Be careful what you wish for... #3

As the saying goes: be careful what you wish for, for you might just get it.

Once upon a dream, a regular guy in his early forties dreams about being visited by a Fifth-Dimensional Imp (not Mxy) who offers to bestow upon him the powers, abilities, knowledge, and memories of any three super-powered beings from his beloved comic books. Believing this to be nothing but a dream and, therefore, not in any way real, he goes along with it and after a little brainstorming, he asks for the powers (and the abilities, knowledge, and memories) of Invincible, composite Supreme, and the Sentry. All with the caveat he will have complete and absolute control and knowledge of how to use said powers and abilities and will not be in danger of having any Void, or Void-like issues.

Not content with this, and still convinced his current predicament to be nothing but a dream, he goes on to think up a rather complete back-story for his character. Namely the fact that in "his" universe, Krypton is part of a trinary system with several habitable and inhabited planets to it. The planets/satellites in question are Viltrum, Krypton, Argo, Khera, Daxam, Czarn, and Strontia. Not only that but Kryptonians are not originally from Krypton but from its mother planet Viltrum, as are the denizens of the other planets previously mentioned.

The universe in which the Ku-Raon trinary system exists is fraught with peril and extremely dangerous species and starfaring races. And although Viltrumites are one of the physically most powerful races in their galaxy and quite possibly the universe, they are by no means the most powerful of all. Which makes them a very juicy target for quite a few alien races set on conquering the known universe. It is because of this, that the Viltrumites embark on a quest to increase their physical and mental prowess to the point none could pose a threat to them. This, in turn, sparks a eugenics and genetic engineering race which spreads across all the planets in the Ku-Raon system, each of them following a different path towards achieving this goal.

In the case of his chosen character, he is the result of a genetic engineering program between the worlds of Czarn and Strontia. One of the most successful ones.

It is at this point that he wakes up.

Problem, he has physically changed, intimating there may have been something to the whole dream sequence, and he is no longer in his own universe, according to the news channel claiming to be the WGBS News Service.

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