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Inspired by "The Last Son" by TWWNN; a different take on Kal.

"Do you know what your little glowing green rock does to me? It turns me from a scalpel into a sledgehammer; or in other words, it changes me from a precision tool to a weapon of mass destruction. Congratulations, you just removed my brakes; let me thank you for that."

Superman to Lex Luthor the first time the billionaire attempted to use Kryptonite against him. Luthor did not survive the encounter.In this particular corner of the Multiverse, the Kryptonian base-form is nearly identical to that of Viltrumites, mirroring their strength, speed, resilience, longevity and other attributes as well as the extreme versatility and overpowering nature of their D(P?)NA. Which means that a single Kryptonian can jump-start their race even in the case of quasi-extinction. Additionally, Kryptonians possess an advanced form of familial genetic memory and, therefore each child born on Krypton is gradually aware of all the knowledge accrued by his direct ancestors, making the get of Rao's third orbiting planet one of the most intelligent and advanced races in the universe; each generation exponentially more so.

They are also extremely insular and, whilst not xenophobic perse, are acutely distrustful of extra-Kryptonian races; to the point of space travel beyond the Ku-Raon star system being frowned upon to a ridiculous extent.

As opposed to the single star system which it is in most realities, on this specific side of the bleed walls the Ku-Raon system (as known by the local life forms), located on the upper galactic north quarter of Hoag's Object (a paltry 600M Lys away from Sol), facing galactic center, is a trinary star system with several inhabited planets. To begin with, due to the extreme manner in which their DNA aggressively self-repairs and adapts to environmental stimulus, all Kryptonians possess a range of attributes that make them one of the most dangerous species alive.

The individual atoms of the average Kryptonian will perform their functions in extreme conditions or in opposition to extreme force. Every atom that composes a Kryptonian's body forms unique and permanently stronger bonds with each other, granting them a high degree of resiliency to harm while retaining the pliancy and warmth of normal humanoid flesh. Their resilience extends itself to extremes in temperature. The average Kryptonian can withstand temperature extremes from the absolute zero of space to temperatures nearing those of the surface of a star; any star.

Moreover, the chemical bonds involved in their muscular contraction are many thousands of times stronger than those found in Homo Sapiens. This allows them to exert greater and greater amounts of force until almost any given task is performed. Every adult Kryptonian possesses what could be characterized as “Class 1000” strength, allowing them to lift many times in excess of 1000 tons.

All of the essential chemical processes in a Kryptonian’s system are similarly enhanced, including those that are responsible for resisting disease and fatigue, and those that are responsible for growth and repair. This combination (along with their incredibly high degree of durability) effectively renders the average Kryptonian immune to disease, fatigue, and aging. Their system is so efficient, that even the process by which they use oxygen is enhanced allowing them to hold a single breath for up to two weeks, regardless of a lack of training.

In the rare case where a Kryptonian suffers injury, they are able to fully heal without scarring from the injury with a rapidity that humans simply could not replicate. In fact, Kryptonians are capable of recovering from fatal wounds (including evisceration) within minutes or hours, depending on the severity of said fatal damage maybe days, at the most.

Finally, every Kryptonian possesses copious amounts of superhuman speed and the gift of unaided flight. With little effort, they can maintain flight speeds of 900,000 km per hour for days (although, they usually limit themselves to much slower speeds within a planetary atmosphere).

Now, all of these attributes are true only while subject to their own planet's quasi-dwarf star gravitational pull as well as under the effects of their solar system's primary, a red giant.

Once beyond the reach of both Krypton and Rao֓א, the exposition to overwhelmingly lighter gravitational fields as well as the radiation of stars within a different spectrum than the Ku-Raon primary grant these already impressive beings with an array of powers and abilities of nearly divine levels. The energy from yellow, blue, orange or white stars affects Kryptonians on the cellular and molecular levels and grants them abilities far beyond those which they already possess.

The light of dwarf stars, pulsars, and quasars also grants Kryptonians different abilities.

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  • Pre-Flashpoint version. This version of Krypton has their own "Warlord/Guardian" process, through which they kickstart their innate abilities ro achieve results which otherwise would take an average of three to five thousand years to develop.

  • Alan Moore's iteration of the character, i.e. Silver Age Superman.

    Impervious to magic, no Kryptonite weakness.

    Kryptonians come in several varying degrees of capability. In an exponential scale, the lowest being the equivalent of John Byrne's Man of Steel, maybe one in one billion is borne a Prime (SA Superman at his most powerful).