanely happy with almost all these battles, so great job on your part guys!! Again special shout out to @veshark for even deciding to come up with this marvelous idea. Now, without any further ado… the moment of truth... Comic Vine voters… I give to you… You're top 25 Battles OF MARVEL COMICS HISTORY!! (Say that in Epic Rap Battles of History voice, go on, no ones watching…)

25. Iron Man vs. The Mandarin (Iron Man: Haunted) - 49 points

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Starting off this epic list is probably one of the most underrated battles in Marvel comics history, Iron Man vs The Mandarin. You might be saying, "Well MannEffest, everyone knows that the Mandarin is Iron Man's arch foe! How is that battle underrated?" My reply would be, "have you ever heard of Iron Man: Haunted?" Yeah thats what I thought.

In this story arc, right after Extremis, The Mandarin gets his hands on the Virus and attempts to create an army of Super Soldiers. Iron Man attempts to stop him, however, in this final showdown, Iron Man is wearing his old armor and severely outmatched against the Mandarin. In a final attempt to succeed against his foe, Iron Man attempts to distract him with a sonic emitter but in the end Iron Man is subdued by the Mandarin and is forced to watch him escape and release the Extremis soldiers. Tony realizes the only way to stop them is to destroy the facility, so he makes the ultimate sacrifice...

24. Scarlet Spider (Kaine) and Venom (Flash Thompson) vs Carnage (Minimum Carnage) - 53 points

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This battle is one of the most recent on this list, in the "mini"-event (haha, get it?), Minimum Carnage. In this, the Scarlet Spider, Kiane, reluctantly teams up with Agent Venom aka Flash Thompson to recapture an escaped Cletus Kasady. But this time, they are chasing the serial killer to the microverse!

Carnage does what he does best, kill people, get captured, escape prison, and repeat process. Kaine has finally has enough of this however, and in an act of rage he brutally beats battles Carnage to a pulp, preceding to then violently lobotomizes him with one of his claws! Yeah, in the eye. Its not a pretty sight, and it shows how different Kaine is from Peter Parker, how he's willing to make the tough calls. It was some great character pieces by Chris Yost.

23. Spider-Man vs. Morlun (The Spider Totem) - 55 points

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This was a pretty controversial arc, Spider-Man achieving his powers by a long line of spirit animals; a totem (a bridge between man and beast) and not by mere chance was a big blow to years of comics. However, this story brought us one of the most badassest of beat downs brought to Spider-Man ever by the man known as Morlun. A superhuman creature that walks the world searching for a "pure" host of the totem.

Well, it appears he found his target with everyone's favorite wall-crawler. In their first encounter, its safe to assume that Peter had no idea what he was getting into and had his butt served to him on a silver platter. Morlun simply smirked and toyed with him for a while. It was only by Morlun's foolishness that Spidey escaped with his head. Next time though, he was ready for the monster. He tricked Morlun into feeding on him, but this time with a dose of radiation in his blood. The radiation apparently didn't sit to well with him, causing him to disintegrate. Well, until he came back to life.

22. Hulk vs. Skaar (Incredible Hulk #611) - 56 points

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Whats worse than your son hating you? Not knowing your son exists and that he wants to kill you, he hates you so much. That's Hulk predicament in the aftermath of Planet Hulk. It appears he convinced a son, Skaar, by his wife Caiera, who died before she could give birth to him, but he was born in a cocoon... (I'm not going to explain it more because its just so confusing). Anyway, Skaar hates his father somehow and wishes to kill him in a glorious battle. So finally, in Incredible Hulk #611, Skaar gets his chance.

In arguably Hulk's most epic battle, his sword-wielding son clashes with the gamma-charged brute. At first Hulk chooses not to fight, but Skaar provides one verbal abuse after another until it provokes Hulk into a rage after he mentions how he fed his not-so-deceased wife and planet to Galactus (ouch right?). Punches fly and bones are broken as father and son duke it to the death. Not to far after that, collateral damage is everywhere and in the middle of the fight, Hulk attempts to rescue some innocent bystanders. Upon seeing this, Skaar finally sees his father was not the monster he once thought he was. In one of the most touching moments in a Hulk comic, a de-powered and beaten down Skaar is embraced by Bruce Banner, and the two share much needed father-son bonding time.

