YAHF - Zeppo no longer.

During the now famous Halloween in which Ripper's old playmate contrived to turn everyone of his customers into their chosen costumes, young Xander Harris got lucky finding a few choice pieces of clothing which could be used to put together one excellent of All Hallows paraphernalia.

Not content with just dressing as on his much revered comic book heroes, the über-geek in the youngest Harris decided to tweak the back-story of the character he would masquerade as.

His Kherubim Warlord outfit would not be true to canon; it would instead be the battle-dress of an alternate version of the renowned Majestros of Khera. The champion of Khera known as Alexandros. For this battle hardened warrior hailed from a Khera quite different to the one portrayed in the DC Comics publications. Where Kherubim came from a somewhat hardier stock very similar to a race known as Viltrumites; a Khera which shared existence with a close analog of the Galactic Republic, known to every fanboy across the world;

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