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My Favorite Manga/Cartoons to Watch and Read

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  • One of the 1st anime ive watched when i was young.

  • This anime has some philosophical insights and some of these girls are my faves like Homura and Mami. Makes me wonder how a crossover would change events............

  • Best anime

  • Over 1000+ chapters and the story's as good as ever;)

  • Best in manga, Good in anime

  • Great Anime

  • Just like Naruto, this anime made me cry so much.

  • Emotional and makes me question the lore sometimes once i saw Fire Force. One of my Faves.

  • When Seeing this, I saw Soul Eater References that make me question if Shinra is Soul's ancestor or cousin. The ending was epic tho

  • one of the new-gen series i like better that boruto ngl :(

  • This Show gave me emotions even as an anime watcher myself because the plot was amazing, Bill Cipher was ass lmao.

  • One of the best Childhood Shows ive seen and that brings emotions out of me back when i watch this.

  • Steven, is the character who has the potential to be the strongest, but is emotionally vulnerable. I like how he develops tho. He is a favorite because his personality is great.

  • Ahhh This show is the best for me because in some jokes are things we understand as adults or teens that we understand what they are about.