21. Thor vs. Iron Man (Thor #3 vol 3) - 57 points

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After the Marvel Civil War, Iron Man was not exactly popular... He betrayed the trust of his friends and became an even bigger douchebag. So what did Marvel do? They brought one of the most satisfying battles on their comic book history.

During the Civil War, Thor was believed to be dead, so the Pro-Regestration (led by Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic) developed a clone for the God of Thunder, however you just can't clone a god and think it will work out alright. The clone went berserk, causing damage and killing the hero Goliath. No one was happy about that. Especially when Thor found out. He was royally pissed.

So when Thor finally relieved himself to Iron Man, boy was there an awkward silence. Of course Tony said he was glad that Thor was alive, but their short conversation was cold and distant at best. It wasn't long before the enraged god "brought the hammer down" on his once good friend. After what could be described as an intense battle, Thor gives one of the best monologues in comic history. Ripping Tony's mask off and glaring at him in the eyes. Here just look at the picture above, it's so boss.

20. Moon Knight vs. Bushman (Moon Knight: The Bottom) - 60 points

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Remember when Thor took off Iron Man's mask? Moon Knight can top that. This is obviously the most obscure of the group, this sole representation for Moon Knight is well deserved. In one of the bloodiest moments in a Marvel comic, the psycho hero that is Moon Knight fights one of his greatest foes; Bushman! He and Bushman go waaaay back, like Moon Knight #1 back. Raoul Bushman was a Sudanese mercenary who led a group of that included Marc Spector before he became Moon Knight. After Spector stood up to Bushman's murderous ways, he was severely beaten and left for dead! However, he was found by Egyptians who offered sacrifices to their god Khonshu to bring him back from death's door. In the end this brings Spector back and creates the persona Moon Knight.

So you can imagine the anger building up inside him all these years against his arch-foe. Well in a grand finale of the two foes, Bushman breaks both of MK's legs and in the process both plummet towards the ground off of the rooftop. A blood thirsted Moon Knight picks whats left of himself up, and senselessly beats Bushman into near-unconsciousness. What he then proceeds to do is what is most disturbing. He then carves Bushman's face off, offering it as on final sacrifice to Khounshu. And you ask how bat-s@%# crazy is Moon Knight? You tell me.

19. Odin vs. Thanos (Infinity Watch #35) - 69 points

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Who would win in a fight, Superman or Hulk? Pfft, who cares!!! We got arguably the two biggest heavy hitters in comics in opposite corners; Thanos and Odin!

When Thor apparently went insane, no one could stop him, not the Surfer, not Doctor Strange, not the Hulk... so who do you call when an insane god needs to be put down? Why the Mad Titian of course! Silver Surfer recruits Thanos to help in their predicament (out of some strange kindness in his heart, or the fact he could fight Thor and no one would care? We may never know). Anyway, he succeeds, but when daddy Odin gets wind of this, Thanos better carry a big stick.

Not willing to listen to the group, Odin attacks Surfer's party, getting in a gridlock with Thanos. The two seemed to be evenly matched, but Odin soon gains the upper hand and begins to openly own Thanos, having him take beating after beating. Finally Odin asks him, "Do you yield, villain?" As he climbs out of the wreckage their battle brought, Thanos declares in a huff, "NO!". Of course, everything is cleared up and Odin and the group heal Thor, but we will have those few panels of the ever asking question, "Who would win?"

18. Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe (World War Hulk) - 70 points

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World War Hulk. You mess with his life on another planet, he brings an army... and a Hulk. People had Hulk vs. Sentry, Hulk vs. Doctor Strange, Hulk vs. X-Men, so I just decided to put it under one, mega-awesome category.

Nowadays, one couldn't possibly think Hulk could take on the entire Marvel Universe? But when he has an army and almost maxed out strength, why not? It certainly provided some entertaining battles, and a under tone of guilt and intrigue. Because deep down, we all knew it was the Illuminati's fault (???) even if Hulk did start to take it a little too far. Nevertheless, once Hulk took down Black Bolt on Attalan, you knew s@#% was about to go down.

Just the shear epicness of the battles was sight to behold; the final battle between Sentry and Hulk comes to mind, my personal favorite. Hulk belittling Sentry, along with that shot of shear force from their encounter, made for some great scenes in a title that fit the premise.

17. Ultimates vs. Liberators (Ultimates 2) - 71 points

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So, in light of so much love for the Ulitmates universe, I picked up the first trade... GOD IS THIS SERIES GOOD!! Ahem, excuse me. In this story, the Liberators are a group sponsored by different countries that wish the destruction of the United States, with members ranging from The Abomination to the Crimson Dynamo. In a meticulously planned invasion and the help of traitors among the team (gasp!!), the Liberators take America and capture the Ultimates. However, they eventually escape (shocking?), and a mass battle ensues.

What makes this fight cool is that each character has a foil to themselves, an opposite character to duel with. Abomination vs. Hulk, Perun vs. Thor, Hurricane vs. Quicksilver, etc. It shows why each member of the Ultimates is on the team, as well as provide some political ambiguity with the team and its place in this MUCH, MUCH darker world they live in. In something that would not happen in the 616 universe, all members of the Liberators are killed by their counterparts from the Ultimates, save The Colonel (who Captain America spared) and Perun (who surrendered after his fellow members where beaten).

16. X-Men vs. Bastion and Nimrods (Second Coming) - 74 points

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I'm going to be totally honest here, in amidst the battles of Second Coming, when Nightcrawler died, I was screaming at the book. The artwork was gorgeous, the writing was great, but it didn't matter. Kurt was dead. I went back recently, rereading it and finally appreciating it as it is. One of the best X-Men arcs out there.

Second Coming was the third and final story of the Messiah trilogy. The story is basically a giant battle, although it never felt like one, with the entire X-Men cast fighting against Bastion and his Nimrods. It appears as if Nimrod has the upper hand throughout the entire arc, repeatably coming back to fight and when all hope seems lost (haha Hope, wow its late...) the mutant messiah, Hope, along with the combined might of Cyclops and Wolverine (wasn't it nice when they were still friends?), take down Bastion in an ultimately satisfying outcome. This entire arc sets up... well everything in the Marvel Universe, all for one big battle. An epic one to say the least!

15. Avengers vs. Masters of Evil (Avengers #277) - 77 points

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The Masters of Evil! Doesn't that name strike fear into your heart? Yeah not really. However the fourth, and arguably most effective, team was organized by Baron Helmut Zemo, and should be feared. Rather than following past practice with a team roughly the size of the active Avengers roster, Zemo decided to organize a small army of superhuman criminals, to assure victory over the Avengers. They took over the Avenger's Mansion and Zemo, being the master strategist he is, was able to play on the Avenger's relationships to pick them off one by one, even having his members beat Hercules into a coma! The only active Avenger left is Wasp, so in order to defeat them, she must call on the reserve members.

This ultimate fight ended with a glorious climax between Zemo and Captain America, where the two duke it out on a rooftop (where else?). In the end however, good triumphs! But not without heavy prices...

14. Black Bolt vs. Vulcan (War of Kings) - 80 points (tie)

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ollowing the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, Black Bolt attempts to marry Crystal to Ronan the Accuser, so the Inhuman and Kree empires may finally have peace. Not surprisingly, everything goes completely wrong when Vulcan, new Emperor of the Shi'ar, embarks on a rather ambitious plan to conquer the rest of the universe in his empire's name. So begins, the War of the Kings storyline.

After an epic story of betrayal, action, drama, loyalty, and love, (if you can't tell I highly recommend it) the final battle between the Inhuman king and the Shi'ar emperor takes place, ending in a violent battle of wills. As the ship around them is imploding, the two rulers fight until they are bloody and worn, and with the last of his strength, Black Bolt offers an end to their skirmish with a resounding, "NOOO!" Its pretty amazing. However, before Black Bolt can escape with Crystal and Lockjaw, Vulcan seemingly re-appears, his skin melting off his bones, and keeps the king from escaping... what happens next? You will have to read yourself.

13. Ultimates vs. The Chitauri (Ultimates 1) - 80 points (tie)

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In the ensuing decades since World War II, the Chitauri had been slowly putting together a new scheme to take over the Earth. In order to achieve their objective, they infiltrated many key areas of S.H.I.E.L.D., hoping to make a slow build up of their plan. But once good ol' Nick Fury began to uncover this plan, the Chitauri accelerated their plans by luring the Ultimates to an Island where they could drop a nuclear bomb on them. Thinking the Ultimates gone, the alien invaders began the invasion by taking the headquarters of the superheroes and capturing the only member left, Wasp.

However, with help from Iron Man and Thor, the Ultimates survived the bomb and began to make a counter-offensive. In one of the funniest moments in an Ultimate comic, the rest of the team enrage Hulk by stating the Chitauri question his sexuality, and boy does he get angry. From then on its pure chaos! S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates vs. the Chitauri, ending with the final battle between Captain America and the alien leader. Even with Cap severely outmatched, he refuses to give up, with him offering one of the most famous lines in the series, "Surrender? SURRENDER? You think this letter on my head stands for France!" (Sorry for those who are in France, I don't share his opinion). Just to make the fight even more memorable, the Hulk shows up and saves the Captain by eating his aggressor. Yeah, I liked this one a lot.

12. Civil War Final Battle (Civil War) - 80 points (tie)

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The Marvel Civil War, a truly epic storyline that, even with some execution problems, was a moving and pivotal moment in Marvel Comics. This came at a crescendo of things in the final battle after the Anti-Registration assault on the Pro-Registration prison in the Negative Zone.

Cloak used the last of his energy to teleport every hero, both sides, from the already alien infested, collapsing prison. Once they make it over Manhattan, the battle ensues. The fixed Thor clone and Captain Marvel join the Iron Man's Pro-Regestration and Namor leads an army of Atlanteans to assist the Captain America's Secret Avengers. As the battle rages around them, Captain America and Iron Man, whose armor had been compromised by the Young Avenger's Vision, exchange blows. Iron Man is clearly outmatched with his armor weighing him down, against the more agile Cap. As Captain America is about to deliver the finishing blow, Tony looks him in the eyes and mockingly whispers, "Do it." But before Steve can, several standard emergency service personnel hold him back, and realizing how much damage had been caused by the battle and wishing to avert any more bloodshed, Captain America surrendered. Upon seeing Cap willingly surrender, the rest of the Anti-Registration drop their arms. This ultimately leads to Steve's assassination by Crossbones and a brain-washed Sharon Carter, devastating the entire Marvel Universe, especially a guilt-ridden Tony.

11. Heroes vs. Villains (Secret Wars) - 81 points

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The first major crossover in the Marvel Universe, was simple at best. Grab all the Heroes and all the Villains from the universe and put them in one specific place and time, and lets have them ALL battle! It seems like it would be stupid, but the sells and reviews told otherwise, this was basically the beginning of the Marvel Universe!!! An historic moment indeed.

The heroes and villains are taken by the cosmic entity known as the Beyonder, to a planet he created called "Battleworld" where he wishes to observe these superhumans in action. There they must fight to the death (Not one hero or villain dies ironically)!! But we get some great, memorable moments throughout this twelve issue story arc. Spider-Man first getting the symbiote suit, Dr. Doom obtaining the Beyonder's powers and fighting him, Thing leaving the Fantastic Four and having She-Hulk replace him, and Colossus ending his relationship with Kitty Pryde (we all know how long that lasted). Overall, this was the first fanboy dream, this is what brought them all together in a connected universe. Thank you Marvel!

10. Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin (Death of Gwen Stacy) - 86 points

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One of the biggest shocks in comic book history, The Death of Gwen Stacy was the first taste fans got of a hard hitting, meaningful death that left comic readers enraged. At Marvel and the Green Goblin. One of them had to pay, so Marvel decided to throw Norman under the bus (a wise choice that impacted the story even more). This "supposedly" final showdown between the two was inevitable.

Once Peter got wind of the Goblin's location, the equally miffed Spider-Man went to put an end to Norman once and for all. The Green Goblin continued to taunt his foe, to the point where Spider-Man nearly pummels him to death. However, deep inside he still blamed himself, and saw that he couldn't bring himself to kill. He then precedes to spare Norman's life, on the other had though, the Goblin is not as noble, having planned this. Behind them, the Goblin Glider is about to impale them both, but Spidey uses his ol'Spider Sense and dodges the incoming spike... the Green Goblin is not so lucky. Although this battle had little punching, it was a testament of wills, good vs. evil, where the victory is all but clear.

9. Spider-Man vs. Kraven the Hunter (Kraven's Last Hunt) - 88 points

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This has been called one of the most memorable of Spider-Man stories? With Kraven the Hunter as the villain nonetheless... I mean, no one could take that man seriously until this story. And when this finally did come out, it provided the best Kraven story ever. The mature theme of this arc is very showing of its time with other stories like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns sadly washing it out.

This is how the story goes, Spider-Man had just gotten married to Mary Jane (Thanks a lot One Day More), and was out patrolling the city when all of a sudden, Kraven attacks and captures Spider-Man. Of course, Peter isn't to terribly concerned, that is, until the hunter levels a gun at him and seemingly kills him by shooting him in the face!! However, killing the spider is not enough for the hunter, for he must become his prey. So after burying the "dead" body of Spider-Man, Kraven walks around as the web slinger, fighting crime by ways he deems fit!

As Kraven claimed victory over the streets of New York City and a rat-like creature known as Vermin, the real Spider-Man stirred...he had only been drugged by Kraven. Desperate to be united with Mary Jane, he broke his way out of the coffin and began to crawl upward until he finally broke through the surface.

Upon finding Kraven with an imprisoned and battered Vermin, Spidey grabs him and is about to knock his lights out, when he notices something... Kraven is smiling. He won. He had proven he was a hunter. This story was only made even darker when the reader finds out Kraven commits suicide. Not the usual tone of a Spider-Man book, huh?

8. Young Thor, Thor and King Thor vs Gorr (Godbomb) - 89 points

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Whats better than one Thor? Why, three Thors!! Each Thor is from a different time period in his own life, each with a personal vendetta against Gorr; The God Butcher.

After being defeated by present day Thor, Gorr travels back through time and successfully captures a Younger version of his conquerer. Like all good villains, Gorr goes into a nice monologue about what he plans to do with the Gods of the universe. Have them all destroyed by the... wait for it... Godbomb!! (cue suspenseful music). Seeing an opportunity to escape, Young Thor attempts to destroy the GodBomb with the remains of a star, which does nothing to it. He later comes into contact with the time-traveling duo of Present Thor and Future Thor, where they team up to take down Gorr once and for all.

Their plan nearly goes as... well as planned, but before they can do anything, the increase of god sacrifices to Gorr creates an increase in power, allowing him to defeat all three Thor's. However, in a rematch that leaves them worn, with the help of the prayers of the remaining gods, present Thor manages to subdue the blast of the Godbomb, and depower Gorr. In a great scene, young Thor decapitates the Butcher as he lets out a anguished scream. Plummeting this tale to an end.

7. Nova vs. Annihilus (Annihilation) - 90 points

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A majority of Marvel fans will tell you that the cosmic event called Annihilation, is the best Marvel event ever. It arguably is though. Using B or C List characters to drive a compelling story is pretty rare nowadays.

Annihilation gets its name from the Negative Zone being Annihilus and his armada of battleships known as the Annihilation Wave. In this story, Annilhilus plans on conquering everything, and with the help of Thanos and other powerful people, he captures the World Eater; Galactus!! He plans on using him to fuel his Power Cosmic Bomb, which has enough energy to destroy almost everything in existence. Unless of course the heroes of the Galaxy; the Gaurdians, Silver Surfer, Nova Corps, Quasar and others can put a stop to him!!

More chaos ensues, and Galactus is freed and flips out, single handedly takes on the Annihilation Wave. Meanwhile, Phyla-Vell and Nova attempt to finish off the Negative Zone leader, but they soon realize he is too power for them to take on. However, Phyla manages to daze Annihilus and steal the powerful quantum bands from him, allowling Nova to go head to head with the villain. Nova finally deleivers the killing blow (literally, its pretty sick) by basically sticking his hand down Annihilus' throat and tearing out his organs, or something pink and squishy. Tongue, maybe? It was a pretty sick ending, in the best way possible!

6. Captain America vs. Winter Soldier (The Winter Soldier) - 92 points

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*Spoiler Alert* Bucky Barnes is the Winter Soldier. Okay now that thats out of the way lets begin (trust me... some people are oblivious -_-)

Bucky Barnes was the longest Marvel comic book character to stay dead, that is until Ed Brubaker decided to bring him back. All this time, Bucky Barnes was used to create a superior assassin, similar to his old mentor. However, he was placed on ice (haha like Cap too!) waiting to be activated again. Years past and in order to seize the Red Skull's new Cosmic Cube, General Lukin reactivated Barnes to assassinate the Skull, although neither of them realized the Red Skull had simultaneously transferred his consciousness into Lukin's body (so basically he told Barnes to kill him? I'm still confused by that). After assassinating the adventurer Nomad and framing him for the Skull's assassination, Barnes detonated a bomb in Philadelphia, killing numerous innocents.

During this time, investigations were made by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., and Captain America discovered the true identity of the Winter Soilder. Devastated yet hopeful for his partner, Steve confronted Bucky. The two engaged in combat, with the two seemingly even until Rogers gained possession of the Cube and used its powers to restore Bucky's lost memories. Overcome with remorse, Barnes used the cube to teleport away and went underground to search for Lukin. There goes the old trop of only characters who stay dead are "Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben". But like Batman: Under the Red Hood, the old sidekick's return was just as unexpected and emotional.

5. Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin/Ultimate Six (Death of Spider-Man) - 93 points

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Grab those tissues guy and gals, this one will hit close to home for the Ultimate Universe fans. In a final personal vendetta against Peter Parker, the Ultimate Green Goblin releases Electro, Kraven, Sandman, Vulture and Dr. Octopus from the Triskelion. After Otto refuses to join, Goblin literally beats the doctor to death! Having made his statement, the others join him willingly, now armed with the knowledge of Spider-Man's identity. All taking place on his 16th Birthday too.. bummer.

When the Sinister Six... err Five arrive at Peter's house they come across his best friend's Iceman and Human Torch. Seeing that their friend is in jeopardy, the two take on the team of villains. Johnny and Bobby manage to overpower Goblin, rendering him unconscious, but the rest of the team takes them down. However, just as his two friends are defeated, Peter arrives, and takes on the group. They fight a long and grueling battle that leaves Spider-Man a mess and Electro with three bullet holes through his chest from Aunt May's revolver (GO AUNT MAY! You badass you!). With all but the monstrous Green Goblin down, Spider-Man is clearly at the disadvantage. He is tired and bloody, and Human Torch and Iceman are down. The final battle is nigh. After swinging his friends to safety, Ultimate Spidey faces an empowered Norman who throws a horde of fireballs at him. With his trusty spider-sense however, Peter manages to dodge all that. In a rage, the Goblin gets back up and pummels Peter, but before he can do anything else, MJ runs over him with a pick-up truck (looks like badassness runs in the family). Spider-Man then picks up the truck after MJ gives him one last kiss, and smashes it on top of Norman Osborn before it explodes seemingly killing them both! To everyone's surprise, Peter is still alive, however in critical condition. With only a few lasts breaths left he gives his tearful goodbyes... smiling that whole way. The last biggest tear jerking imagine is when he reaches Uncle Ben who gives him a hug telling him, "You did good, kid." All I can tell you Bendis is "you did good." God, I'm going to start crying again... On to the next one!!!

4. Daredevil and Elektra vs. Bullseye (Daredevil #181) - 94 points

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The biggest surprise on this list, that fact that it made it to #4 is an impressive feat. But this classic Frank Miller Daredevil battle appears to have a strong fan base.

Before she became a hero (if you even consider her a hero), Elektra was the right-hand assassin of Filson Wisk aka The Kingpin, after Bullseye was imprisoned. After she fails to kill Foggy Nelson, for the fact that he his Daredevil's best friend, an escaped Bullseye wishes to prove himself by killing Elektra. When they finally come into contact, the two spared. Bullseye was shocked at how capable she had become with her even managing to draw blood using one of her trusty sais. However, Bullseye ultimately was able to gain the advantage and knocked her head against the ground. While she was momentarily dazed, Bullseye pressed his advantage, and as he told her, "Put up…pretty good fight, toots…you're pretty good. But me…I'm magic" he threw a playing card directly into her throat, slicing her jugular. As she stumbled, clutching her injury, Bullseye walked over to her and using one of her own sais, he plunged the blade deep into her chest. Leaving her to bleed out, she crawled her way to Matt Murdock's apartment where she died in his arms. Ouch. Thats pretty harsh even by Marvel's standards today.

Readers didn't have to wait long for Daredevil to enact his revenge, with him and Bullseye finally battling it out. Their fight ends with Bullseye dangling over a some power lines with Daredevil having to make the tough choice of wether he should let him live... or die. Of course, Daredevil takes the middle ground, dropping him to the ground below. While it did save him, the fall broke Bullseye's back, paralyzing him. I guess it was the best option without the use of killing...

3. Ultimates vs. Ultimate Hulk (Ultimates 1) - 95 points

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Called by many Marvel fans as the Ultimate Ultimates fight (I agree wholeheartedly), Ultimate Hulk does not pull any punches. Mark Miller went to town on this one! Causing Banner to go berserk because Freddie Prinze Jr. is dating his ex-girlfriend... not cool. However, I'm not complaining cuz it was totally awesome, it deserves this spot!

This was the first time all the Ultimates came together and fought a common cause. But when they each tried to defeat a Super Solider Serum-ed Hulk on their own, they failed, even Wasp's controversial boob flash didn't help for long (I mean it still worked a bit, Hulk has man parts after all). Iron Man gave it a try, which only caused an escalation in property damage! Ultimately, it was Captain America who survived the longest against the Hulk, being able to get a few punches in. None of them too fair. However it is the boob-flashing Wasp who saves the day by crawling into the Hulk's ear and using her sting power to blast his skull repeatedly from the inside until he collapses and reverts back to Bruce Banner. As SHIELD agents come by to arrest him, Captain America gs in one last shot, kicking the helpless Banner in the face. Yeah, thats something our version of Cap wouldn't do. Still, this was the first time we got the group together! So keep them coming! Plus this story established why EVERY character in the Ultimate Universe is a badass (not just Aunt May).

2. Avengers vs. Thanos and the Cull Obsidian (Infinity) - 103 points

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Number 2 is also the most recent on this list, and the most satisfying of Marvel Event finale's in a long time. Old and new fans got to be reintroduced to the Mighty Thanos and the new characters that are his Cull Obsidian or the Black Order. An intergalactic team that obeyed the Mid Titan. Their goal was to find Thanos' son on Earth and lay waste to the planet while they are at it. All this while the Avengers are off fighting an extra-terrestrial threat, called the Builders.

By the time they return, the planet is at war, with the Earth's remaining heroes fighting for her survival. Once they breach the blockade, Captain America, Thor, Hyperion, Hulk and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), head to face Thanos for the last time. Hulk is the first to find them, but that discovery is short lived as Thanos knocks the green giant away from him, just as the rest arrive. Two members of the Black Order; Clovus and Proxima Midnight join Thanos as they match power with the most powerful of Earth's mightiest heroes. At first the battles leans in Thanos' favor with him single handedly holding off Thor and Captain Marvel, then all seems up in the air once a wounded Corvus dies by the hand of Hyperion. However, the moment of reckoning is near when Thane, Thanos' son, uses his ominous power to trap Thanos and Proxima Midnight into suspended animation. With their leader defeated, Thanos' remaining forces retreat, and the Avengers take a much needed break. How long can that last though? Good job Jonthan Hickman, for giving us the best Marvel Event in years and my personal favorite event of the year! I tip my hat to you!

1. Thanos vs. The Marvel Universe (Infinity Gauntlet) - 105 points

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Remember when Thanos was number 2? Well, he is also number 1!! The legendary Story line the Infinity Gauntlet continues to hold up after all these years. Now this one is better if quoted… because a lot of spectacular happens in this epic event.

"Thanos finally obtains all five Infinity Gems and uses them to power the legendary Infinity Gauntlet! The heroes on Earth band together—guided by the newly-resurrected Adam Warlock—to battle Thanos. In a bid to impress Death, Thanos allows the heroes a slight chance of winning, but easily defeats and kills almost all of them. Thanos then goes on to defeat and imprison many of the universe's cosmic entities—including Galactus; the Stranger; the Titan Kronos; Epoch; the entities Love and Hate; Master Order and Lord Chaos; and Eternity. After defeating Eternity, Thanos leaves his body and becomes the living embodiment of the universe," (Yeah now everybody is skrewed). "This leaves his abandoned body vulnerable to Nebula, his alleged granddaughter.

Nebula takes the Gauntlet off Thanos's hand and dons it herself; she then undoes all of Thanos' actions, restoring her from disfigurement, bringing the dead back to life, and reversing the damage done to the cosmos. Another battle with the heroes and cosmic deities ends with Adam Warlock taking possession of the Gauntlet, after which Thanos appears to commit suicide. Warlock's allies object when he plans to keep the gauntlet intact for himself, but he ignores them. Later, Warlock and his companions discover Thanos working at a farm while contemplating his loss and, satisfied that he is no longer a threat, decide to leave him be."

Wow, no wonder this story is still reverenced as Marvel's crowning achievement in crossover events. This rightly deserves to be number one, in an already fabulous list.


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